That's barking! Leo the Pomeranian sounds like a MONKEY when he howls

That’s barking! Leo the Pomeranian dog sounds like a MONKEY when he howls

  • Leo the six-year-old Pomeranian sounds just like a monkey when he howls
  • The dog from Russia makes the curious noises when he misses human company 
  • Owner Maria Kosterina, 29, run an Instagram account dedicated to Leo

We’ve all thought that our pets are cheeky monkeys from time to time – but this dog takes it to another level.

Leo, the six-year-old Pomeranian from Saint Petersburg, Russia, makes noise like a monkey when he has been left alone.

Owner Maria Kosterina, 29, filmed her canine companion as he was making the entertaining sounds on October 13 sitting on her sofa.

The graphic designer says that she thinks the dog makes the noises when he misses human company.

Leo makes the distinctive sounds while making eye-contact with his owner.

Leo’s noises were made while he was facing the air in a wolf-like manner.

Commenter Vince Lam said: ‘The wolf is still strong in this one’ in reference to domestic dogs relations to wolves.  

Leo’s hilarious chimp-like howls were done as he sat on the sofa making eye-contact with Maria

The Pomeranian is a popular variation of the German Spitz dog breed.

They are known to be very loyal and this is shown by Leo seeming pining for human company.

The variations of this breed include Pomeranians like Leo which a popular breed for companionship across Europe.

Pomeranians are also known to be a vocal breed with their emotions often expressed through their barks as Leo shows. 

Pomeranians are known to be vocal with their emotions often expressed through their barks

German Spitz are one of Russia’s most popular dog breeds.

There were 70,000 registrations of the fluffy double-coated dogs – including the Pomeranian variation – in 2017 in Russia. 

Maria also runs an Instagram account which features Leo in his various adventures.

The account has over 7,000 followers and also shows Leo in assorted outfits.

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