Where can I donate clothes to Ukraine near me?

THE United Nations estimates there are over 160,000 Ukrainians currently displaced.

They need fresh clothes, blankets and other essential items after fleeing the conflict, which you can donate through many charities.

Where can I donate clothes to Ukraine?

Some charities are taking monetary donations while others are happy to take clothes and other items.

Many of the donations are going to Poland, as the Polish government have said that over 100,000 refugees have crossed into the country.

Check in your local area to see if any donation centres have opened up as there are smaller sites opening daily in churches and community centres.

White Eagle Club, London

The queues outside Balham's White Eagle Club stretched down the streetwhen they announced they would take donations.

Polish organisations like the White Eagle Club are asking for Londoners to bring warm clothes as conditions are cold.

They have also asked for baby supplies such as nappies and bottles as well as sleeping bags and blankets.

The Bearded Broz, West Midlands

This is a community group that heled deliver food parcels to people during the pandemic and also Grenfell Tower survivors in 2017.

They have now asked for clothing, especially outerwear such as jackets and boots.

The centre, in Smethwick, is open Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm.

Community Clothes Swap, York

York's Acomb Parish Hall is accepting donations on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

They have asked people bring clothes, shoes, toiletries and baby equipment for the Ukrainian refugees.

If possible they have requested this is sorted in to black bin bags with labels on to make things easier to organise as they are all volunteers.

Foodstock, West Belfast

This donation centre is also asking mainly for winter clothes, toiletries and baby equipment.

They have also asked for first aid supplies and non-perishable food items.

The next donations truck leaves on Friday, March 4, 2022 for Poland.

TippyToes BabyBank, Lancashire

This charity in taking donations until Saturday, March 5.

They are particularly focused on blankets, baby equipment, sanitary wear and warm clothing.

Message the charity on Facebook for information about private address drop offs.

How else can I help Ukraine?

There are many charities taking monetary donations for the Ukrainian refugees.

You can donate to the following charities:

  • The Red Cross
  • With Ukraine
  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine
  • Voices of Children
  • Sunflower of Peace
  • UNCHR Refugee Agency
  • British-Ukrainian Aid
  • Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UN)

You can also support Ukraine through the UK government.

This can be done by writing to your MP expressing support for Ukraine and signing petitions online, especially ones on the parliament website.

Make sure your information on social media is coming from reliable sources such as The Kyiv Independent or The New Voices of Ukraine – these are publications on the ground covering the conflict.

There are also many campaign groups and protests happening across the country that you can participate in.

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