Wild Walmart brawl breaks out after shopper apparently spits on employee

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A Walmart employee took hands-on customer service to a new level – brutally cold-cocking a customer in retaliation after the shopper apparently spat on him, shocking video shows.

A 14-second clip uploaded late Tuesday to Facebook shows a Walmart worker and a customer engaged in a ferocious shoving match.

The clash quickly escalated when the male shopper rammed the staff member with his cart, hitting him once.

The customer then appeared to lunge his head forward and spit on the worker, prompting him to knock the man out cold with one punch, the clip shows.

“Walmart Englewood ain’t playin today,” a caption accompanying the footage read, without elaborating on what caused the fracas.

Meanwhile, commenters on the clip quickly noted the size difference between the Walmart worker and the customer.

“Wow that goes to show never estimate somebody by their size,” one reply read in part.

However, others claimed the knockout blow was a cheap shot, pointing out that the customer appeared to turn his head as the angered employee approached.

“It’s easy to knock a guy out when he doesn’t see it coming especially to the back of the head,” one man wrote.

Still, others accused the decked man of faking his dramatic fall, calling it a “flop” akin to soccer players taking a dive in search of a penalty call.

It’s unclear exactly where the incident took place. The profile of the man who posted the clip on Facebook indicates he lives in Chicago, which has an Englewood section.

However, the retail giant also has a location in Englewood, Colorado, which has an Academy Bank branch inside that can be seen briefly in the footage.

A Walmart spokesman told The Post on Friday the company was trying to track down more details about the in-store skirmish.

“We’re looking into it,” spokesman Casey Staheli said, adding it was not immediately clear at which store the violent exchange occurred.

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