VIDEO: Jack Russell swims in a pool in Johnston City, Illinois

Smooth exit: Little Jack Russell finds the perfect way out of swimming pool – through the filter

  • Melissa Sim uploaded footage of her pet Jack Russell onto her TikTok account 
  • The small dog, Baby Girl, was filmed escaping from the pool’s skimmer basket
  • Ms Sim said Baby Girl’s fans enjoy getting regular updates about the dog

This is the incredible moment a Jack Russell terrier called Baby Girl swam through the filter of its owner’s swimming pool. 

The small dog crossed the above ground pool belonging to Melissa Sims at her home in Johnston City, Illinois and popped out the filter on the side. 

After jumping into the skimmer basket, Baby Girl then leaps up onto the wooden rail and walks along the side of the pool. 

Baby Girl, a Jack Russell terrier from Johnston City, Illinois

Baby Girl, pictured, is able to make her way out of the skimmer basket when she wants to leave the pool

The clever dog is able to make her way back onto the wooden railing of the pool

Baby Girl’s owner Melissa Sim uploaded the heartwarming footage onto her TikTok account

Ms Sims uploaded the footage of her dog onto her TikTok page for Baby Girl’s growing legion of fans. 

Ms Sims said: ‘She gets out of the pool using the skimmer basket as a doggie door and walks the rim until she gets in the deck to shake. 

‘I told her not to jump on the rocks because her fans didn’t like it.’

Johnston City is in a former coal mining area of south west Illinois and has a population of around 3,500 people.  

The video was shot on May 28,  

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