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We marched against the Iraq war and tuition fees – now we need to march FOR Brexit

To be 19 and believe in Brexit is deemed wholly unfashionable – I have been called an ‘age traitor’,  a ‘fat nosed c***’ and been trolled online, just for my political stance.

Yet what baffles me is why it seems so many other people my age are content with the un-elected, unaccountable stale, pale male EU bureaucrats making decisions for us, without our best interests at heart.

Being anti-establishment and embracing the revolutionary spirit which refuses to accept the rules laid down by our predecessors and wanting to promote a positive, new vision for the future is a core part of growing up.

We young people have a history of rebelling against the elite in power, whether that was marching against Tony Blair’s disastrous Iraq war or coming out in droves against David Cameron’s rise in tuition fees.

Young people should once again be shouting about the fact we could save the £10bn a year that we send to Brussels, which could be spent on young people’s priorities like housing and education.

Trying to get on the housing ladder is a gigantic issue for people my age. Wouldn't the money be better spent trying to tackle that woeful situation than being wrapped up in European bureaucracy?

For decades the European Union has taken away power from the people, whilst we pay them billions of pounds every year for the privilege.

But I, and millions of other young people, have had enough.

It’s time to rebel. It's the time for my generation to rise up against the establishment in Brussels and Westminster and call for a truly global Britain.

We want a nation which isn't restricted by the protectionist EU, where we can sign free trade deals with whoever we like and reduce tariffs on countries around the world.

It is a Britain where we are outwards-looking and ready to engage with developing economies and not bound by the EU commission making decisions for us.

I’m fighting back by taking part in the March to Leave, an epic journey to tell those in power we want to take back control.

From March 16 to 29, a great march from Sunderland to London will take place, featuring politicians, celebrities and ordinary people like you and me to show those in power we will not let them betray Brexit.

Last week Nigel Farage, Esther McVey, Richard Tice and John Longworth announced they would be launching the 270 mile march. Other big figures are coming out in support too, such as Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin. We young people should be joining them.

Those on the march will be walking about 15 miles every day.

I've made sure I am going to the gym more often and bought a new pair of walking boots to make sure I'm ready.

Marching from Sunderland – the area which was first to declare the leave vote – to London will show politicians that we want to just leave. No second referendum, no delay – it’s time to trade on World Trade Organisation rules, which deals with global trade between 164 countries and each member sets their own tariffs on goods coming from abroad.

We'll be setting off from Sunderland with a bang and beginning in the North, where people overwhelmingly voted to leave, we expect to be cheered on as heroes.

However coming closer to London, where more voted to remain, our presence may be less welcome.

But on the final day, on the 29th of March, outside of Parliament, there will be a seismic rally of Brexiteers in the heart of remain territory to tell our leaders we must leave the EU and deliver on the Brexit result.

That last day will go down in history as either the day we finally left the EU or the day the elite betrayed Brexit, so I expect thousands of leave voters to be there.

Britain has suffered almost three humiliating years of infighting, weak leadership and giving away constant concession to the EU.

This March to Leave is finally a chance to reinvigorate the Brexit debate by showing the establishment the 17.4 million demand we must leave, with or without a deal.

Leaving with No Deal is the best option for Britain and my generation.

A WTO Brexit offers amazing new opportunities for young people to travel to new places, have cheaper food and alcohol prices at home and save us taxpayers billions by not having to give away our money to the EU.

Join me, and many other young people in telling the establishment we will not sit by while they betray Brexit.

Steven Edginton is Chief Digital Strategist at Leave Means Leave, the organisation behind March to Leave. 

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