Why should the taxpayer fork out to send Harry and Meghan to Africa

PIERS MORGAN: Why should the taxpayer fork out millions to make Harry and Meghan the King and Queen of Africa just to keep them away from Wills and Kate?

 So Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now want to be King and Queen of Africa?

Aww, how nice!

Apparently, Britain’s already got too small for the couple dubbed ‘royal rock stars’ by their own palace courtiers.

So it’s been revealed that they’re planning to move to the much larger global stage of the gigantic African continent after their baby arrives, to rub off a bit of their regal stardust magic there.

Lucky Africans!

Poor Brits!

Well yes, very poor Brits actually, because we’ll be the ones who pay for it for however long this African jolly, or should I say folly, lasts.

Meghan and Harry visited Morocco in Africa together recently (seen above at two engagements in the country), and now it is rumored the pair will relocate to Africa once their child – due imminently – is born. In 2017, before she was married to Harry, Meghan also toured Rwanda, pictured top.

And with full Metropolitan Police protection teams required to provide 24/7 security, and Meghan’s large retinue of personal staff, the cost could run into millions.

Not that ‘Queen’ Meghan will care.

Since marrying into the British Royal Family, she’s already shown a gleeful propensity for spending money in a manner so extravagant she’s been dubbed ‘Meghan Antoinette’ in honour of the infamously over-the-top 18th Century French Queen.

There was her wedding to Harry a year ago, estimated to have cost $40 million including a $500,000 Clare Waight Keller wedding dress, that was mostly financed by British taxpayers.

There was the absurdly lavish recent five-day $500,000 baby-shower at a five-star hotel in New York, brimming with celebrities, private jets, paparazzi and heartfelt floral gifts for the…. less fortunate.

The Royal Wedding (pictured left) was said to have cost in the region of $40million, while Meghan’s friends and the British taxpayer forked out $500,000 for her lavish New York baby shower (pictured leaving her hotel after the event, right)

Much of the tab was picked up by her millionaire mates Serena Williams and Amal Clooney, but British taxpayers paid for her security team to accompany her and the optics were horribly inappropriate at a time when Meghan and Harry had literally just tweeted from their Kensington Palace account asking people to remember the poor, saying: ‘’73% of the poorest families cannot always afford to feed their children during the school holidays, a gap which is estimated to affect 3 million across the UK.’

To emphasise just how much the poor were on Meghan’s minds during her baby-shower orgy of opulence, a website for Ladurée boasted with stupendous irony how its signature $350 macaron towers for the $75,000-a-day penthouse party ‘evoke the Parisian glamour and elegance that Marie Antoinette would approve of.’

I bet she would – given it was the same Marie Anotinette who when told her subjects were starving and had no bread, replied: ‘Let them eat cake.’

Then there’s the massive on-going refurbishment of the couple’s luxury new home, Frogmore Cottage near Windsor Castle – a gift from the Queen – that is already thought to have cost over $4 million.

New home: Frogmore Cottage, above, was gifted to the royal couple by the Queen and is  since understood to have undergone an extensive renovation at the behest of Meghan

The work reportedly includes an expansive yoga studio, an ‘elaborate Gone With The Wind-style double staircase’, grand new fireplaces, and vegan eucalyptus-infused paint for the baby’s nursery.

Where does most of the money to pay for all this come from?

Once again, the British taxpayer.

Now, we have the grand African plan.

It was reported, by the Sunday Times, that Meghan and Harry’s courtiers came up with the idea because they’re concerned about the sheer scale of the couple’s fame and power.

‘There are discussions in palace circles about how do we harness Harry and Meghan and this tremendous global attention they get?’ said one palace source.

The source added that there were serious fears Meghan could become ‘bigger than Princess Diana.’

Oh pur-lease….!

What a load of over-hyped baloney.

Meghan Markle is not in the same fame stratosphere as Diana occupied, for all manner of reasons; the most significant of which relates to the order of ascension to the throne.

Diana was married to Prince Charles, who is the direct heir to Queen Elizabeth II and will be Britain’s next King.

Meghan is married to Prince Harry, who is currently sixth in line to the throne and sliding down fast, and therefore has two hopes of becoming King – no hope and Bob Hope.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may think they’re the biggest young royal stars, and their behaviour certainly suggests they do.

Harry and Meghan are allegedly in a feud with Wills and Kate, all pictured above together in March, which is rumured to be a reason behind their Africa move

But they pale into royal power insignificance compared to their rivals, William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who will one day be King and Queen.

We’re further told that one of the other reasons for Harry and Meghan leaving Britain is to keep the feuding royal couples apart, because the wives especially can’t stand each other.

So this ridiculous African adventure smacks of Meghan and Harry trying to create their own new rival version of the Monarchy, on an alternative continent, to preen in.

Aside from the hideous cost of it all, their timing also couldn’t be worse.

There was a massive backlash in Britain recently to the annual Comic Relief fund-raising effort to support the poor and needy in Africa, with white celebrities accused of patronising Africans by hugging young black children for photo opportunities in ‘white saviour’ poses they then posted to social media.

David Lammy, a black British Labour politician, accused the stars of ‘perpetuating tired and unhelpful stereotypes’, and said such ‘poverty porn’ was fuelling a ‘distorted image’ of the continent and ‘an old idea from the colonial era.’

David Lammy, a black British Labour politician, recently criticized white stars going on charitable missions to Africa as indulging in ‘poverty porn’

Comic Relief suffered a substantial drop in donations as a result of his tirade, and the impassioned debate that followed it, suggesting many British people shared Lammy’s view.

I fear a similar negative reaction to Harry and Meghan, notwithstanding the fact she is herself from a mixed race family, if they now spend several years wrapping their arms around African children to show how much they care.

Africans, as Lammy pointed out, increasingly have no wish to be ‘saved’ in this way by celebrities, and I suspect particularly not by an entitled white British celebrity Prince and his TV actress bride.

And British people certainly won’t want to be paying their taxes to support Harry and Meghan as they play virtue-signalling King and Queen of Africa at the same time as Britain suffers widely predicted serious economic hardship as a result of the Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

And at the same that the Metropolitan Police are already struggling to cope with a horrendous surge in murderous knife crime in London.

But as we know from Harry himself, what Meghan wants, Meghan gets.

High-society magazine Tatler recently reported in a long editorial that long-suffering Kensington Palace staff have a new nickname for Meghan: ‘Me-Gain’.

Sadly, it’s hard to argue with it.

Meghan Markle’s hit the jackpot, but at what cost to the rest of us?


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