Who was Dynamite Kid? Which were the British WWE legend Tommy Billington titles and what was his cause of death?

Here’s what you need to know about the man who became a wrestling legend in the 1980s with his cousin Davey Boy Smith.

Who was The Dynamite Kid?

Thomas “The Dynamite Kid” Billington was born into a boxing family in Golborne, Greater Manchester and excelled at sports in school.

His father, who was a miner, took him to see wrestling matches and he caught the eye of a local wrestling coach.

Billington began wrestling training as a means of avoiding having to work in the coal mines and entered the professional ranks in 1975.

What was the British WWE legend Tommy Billington main achievements?

He shot to worldwide stardom in the 1980s along with cousin and tag partner Davey Boy Smith.

They won the world tag team title from Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake at WrestleMania II in 1986.

The British Bulldogs as they were known, went their separate ways in 1988,  and were rated as the fifth best tag team ever by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2003.

Dynamite Kid went on to work for Stampede Wrestling and in Japan until his final match on October 10, 1996 at a Michinoku Pro event called These Days.

He competed in a six-man bout dubbed "Legends of High-Flying" alongside Dos Caras and Kuniaki Kobayashi against The Great Sasuke, Mil Mascaras, and Tiger Mask.

A World Wrestling Entertainment spokesman said of Billington: "Although somewhat undersized, he possessed a ferocity and determination that earned him the nickname The Dynamite Kid."

What was his cause of death?

The exact cause of death remains unknown he had been battling a number of health issues for years.

He suffered a seizure the day after his final match, when he was at the airport, which followed one he had in 1987.

According to reports, at that stage Dynamite's body had degenerated to the point where he was "practically skin and bones", with the bottom of his usually tight-fitting tights looking very loose.

Dynamite lost the use of his left leg in 1997 and was forced to use a wheelchair.

In addition to his paralysis, Billington also had a number of heart problems and WWE reported he had suffered a stroke in 2013.

A video emerged in January 2017 of Billington in a care home trying to raise funds to help with his medical care.

WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, who invented the diving headbutt which Dynamite adopted, has previously gone on record to express his regret at creating the move.

He believes it causes spinal problems as well as concussions and that they may have contributed to Dynamite’s injuries.

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