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UK weather forecast: SNOW to hit the UK again this weekend as temperatures to plunge

The latest Met Office forecasts show strong winds on Sunday could even bring blizzards to the hills as gales batter the UK.

There will be some respite from the winter chill tomorrow as temperatures climb back into the double-digits, around 11C in many places.

But the reprieve will be short lived as freezing air blows back over the nation towards the end of the week as snow continues to fall.

Met Office meteorologist Becky Mitchell told The Sun Online: "There is a chance we could see some before the end of this week.

"It is turning milder tomorrow so there’s no snow in the forecast for Friday.

"But as colder air begins heading back across the UK, that means there will probably be hill snow in Scotland and on the Pennines where we could see a couple of centimetres.

"On Sunday that snow risk continues over the hills of Scotland and there are some very strong winds so we could see some blizzards over the hills."

The powerful winds will also blow in a deep freeze which will continue after Sunday night, when temperatures will plunge.

Becky added: "From there onwards the cold temperatures will continue into next week where we could see overnight lows of -10C again."


It comes after 94 schools closed in Buckinghamshire yesterday amid chaos on the UK's roads and transport networks due to the freezing weather front.

The North and North West of England are most likely to see more snow this weekend and early into next week.

But analysis of weather charts by show that snow could hound Britain for another fortnight.

Figures for today show that up to 10cm could have fallen in the north-west of Scotland, with up to 5cm possible in large parts of the country.

Graphs show similar forecasts for tomorrow, with most snow falling in north-west Scotland and scatterings of up to 5cm possible in large parts of North England and the South East.

Dramatic photos showed snow blasting Britain last night, from London through to Lancashire and Londonderry.

And by next Friday, graphs indicate that snowfall could rise to a projected 15cm.

On Wednesday the Met Office extended their severe ice warning for most of the UK for a third consecutive day.

Only London, south west England and most of Wales have escaped the warning, as the forecaster warns of ice on untreated roads and longer journey times.
Ladbrokes have meanwhile slashed odds on this being the coldest winter ever after the latest snowfall.

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