Viral Video Shows White Columbia Student Harassing Group Of Black Students, Ranting About White Supremacy

A Columbia University student was captured on video shouting racist, white supremacist messages at a group made up predominantly of people of color early Sunday morning, in yet another in a string of racially-motivated attacks at Ivy League institutions. A man identified as Julian von Abele followed a group of students outside Columbia’s Butler Library, calling out statements like “f**k yeah white men” and “we built the modern world,” according to the Daily Columbia Spectator.

In a video released on social media, the student can be seen yelling at a group of spectators about — what he perceives to be — the supremacy of white people.

“We built the modern world,” von Abele tells a group of students holding phones as they record his tirade.

Someone in the crowd asks him “who” exactly built the modern world and he responds, “Europeans.”

“We invented science and industry and you want to tell us to stop because, ‘oh my God, we’re so bad,’” he continues.

The crowd responds with incredulity, but von Abele wasn’t deterred, ramping up his tirade and gesturing enthusiastically with his hands.

“We saved billions of people from starvation. We built modern civilization. F*** yeah white men… We’re white men and we did everything. Look, I don’t hate other people, I just love white men,” he says.

After the video ended, one student present claimed that von Abele continued to follow the group, shouting racial slurs. The crowd eventually stopped engaging with von Abele, and the students alerted the university’s public safety department.

The university responded to the incident, saying that the language used by von Abele is in opposition to the university’s values.

“Statements of white racial superiority conflict with the University’s core value of inclusivity as well as the educational work and research that take place on our campuses.”

Julian von Abele is a student studying physics at Columbia University.

Sunday’s incident is another in a line of hate attacks at Ivy League schools, per the Nation. In September, a black student at Cornell was beaten in a racially-motivated attack. Also in September at Cornell, a fraternity member living next to the Latino Living Center shouted that the school should build a wall around the center. Ivy leaguer Blaze Bernstein was stabbed to death in what police are calling a hate crime. Another student at Cornell was charged with a hate crime for using hateful language — though charges, in that case, were dropped in August.

Columbia hasn’t escaped racially-charged events, either. In November, a professor’s office was sprayed with swastikas — and the school has controversially hosted conservative speakers, resulting in student protests.

Julian von Abele hasn’t responded to media requests for a statement.

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