Uber crashes across Australia with users reporting app not working

Uber crashes across Australia with users complaining of the ride share app not working worldwide

Ride-sharing giant Uber has crashed worldwide, including Australia, with drivers unable to book journeys in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. 

The outage has been reported worldwide with Europe, the US and Canada also affected.

Uber’s support team has asked frustrated users for their patience while they try to fix the issue, which has left drivers unable to work.

The global outage could be seen through a map provided by the ride-sharing service, which featured dark red hotspots on the US and Canadian east coast.

But lighter yellow spots could be seen in the UK, parts of Egypt, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Drivers in Brisbane are reporting not being able to accept or take trips with the popular app, according to Channel 7.

Uber has confirmed in a statement there is ‘a technical issue preventing some customers from using our app’.




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