Vet, 29, drowned in her car after telling 999 operator 'I'm sinking' after river crash on way to birthday party

A VET drowned in her car with her two dogs after telling a 999 operator 'I'm sinking', an inquest heard.

Heike Mojay-Sinclar, 29 dialled emergency services on December 8, 2018 to say she was trapped up to her waist in a ford at Doles Lane, Derbyshire.

Five minutes later she told the operator the water in her Honda Civic had reached her chest before the call ended, Derby Coroner's Court heard.

Mrs Mojay-Sinclare's heartbroken husband Chester told the court "her presence felt like a warm glow in our lives".

The inquest heard Mrs Mojay-Sinclare left her home in Hertfordshire at 7.25pm and was due to celebrate a birthday with pals.

She was due to arrive at a cottage to meet friend at 10pm, but called 999 at 9.36pm to say she was trapped in a ford.


Heike told the operator she was trapped in her car in Ashbourne, and was unable to see.

She told the call handler: "I am sinking".

Firefighters were scrambled to three fords, but couldn't see see Mrs Mojay-Sinclare's car.

Crews waded into the water which was "fast flowing", a fire station manager said.

Her presence felt like a warm glow in our lives and although she is no longer with us, she remains an inspiration for many of us today.

A fire station manager who attended the scene said they "decided to commit crews into the water", where the conditions were described as "fast flowing".

He said: "Crews were up to their shoulders in water and with wading poles searched from bank right to bank left and did not pick up anything."

"The poles would have missed the roof as it had dropped below the river bottom it was traversing."

A desperate search by police and fire teams lasted for hours before the river level dropped half a metre.


One member of the team was able to find a car underfoot submerged in the water.

Her car had "dopped into a hole" in the "deeper part" of the water, the inquest was told.

The court heard that other people had become trapped at the ford previously.

The road where Mrs Mojay-Sinclare died is now closed, and the only people who have access are those who own land on the lane, the inquest was told.

Paying tribute to his wife, Mrs Mojay-Sinclare's husband Chester said in a statement: "Her presence felt like a warm glow in our lives.

"Although she is no longer with us, she remains an inspiration for many of us today."

The inquest is due to end tomorrow.

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