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BRITS have survived the coronavirus lockdown – and there are now some bank holidays in the calendar to look forward to.

So, when is the next bank holiday?

When are the bank holidays in the UK?

The next bank holiday this year falls on Monday, August 31, 2020. This is called the summer bank holiday.

This year our remaining bank holidays fall on the following dates:

  • December 25 – Christmas Day
  • December 26 – Boxing Day

What about Scotland and Ireland?

The Scottish miss out on the August 31 holiday, but they get a few of their own with a total of nine bank holidays each year. The remaining one that are different to England are:

  • November 30 – St Andrew's Day

The Northern Irish get two extras as well, totalling ten a year. Their most recent bank holiday was:

  • July 13 – Battle of the Boyne

What is a bank holiday?

A bank holiday is a public holiday in the UK when most people are given an extra day off work.

They were given the name bank holidays as banks are closed – and if they can't do business, no-one else can.

Similarly, schools are shut on bank holidays, and transport services are often scaled back.

Booking certain days off work can help your holiday allowance stretch further.

What are the other key dates left in 2020?

  • Friday, September 18 – Rosh Hashanah
  • Sunday, September 27 – Yom Kippur
  • Sunday, October 25 – Daylight saving time ends
  • Saturday, October 31 – Halloween
  • Thursday, November 5 – Guy Fawkes Night 
  • Sunday, November 8 – Remembrance Sunday
  • Wednesday, November 11 – Armistice Day
  • Saturday, November 14 – Diwali (TBC)
  • Monday, November 30 – St Andrew’s Day
  • Thursday, December 10 – Hanukkah begins
  • Monday, December 21 – Winter Solstice

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