Trump says he’ll ‘easily win Arizona and Georgia’ as Kayleigh McEnany reveals more affidavits will be released TODAY

DONALD Trump has claimed he will "easily win Arizona and Georgia" as Kayleigh McEnany revealed that more affidavits will be released today.

The outgoing president took to Twitter on Thursday as it emerged that he won Alaska and Biden's lead in Arizona was reportedly shrinking – but Trump still has no chance of overtaking him there.

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"It took long enough!" he said of the AK result. "What is taking North Carolina so long? Are they looking for more ballots to fix that one also?

"Now with a recount, we will win Georgia also. Pennsylvania & Michigan wouldn’t let our Poll Watchers & Observers into counting rooms. Illegal!"

"From 200,000 votes to less than 10,000 votes," he wrote in another tweet, minutes later. "If we can audit the total votes cast, we will easily win Arizona also!

In Nevada, the Trump campaign and state Republicans dropped their challenge to ballot counting in the Las Vegas area in the state Supreme Court after appealing a November 2 ruling,  reported The Associated Press.

He appeared to be assured on Twitter but insiders revealed this week that he's aware Joe Biden beat him and is just putting on a bit of "theater" for the 72 million people who voted for him.

This morning, McEnany again appeared on Fox News and was evasive when she was asked when Biden would get access to the presidential daily brief.

“That would be a question more for the White House,” she replied.

Yesterday, McEnany doubled down on Trump's baseless claims of voter fraud in Michigan on Wednesday night.

The White House Press Secretary quoted from 234 pages of affidavits she first revealed the day before, which contained no actual details of any election fraud.

Speaking to Sean Hannity on Fox News for the second night in a row, McEnany alleged that one of these testimonial claims that ballots cast for Trump were switched to Biden.

She also claimed there was racial abuse towards black Trump supporters Wayne County, Michigan, while an Asian-American man was subject tofive minutes of abuse.

She said the campaign would present affidavits from other states today, including Pennsylvania and different parts of Michigan where she alleged that "120-year-olds" voted.

The election security agency at the Department of Homeland Security said the appearance of ancient voters was actually a clerical error prompted by a computer system.

McEnany said: "One affidavit from a young women who said she observed ballots from a wrong precinct be duplicated in the correct precinct and then the old ballots sent back. 

"When she began to ask questions, she was told to leave the room, she was called a bigot, she was called the c word as the poll watcher covered her name tag."

McEnany said the PA affidavits she didn't produce would show "disturbing practices where in Democrat counties you were able to fix your ballot whereas the same advantages were not given to Republican counties."

In the 234-page stack of affidavits from poll watchers in Detroit, there were allegations that observers weren't allowed to get close enough to the ballot count, votes being counted more than once, and a GOP poll watcher said the independent lawyers observing the process seemed pretty liberal.

Some claimed there was a "collaboration" between their Democratic counterparts and city officials but provided no actual proof of this, while others indicated that the Dems were mean to them.

As judges dismissed Trump's lawsuits in Nevada and Georgia, sources say the president is aware there is no path to victory but believes MAGA fans who voted for him "deserve a fight."

His muted visit to Arlington Cemetery yesterday marked his first public appearance in six days since news of his loss was called.

Seven anonymous campaign and White House officials said Trump's many legal bids in states like Pennsylvania won't change the election outcome, reported the Daily Mail.

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