Top Dem Jim Clyburn shockingly compares Trump to 'what Hitler did in Germany' and says he is 'trying to be a dictator'

HOUSE Majority Whip Rep Jim Clyburn has shockingly compared Trump's attempt to contest the election to "what Hitler did in Germany".

The congressman from South Carolina told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday night that he's beginning to see similarities between Trump's America and 1930s Germany.

The 80-year-old politician – who was born a year after World War II started – asked how an elected president could suddenly be given the "authority to be a dictator."

"I’m beginning to see what happened in Germany back in the 1930s," he told Cuomo.

"How do you elect a president and all of a sudden give him the authority to be a dictator? That's what we are teetering on here. That's what Hitler did in Germany."

Clyburn claimed that both Hitler and Trump "successfully discredited the news media" in attempts to get their way.

But he remained optimistic that the GOP would quickly put a stop to Trump's "foolishness" – otherwise, Americans are "less intelligent than I think they are."

"That's what Hitler did in Germany. He was elected Chancellor and then because he successfully discredited the news media, took over the churches," Clyburn explained.

"I cannot see that happening here. It may happen, but if it did that means that the American people are much more — less, I should say, intelligent than I think they are."

As leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler capitalized on Germany's economic woes and widespread discontent with the Weimar Republic to gain absolute power.

His nationalist speeches spoke to frustrated and out-of-work Germans, who gravitated towards the rapidly growing Nazi Party.

By 1939, Hitler transformed Germany into a dictatorship – his invasion of Poland and aggressive foreign policy is widely viewed as the cause of World War II in Europe.

Earlier in the show, Clyburn said he doesn't "think it's going to get more ugly than it has already been."

The top Democrat believes that more Republicans will come to the realization that "this country is more important than any one person."

But he said that if Trump's unproven claims of election fraud aren't quelled and the peaceful White House transition hasn't properly started, more problems are on the horizon.

"We are really at the edge of a real catastrophic consequences if we do not stop this foolishness, get this country back together, get this economy going again," Clyburn said.

"We cannot do this following the dictates of any one person. We’re got to do it as an elective here in this country."

Clyburn said he believes many GOPers don't support Trump and that the president's base is separate from Republicans.

"When it comes down to the Republican party, the Republican party is a big party of what makes this country go," he said.

"Those people who really work to make this country go are not going to stand idly by and watch it cave in."

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