VIDEO: Monkey steals woman's bag in Chinese national park

Moment nimble-fingered monkey snatches woman’s bag as she dances in Chinese national park

  • A woman was filmed dancing in Zhangjiajie national park in Hunan Province
  • While she danced, a macaque monkey ran across viewing deck with her bag 
  • The monkey quickly leaped over the side before she could stop its escape 

This is the moment a monkey stole a woman’s handbag as she danced for the camera at a tourist spot in China. 

Footage shows the victim spinning around and singing on a wooden viewing deck at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, before the opportunistic macaque crosses the frame. 

A second woman, who is off camera starts shouting in alarm as the simian thief makes off with the bag and jumps over a wooden handrail to escape down the mountainside 

This is the moment a monkey pops in front of a camera while trying to steal a woman’s handbag

The woman, who was dancing, reacts immediately as the monkey grabs her handbag and prepares to escape

The woman tries to close down the wild animal’s escape routes before it runs off

Local media reported the woman was able to recover her bag after bribing the monkey with food

The woman was performing a song for her friends at the internationally-renowned heritage park

The victim, according to local media reports, had to bribe the monkey with food to hand over the bag. 

The incident, which took place on September 5, has been shared widely on the internet. 

The area is China’s first national park and is also a UNESCO world heritage site, popular with tourists from around the globe. 

The park has thousands of mountains, many of which are narrow spires resembling skyscrapers made from quartzite-sandstone. 

The area is a firm tourist favourite due to its spectacular scenery. 

Within the park, large groups of macaque monkeys roam wild and visitors are advised against feeding them. 

The incident happened at the national park in Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province, pictured

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