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Widow confronts man given light sentence for burning husband’s body in dumpster

The widow of the Brooklyn landlord whose burned body was found in a Great Neck dumpster in 2014 sobbed Wednesday as one of the men charged in his murder was sentenced to a mere 2 1/3 to 7 years behind bars — over prosecutors’ objections.

“I will forever be haunted by the image of my husband’s end,” Bashie Stark said through tears as she confronted Kendall Felix in court for his role in Menachem Stark’s grisly death. “Our lives will never be the same.”

Stark, then 39, was killed as Felix’s cousins wrestled the landlord into a van on a snowy night in Williamsburg as part of a failed kidnapping and extortion plot.

Felix, who admitted to burning Stark’s body, was charged with conspiracy and hindering prosecution. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to both counts in exchange for the deal offered by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun.

Felix declined to address Chun or Stark’s family during his sentencing.

Prosecutor Howard Jackson on Wednesday blasted the deal in court, calling it “fortunate” given the brutality of the crime.

“This defendant went to help purchase the gasoline,” Jackson told Chun. “This defendant specifically poured the gasoline on the victim, lit a piece of paper towel on fire, and lit Menachem Stark’s body on fire. For his role in this crime, he’s extremely fortunate to have this offer.”

Felix’s cousin, Kendel Felix, was convicted in September 2016 on charges of felony murder. During his trial, the jury was shown ghoulish images of Stark’s remains, which sent his widow fleeing from the courtroom.

The fire had eaten through Stark’s abdominal wall, exposing his organs, and one hand had been completed burned away in the blaze.

Bashie’s sister, Yenti Herskovitz, also spoke in court Wednesday, where she decried Chun’s light sentence.

“Standing before you is a man with ice running through his veins,” she stated. “Kendall took this innocent man’s body and dumped it in a dumpster like trash.”

“Years of therapy cannot undo this trauma,” she sighed.

Chun said he felt the sentence was warranted, given that Felix wasn’t the mastermind.

At his own trial, Kendel Felix named his cousins, Kendall Felix, Erskin Felix and Irvine Henry, as co-conspirators. They were charged following his conviction.

Erskin Felix is currently on trial on murder charges, and is due back in court Friday. Irvine Henry, who has been charged with conspiracy, has yet to face trial.

Outside the courtroom, Bashie’s sister reiterated that the sentence was “too little” for the murder of a father of seven.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Herskovitz said, shaking her head. “This was absolutely cruel beyond words.”

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