TikTok's Smithy Family blast trolls as they defend jet ski after £50k crowdfunding – insisting most has gone to charity

A FAMILY of TikTok influencers have defended their lavish purchases after fans raised £50k to fix their firebombed house.

The Smithys, as they are known to their 3.3million followers, had their South London home petrol-bombed by thugs as they slept in July.

Ex-builder Nick Smith, his partner Jess and their four kids managed to escape unharmed.

But after sharing their plight on TikTok, a GoFundMe page was set up to help them.

But Nick, 33, has now slammed trolls who accused the family of splashing the cash on a new Audi and jet-ski, claiming that they have donated the majority of the cash to charities.

He posted a video t of himself laughing and smirking on the expensive purchase to the video-sharing site.

Speaking to The Sun he said: “Since the GoFundMe it has been crazy. We didn’t ask for it, we didn’t want it.

“In total there was £47k raised, so far of that money we’ve given £30k of it to charity, and we still have some more that we are going to sign off on in the next few weeks.

“I posted that video because I wanted to stick one finger up at the trolls, especially when we give back so much and have done our own fundraisers in the past.

“For us everything that has happened since the fire has seen the worst kind of trolling, and the video was just trying to stick a finger up at the trolls.

“Content creators don’t post their whole lives on social media, there are gaps and people like to try to fill in the gaps.

“We choose what we want to put out, and there are horrible people who just make things up for themselves.

“I am a positive person most of the time, and I try to put myself in a good place for the day every morning.

“But it doesn’t matter who you are, people struggle. I know that people rely on us for a positive attitude so even when I’m feeling in the lowest place I try to be positive for other people.

“Of course sometimes I bite, and that jet-ski video is an example of me doing that.”


The content creator also hit out at trolls who mocked him for not fixing his car windscreen despite the crowdfunded money.

Nick has slammed TikTok for their lack of safety and care in the aftermath of the fire, despite offering to work with them to help the platform improve.

He added: “My stepdad died two weeks before the fire, and we decided that we would pay for the funeral and then pay for the car to be repaired the month after.

“But people obviously don’t know the whole story, and everyone was commenting on it that we had no money to fix the windscreen but had money to buy a jet-ski.

“Money isn’t always available all the time, and like many people we have to move things around to access it at times.

“I can’t handle the comments any more on our videos, before we were posting around thirty videos a day but now it’s a lot less.

“Other social media platforms reached out to us after the fire but it took TikTok three weeks to take a video down that leaked out address.

I can’t handle the comments any more on our videos.

“We finally got a response from TikTok and were shocked and disappointed because they’ve just let us down.

“They have given us this platform, which we love, and let us built a following and then just hung us out to dry.

“I was a builder before this, I don’t know about social media and it isn’t always positive and didn’t know you needed to be careful about what you’re putting out there.

“We reported 800 different accounts to TikTok but they just keep coming back stronger, they were all harassment and bulling.

“What happened to us could easily happen to someone else, there are crazy people out there who fixate.”

In July's blaze, flames spread to their house in Welling, South East London, and destroyed it.

Fire crews put out the fire and police launched an investigation with cops releasing CCTV images of a suspect's car.

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