Trump says debating with Biden will be like a UFC match

President Trump on Friday told a group of Hispanic supporters in Miami that his upcoming debates against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will be like UFC cage matches.

Trump — who famously faux-tackled WWE’s Vince McMahon in 2007 — forecast a brutal takedown of Biden after pointing out UFC champion Jorge Masvidal in the audience.

“Biden’s a weak guy, I think. We have a debate coming up. It will be interesting. It’s like going into a match. Same kind of thing. A little bit less physical, slightly,” Trump said.

Trump said intellect is the most important aspect of both fights and debates. He asked Masvidal to estimate the importance of brainpower.

“The head is what? What’s the percent? 80?” Trump said in an exchange with Masvidal.

Biden “is not exactly primetime, a little like a fighter,” Trump said.

Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate three times before the Nov. 3 election — with the first forum on Tuesday in Cleveland, Ohio.

Biden began debate prep on Thursday. Trump said serving as president is the best preparation and he won’t mock-up the performance beforehand.

Trump hosted the Latino roundtable event at his Trump National Doral Miami resort as polls indicate a close race against Biden in the swing state.

Trump slammed Biden’s record as a senator and vice president on Latin American socialism, and said he played a role in pharmaceutical businesses leaving Puerto Rico.

“Biden met with [Venezuelan strongman Nicolas] Maduro. He showered him with compliments,” Trump told the crowd.

“Biden met with Maduro and it was all just lovey dovey and nothing happened, and I imposed the toughest sanctions ever.”

The president said that Biden’s left-wing supporters could introduce socialism to the US too, specifically invoking anti-police brutality protesters who smash windows.

“This would be a Venezuela that would be a very large version of it, but it could happen… with me it doesn’t happen, but you put the wrong people in office, it could happen rapidly,” he said.

Polls suggest that Trump dramatically increased his support among Florida Latinos since 2016, but the gains are offset by lost support among senior citizens amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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