Who was Elisabeth Fritzl's bodyguard Thomas Wagner and are they are a couple?

THE story of Elisabeth Fritzl, a kidnap survivor who was imprisoned in a windowless dungeon for 24 years by her dad, shocked the world 15 years ago.

But after she was released from the cellar, where she was raped and tortured by her dad Josef Fritzl and even had had seven children, Elisabeth found love.

Who is Thomas Wagner?

Thomas Wagner was Elisabeth's bodyguard after she was freed in April 2008.

She was able to escape from the basement after one of her children fell seriously ill and Josef agreed to get her medical care.

Wagner- who is 23 years her junior- was assigned to guard her and her six surviving children.

When did Elisabeth Fritzl and Thomas Wagner get together?

It was reported Elisabeth found love at the age of 52, when she fell for 29-year-old bodyguard Thomas Wagner in 2019.

According to Oesterreich newspaper, the pair bonded after spending months together following Elisabeth's release.

"They are a couple," a source told the newspaper. "Everyone saw from the beginning how secure she felt with him."

The relationship is said to have given Elisabeth "renewed strength" in her journey towards normality.

A member of the team of psychiatric carers revealed that the romance has helped her overcome the traumas of her past.

The psychiatrist said at the time: “This is vivid proof of love being the strongest force in the world.

“With the approval of her doctors she has ceased psychiatric therapies while she gets on with her life – learning to drive, helping her children with their homework, making friends with people in her locality.

“She lost the best years of her life in that cellar; she is determined that every day remaining to her will be filled with activity.”

Are Elisabeth Fritzl and Thomas Wagner still a couple?

Thomas moved to live with Elisabeth and her children, now aged between 18 and 32.

A local restaurateur confirmed in 2018 that Elisabeth is now happily married.

Where are Elisabeth Fritzl and Thomas Wagner now?

Following the horrific ordeal, Elisabeth has been given a new name after the 2009 trial, with strict laws to prevent her identity from being revealed.

Shelives with her six children in a tiny hamlet in the Austrian countryside, which also cannot be identified and only referred to by the country's media as "Village X."

After undergoing weekly therapy sessions to eliminate the trauma they suffered, the children now sleep with doors permanently open.

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