Thomas Markle: ‘Murderer’s are not punished like I’ve been’

Meghan’s father admits to ‘stupid mistakes’ but says not being allowed to see his daughter is a punishment not even the WORST criminals have to suffer

  • Thomas Markle said he apologised to Prince Harry but was then berated by him
  • The two clashed after Mr Markle posed for photos ahead of the royal wedding 
  • He claims that criminals are treated better than he has been by the royal family 

Thomas Markle admits to ‘stupid mistakes’, including posing for paparazzi pictures before the Royal Wedding, but says that being frozen out by Meghan and Harry ‘is a punishment which does not fit the crime’. 

He has apologised repeatedly for the pictures, which included one of him being measured for a wedding suit.

‘I was a fool. I was convinced to do these pictures to change my image. 

Prince Harry severely berated Mr Markle after he posed for photos before the royal wedding – contributing to their rift

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‘I was sick of seeing schlubby pictures of me buying beer which wasn’t even for me,’ he says.

‘I apologised to Harry on the phone and all he said was, “If you’d listened to me, none of this would have happened.” I did a few things wrong, said a few things I should not have said. 

‘But some of the Royals have done far worse things… There are convicts in prisons who have murdered and committed all kinds of horrible crimes, and their daughters still visit them.’

In a wide-ranging interview with Caroline Graham near his home in Mexico, Mr Markle revealed the anguish he feels at the thought of never seeing his daughter again

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