Weekly $600 payments for unemployed workers ending sooner than expected – The Sun

THE weekly $600 payments for unemployed workers is ending sooner than expected.

The checks are being issued until July 31 but, as the date is a Friday and the state unemployment systems end their week on a weekend and only pay full weeks, the last payment will be on July 26.

Heidi Sheirholz, a former chief economist with the Department of Labor, told 10 News: "That is one week less of payments than families get.

"That is huge. That is the difference between being able to make a car payment, make your rent, put food on the table.

"What it says in the legislation essentially is that it ends on July 31 and we all thought, you know, the end of July, but when you look at the very specific language, what it says is that the last payment will be on or before July 31.

"People who were really planning on getting that extra $600 a month and then realize they are getting one week less than they thought they were, it’s just going to create enormous hardship."

The outlet reported that many people will go from receiving $1,000 a week in unemployment benefits to their state's regular financial support, which on average is roughly $375.

Roughly 50 million Americans are out of work as the coronavirus pandemic continues to grip the US economy.

Another 1.31 million filed for state unemployment benefits for the week ended July 4, the US Department of Labor announced on Thursday morning.

Thursday's figure is 99,000 less from the previous week ending June 27 when 1.43 million jobless claims were filed.

Insured unemployment dropped slightly to 12.4 percent for the last week of June, a 0.5 percentage point decrease from the week previous, the Labor Department said.

Although new claims sent to the Labor Department have consistently declined since early April, weekly applications have hovered between one million and two million since late May.

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