Tory rebel Remainers set out stall for soft Brexit if Theresa May's plan falls

In the event that the PM's Brexit agreement fails to pass in the Commons, a string of senior MPs are planning to push for a exit to align us more closely to the bloc.

It's getting increasingly likely that Mrs May's deal will get rejected by MPs, with more than 100 of her own backbenchers now having spoke out against it.

Former minister Sir Oliver Letwin told Radio 4 today he wanted a different form of Brexit if the deal collapses: "I want to make sure if [the deal] does fail we can get to a sensible position where we can can  command a majority in the House of Commons and be accepted in the EU so we don't leave without a deal."

He was one of several Tories who rebelled against the government last night – which means Parliament will take control of the negotiations next week if it gets thrown out.

Sir Oliver said today he would be fighting for a Norway-style deal with the EU, adding: "That's the one at the moment I think is the most plausible… I want to have a sensible arrangement where we don't suffer disorderly harm."

He joins Amber Rudd and Michael Gove, who The Sun revealed were working on the back-up plans to force the PM into another outcome if MPs slap down her deal.

But that deal would effectively keep Britain in the single market – making us unable to take back control of our borders.

Sir Oliver admitted this, saying we couldn't end free movement and would still have to pay to the EU.

"We wont' have the end of free movement but we will have an emergency brake," he claimed.

This morning another MP, Rob Halfon also came out in favour of the European Economic Area arrangement – which Norway is a part of.

He wrote in a blog for Conservative Home: "The EEA route seems to me a sensible way forward if Parliament can’t agree on a deal.

"It would give us a temporary ‘stop-gap’ until we negotiate and prepare for a potential, full No Deal with the EU, but it wouldn’t cause significant problems in terms of business and the economy."

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said the Remain majority in Parliament may attempt to "steal" Brexit from voters.

He told the Commons International Trade Committee: "I think that there is, as I have written recently, a real danger that the House of Commons, which has a natural Remain majority, may attempt to steal Brexit from the British people.

"Which I think would be a democratic affront."

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