Worries for coronavirus-stricken Chris Cuomo as he suffers ‘tight chest’ – a potentially serious symptom – The Sun

CHRIS Cuomo opened up about feeling tightness in his chest in his first broadcast since he tested positive.

The CNN host described the worrisome and potentially deadly sign of the virus to Dr. Sanjay Gupta, saying he is "confirmation" of the outbreak's reality on his nightly program Cuomo Prime Time.

"Let me serve as confirmation of the reality – you can get this," he said Tuesday night.

He also revealed that he initially wasn't sure whether his chest tightness was due to COVID-19 or a manifestation of his anxieties.

Shortness of breath is a serious symptom of the coronavirus – if a person feels a "persistent pain or pressure in the chest", the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says they should seek medical attention.

An emotional Cuomo expressed the helplessness he feels as he remains quarantined in the basement of his home, away from his wife and children.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed Tuesday morning that Chris had tested positive for coronavirus and is quarantined in his basement.

The elder Cuomo brother described the situation as "frightening for everyone" but remained positive about his "best friend's" health, saying: "He's going to be fine, he's young and in good shape, but there's a lesson in this."

Chris tried to make light of the revelation, jokingly saying: "Unlike me, you will not have the added oddity of watching your brother tell the nation in real time that you have the virus."

The journalist is using his shocking diagnosis to bring a stark message to Americans: "If I can get it, you can get it."

"Remember, the good news is we are our best solution. Together as ever as one," he said before signing off.

"We know what to do to make this easier on all of us – we just have to do it.

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