Twisted drug addict couple sell their newborn son for £6,800 to fund their meth addiction

DRUG-ADDICTED parents who sold their baby only hours after birth to fund their meth habit have been jailed.

The twisted pair from China made a £6,800 profit off their baby boy as they battled mounting debts and a overwhelming drug dependency.

They sold him to a couple they met in an online chatroom who were struggling to conceive.

They agreed a fee approaching £7,000 and the baby was quickly whisked off to his new home.

But police had been monitoring the pair and arrested them for child trafficking offences, according to Chinese news site Sina.

The baby is now safely in the hands of his grandparents.

The couple – known only as Mr Wang and Ms Zhong – had asked the would be parents on the chatroom to "look after" their then unborn child in exchange for money.

According to local media in the south-western Chinese city of Neijiang, they faced serious financial problems – and the drug addiction was so severe that Ms Zhong had even used meth multiple times during her pregnancy.

The chatroom couple agreed to pay 60,000 yuan (£6,800) under the condition Mr Wang and Ms Zhong hand over the baby immediately after it was born.

On October 11th, hours after his birth, they did and received the cash.

The police tracked down the drug-addicted pair and the new parents after their suspicions were raised and all parties involved confessed.

The couple admitted they had bought a batch of crystal meth and two brand new mobile phones with the profit.

When the cops had found them, they had stacks of cash and drug equipment littered around their room.

Mr Wang now faces five years in prison, while Ms Zhong was jailed for six.

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