Why is Theresa May ploughing on with a vote she looks doomed to lose?

Wise up, PM

She cannot sell the unsellable. Better to use the time in Brussels trying to fix the toxic “Irish backstop” which scores of her MPs and the DUP won’t stomach.

Most people could live with the rest of her Brexit deal. But not a mechanism we cannot legally leave, potentially locking us ­forever into a customs union and dividing up

the UK. Even an EU blinded by self-interest must see that.

Downing Street’s defeatism is soul destroying. Chancellor Philip Hammond, with his famous no-can-do spirit, says: “The idea there’s an option of renegotiating at the 11th

hour is a delusion.”

Why? If the EU dislikes the backstop too, as the Government claims, it should be amenable to amending it. Argue for a time limit. Deadlines focus the mind.

Set a date for a trade deal to be reached and the backstop to end.

Meanwhile we can prepare our other trading options. There IS a downside for the EU if the deal is defeated. The chaos won’t be ours alone.

And don’t think it could hardly get worse. Try to imagine Corbyn’s shambolically divided rabble taking the reins.

Leave it out

DO Remainer MPs think that if they destroy Brexit that’s the end of it?

When they help vote down Mrs May’s deal and propel the Government towards other options, none of them Brexit, what will it solve?

Life can never return to where it was before June 23, 2016. Hearts have hardened since, even among some Remainers. The EU’s bullying intransigence, and its

bureaucrats’ sneering hostility, have been exposed as never before.

The clamour to leave would not die off. It would intensify, with the thwarting of Brexit and every further move towards political and military union.

Brexit is inevitable. Even if Remainers prevent it for now, they can’t forever.

Fuelish Macron

FRANCE’S riots are the direct result of President Macron’s ocean-going arrogance.

Hitting skint workers with higher fuel taxes and telling them it’s for their own long-term good is typical of him.

And after his aggression towards Britain . . . well, these woes couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke, could they?

But there is a warning there for us.

Exorbitant fuel prices are bad enough. Imagine telling 17.4million Leave voters their victory didn’t count.

The Sun warned yesterday that we fear civil disorder if a second referendum is called. Let’s be crystal clear: riots, or worse, are horrific, indefensible and the last thing

anyone should want.

And we will not shrink from our view that second-vote campaigners are too glib about the forces they may unleash.

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