Tom Brady opens up about moments of doubt in his career and how he overcame the odds in new biopic Born of a Dream – The Sun

NFL champ Tom Brady opened up about the moments of doubt he experienced in his career and overcoming the odds in a new biopic.

"Born of a Dream: A boy from San Mateo" documents Brady's journey as a boy growing up in California to a champion quarterback.

The short film was presented by IWC Schaffhausen, the watch company Brady has been an brand ambassador for since 2019.

It shows the star athlete's transition from "a kid with this dream of playing professional sports" in 1984, to a man who's played twenty seasons and achieved six Super Bowl championships with the New England Patriots.

The 4.11 minute video goes back and forth in time, from Brady battling other players on the field as an adult, to playing on the street as a young boy.

His younger self is seen cheering at the Michigan stadium, practicing football as a teenager, working out, and later, playing with his children.

After relocating to Florida to play with Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady opened up about what it was like to get there in a revealing interview about the film.

"[There were] different moments in training where I questioned but still had a confident belief that I could achieve," Brady recalled in the IWC interview.

"There needs to be some naivety, I would say – not understanding fully the odds you would need to overcome some of these dreams."

Brady said his football dreams were "very much a blessing" he never questioned as a child.

He likened football to acting, saying the "difference is if I screw up in a game I don't get a second chance, so it's a little but more like live television."

The NFL star athlete, who is married to supermodel Gisele Bündchen, said his career and family are his motivations now.

"I think as you get older – at least what happens in my life – is a lot of different things come at you," Brady explained. "You have to find the time to balance all those different areas of your life."

He cited his own transition in Born of a Dream – from student athlete, to a married father with a glowing career – as a prime example.

Brady said during the coronavirus lockdown, he enjoyed spending time with his kids and cited the move to Tampa this year as one of the biggest transitions of his life.

"We're in a world now where that's what we need more than ever," Brady said. "There's nothing more I like to see than people getting together to collaborate.

"I'm someone who is a very optimistic person, I think this is a very inspirational, optimistic story."

The last minute of the film demonstrates his positive thinking with the message: "the boy from San Mateo became a champion quarterback."

"In 2020 Tom Brady starts the hunt for his 7th ring," it concluded.

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