These awful festive tattoos will give you a nightmare before Christmas

From pizza wrapped in tree lights to Macaulay Culkin in his classic Home Alone pose, some tattoo addicts have shared the most bizarre Christmas artwork.

One brave individual had the Coca-Cola Santa enjoying the beverage on his arm in full colour, something that may look odd come summer.

Another showed how their attempts to get into the Christmas spirit went awfully wrong when their ink Father Christmas looked more like an evil pirate.

South Park's 'Christmas Poo' was another ridiculous design.

Here we take a look at some of the most disastrous designs people have gone for in a bid to show their love for all things Christmassy.

We'll have a pizza Christmas


Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY

Yoda one for me this Christmas

Snow way, man

Smoking NOT

Crazy for Christmas

Budget Grinch

Scary santa

Creepy Chase

Christmas tree, oh Christmas… tree?

Howdy ho!

Keeping the magic alive

Captain White Beard

Santa as you've never seen him

Tat's awful

Santa has been drinking more than just cola

Snow joke

Tat's too far

This tat is for cotton-headed ninny-muggins

Have a cupCAKE of cheer

This person FLIPPING loves Christmas


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