The Obamas and Trumps shake hands in show of unity at Bush funeral

The Obamas and Trumps shake hands in show of unity at George H.W. Bush’s funeral despite open feud between the president and his predecessor

  • The former President and his wife were seated between Trumps and Clintons 
  • Barack Obama was seated next to First Lady Melania Trump
  • Obama shook Melania’s hand before and then shook President Trump’s hand
  • Bill Clinton was seated a few feet away looking ahead 

Barack and Michelle Obama greeted President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump shortly before the memorial for President George H.W. Bush began with a handshake for their seat-mates and successors.

President Trump and the first lady arrived amid solemn music about ten minutes before the service was scheduled to begin at the National Cathedral in Washington. 

President Obama, who was already seated, shook the first lady’s hand as she sat down next to him. President Trump removed his overcoat and handed it to a military escort before he, too sat down.

Bill Clinton, who was seated next to Michelle Obama, reached across her and shook the first lady’s hand.

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GOOD TO SEE YOU! President Trump shook hands with Barack Obama as well as former first lady Michelle Obama

AWKWARD: President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump were seated next to President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama

Then , after he sat down, President Trump shook the hand of Obama – whom he derided in earlier years with the false claim of not being born in the United States and regularly pilloried on the campaign trail.

Obama, in an unusual move for a former president, actively campaigned in the off-year elections and blasted his successor’s conduct in office. 

Michelle Obama, who trashed Trump in her new book, then reached across her husband to shake Trump’s hand.

Hillary Clinton, seated to her husband’s left, sat stone-faced and looked straight ahead toward the pulpit.

The Bush funeral brought together Presidents Trump, Obama, Clinton, and Carter, all seated in the front pew

HOW TO HANDLE? President Obama was seated next to two seats reserved for the Trumps at the George H.W. Bush funderal 

Obama spoke to his former secretary of state Hillary Clinton before the service

President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, former US President Barack Obama, former US First Lady Michelle Obama, former US President Bill Clinton, former First Lady Hillary Clinton, and former US President Jimmy Carter sit before the funeral service for former US President George H. W. Bush at the National Cathedral in Washington

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Bill Clinton, mouth slightly agape, turned his head somewhat toward the current president, but did not engage or attempt a long-distance shake. The Clintons were several feet away from the Trumps. 

Neither the Trumps nor the Clintons endeavored to exchange a greeting, though had they tried it would have had to involve getting by the seated Obamas from their front-row seats. 

Earlier, the Clintons and Obamas could be seen exchanging warm greetings.

In her memoir, ‘Becoming,’ Michelle Obama expresses amazement that a ‘misogynist’ like Trump could beat an ‘exceptionally qualified female candidate.’

 She says her body ‘buzzed with fury’ when she saw the infamous ‘p**** tape’ of Trump bragging about groping women. She said Trump tried to ‘stalk’ Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate. 

 As president, Trump has tried to rip up the ‘horrible’ Iran deal negotiated by his predecessor, pulled out of the Paris climate change agreement, and sought to roll back any number of Obama era regulations. 

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