Wildlife photographer snaps shot of ‘never-before-seen’ yellow penguin

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He waddled right into the spotlight.

A “never-before-seen” yellow penguin was captured on camera by a Belgian wildlife photographer, making nature lovers squawk with joy.

Yves Adams was snapping photos of a colony of 120,000 king penguins in South Georgia, an island in the southern Atlantic, in December 2019 when he spotted the rare bird, he told Kennedy News.

“It was heaven that he landed by us,” Adams said. “If it had been 50 meters away we wouldn’t have been able to get this show of a lifetime.”

Adams’ series of enthralling shots show the canary-yellow creature flapping belly-down in the water and waddling next to his conventional-looking counterparts.

Close-ups show the penguin — whose coloring is due to the pigmentation condition leucism — with fully yellow plumage, and even yellow peepers.

Adams shared the images of animal Instagram this week, making bird buffs swoon.

“That’s absolutely amazing,” one observer cawed.

“Thank you for sharing this with the world! I’ve shared with my animal lover child and her friends,” another added.

Normal penguins often use yellow feather highlights to attract mates — but it’s unclear if the ultra-rare bird’s look makes him a golden boy with the gals.

“We were so lucky the bird landed right where we were,” Adams said. ” [It was] never-before-seen.”

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