Who is retired firefighter Robert Sanford?

ROBERT Sanford is a retired firefighter accused of hitting three Capitol cops with a fire extinguisher during the January 6 riots.

At least five people died during the riots that involved hundreds of Trump supporters.

Who is Robert Sanford?

Robert Sanford is a former firefighter who is facing three federal felony charges, including assaulting a police officer.

He was taken into custody by the FBI on January 14 just before 6am, according to The Daily Beast.

What is Sanford accused of doing?

The retired firefighter, from Pennsylvania, was allegedly seen throwing an extinguisher at a police officer.

However, this was separate from the one that killed Officer Brian Sicknick, officials told the Wall Street Journal.

A photograph calling for a rioter's identification was released after footage emerged of the moment a protester hit an officer in the head with a fire extinguisher during Wednesday's protest.

It is unclear whether the man in the video is Robert Sanford.

The video shows droves of rioters storming past a barricade as US Capitol Police desperately try to keep them corralled on the west side of the building at about 2.30pm, the New York Post reports.

“They broke through, it’s on!” one man is heard yelling at the start of the clip.

Moments later, a rioter throws a fire extinguisher toward a group of officers below, striking one on the helmet.

It is unclear if the struck cop was Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 42 who, died after reportedly being hit over the head during the riots. 

An investigation into his death is ongoing.

Sicknick was reportedly bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher, according to The New York Times and The Associated Press, citing two law enforcement officials. 

A statement by the Capitol Police said he was injured and collapsed after returning to his office.


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