Shamima Begum family "shocked" she’s alive and want "innocent" unborn baby home

Pregnant ISIS bride Shamima Begum’s family has admitted they are shocked the runaway schoolgirl is still alive and want her "innocent" baby to come home.

They spoke out hours after a barrister specialising in family law warned she could face a lengthy court battle to keep the child who she is due to give birth to "any day now".

The 19-year-old’s first two babies died of malnutrition, she revealed to The Times war correspondent Anthony Loyd – after he tracked her down in a refugee camp in northern Syria.

In a statement given to ITV News , Shamima’s family said her baby is "a total innocent" and has "every right" to "grow up in the peace and security" of the UK.

They said: “Now, we are faced with the situation of knowing that Shamima’s two young children have died – children that we will never come to know as a family.

"This is the hardest of news to bear. The welfare of Shamima’s unborn baby is of paramount concern to our family, and we will do everything within our power to protect that baby who is entirely blameless in these events."

The family is also asking the Government to step in and return Shamima to the UK and be dealt with under the British justice system.

In the statement to ITV they said: “We, the family of Shamima Begum, have taken a few days to process all that has happened in the past years, and indeed in the last 72 hours.

“The news that Shamima is alive and well has come as a shock to the entire family.

“We had lost all hope of ever seeing her again. We are relieved to know that she has been able to escape from IS territory.

"This in itself was a huge risk because if she had been caught that would have meant imprisonment and death at the hands of ISIS.

“We like everyone else were utterly shocked by what we heard Shamima say in her interview with The Times.

"But to us, those are the words of a girl who was groomed at the age of 15; we are also mindful that Shamima is currently in a camp surrounded by IS sympathisers and any comments by her could lead directly to danger to her and her child.

“Given Shamima’s four-year ordeal, we are concerned that her mental health has been affected by everything that she has seen and endured."

They continued: “As a British citizen, Shamima has every expectation to be returned to the UK and be dealt with under the British justice system.

"Shamima’s child who will also be British has every right as a total innocent to have the chance to grow up in the peace and security of this home.

“We welcome an investigation in what she did while she was there under the principles of British justice and would request the British government assist us in returning Shamima and her child to the UK as a matter of urgency.”

Shamima disappeared with two pals to marry a jihadi in 2015 – but this week she said: "All I want to do is come back to Britain."

She made headlines worldwide when she fled the UK with Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase.

The trio flew from Gatwick Airport to Turkey after telling their parents they were going out for the day.

Shamima confirmed this week that Kadiza was killed after her house in Raqqa was bombed.

Meanwhile, a lawyer, who does not want to be named, conceded Shamima’s baby may be put in care even if she is allowed back to the UK.

She said: "…the child would probably be removed at birth and placed into foster care. If it was agreed they could stay together they could go to a mother and baby unit although there are not many of those left these days.

"There is an option to let her family step in but unless family members were deemed protective and capable of safeguarding that would seem unlikely in these circumstances.

"Given the mother’s history and involvement with ISIS, there must be reasonable grounds to believe child is likely to suffer significant harm – that is the threshold that must be met for an interim order."

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Woman who always skipped PE to not change in public sheds 7 stone in two years

A woman who used to be so horrified by her own obesity that she would refuse to change for PE classes has shed an impressive seven stones in just two years.

Commissioning development lead for the NHS, Jessica Seal, 26, would binge on chocolate and use food as her escape while she was being brought up by her dad who struggled with mental health.

With her mum working nights, Jessica’s older sisters, Laura and Rebecca, who were only 13 and 17 at the time, would look after her "so it was all Iceland oven and microwave food".

She had a sweet tooth and would crave anything sweet which would see her drink two cans of regular coke, three cans of diet coke and a chocolate bar each evening.

But she equally used to hate the way she looked and while she would "dream" of going shopping in Topshop with her friends as Dorothy Perkins was the only shop catering for her size.

Since starting to learn about health aged 19, Jessica has shed a staggering seven stone and now fits a size 8/10.

She hopes to inspire others with her transformation and prove that you don’t need to join a slimming club, spend money on expensive meal plans or a personal trainer to lose weight.

"I was uneducated on nutrition and healthy eating and I was inactive as a child due to being overweight.

"At school I never did a lesson of PE because the thought of getting changed in a public place was horrific – never mind actually getting on a trampoline.

"I used to get into a lot of trouble in secondary school with fights and being disruptive because I didn’t have any confidence within myself and this was how I got ‘accepted’ – only now I can look back and realise that’s how I felt although on the surface I wouldn’t have seemed bothered about my weight at all."

But it wasn’t until after her sister, Rebecca, was diagnosed with gestational diabetes whilst she was pregnant in 2014, at 17st 2lb and a UK size 18 to 20, that Jessica – who had a BMI of 40 – decided to actually do something.

"Through my work I started to see the risks around obesity and awareness around eating healthy. I saw a picture of myself and the mayor of Lewisham that was taken in front of a theatre full of people when I completed my level three apprenticeship.

"When I saw it, I thought is that what I really look like, I couldn’t look at the picture because it made me feel so insecure and embarrassed."

Jessica joined a spin class in March 2015 and eventually plucked up the courage to join her local gym where she started going twice a week.

She educated herself on nutrition and started to prepare healthy meals for herself at the start of each week.

Now, Jessica is a super svelte size eight to 10 and 10st 5lb and feels more confident than she ever has before.

Before her weight loss Jessica would skip breakfast altogether, have a lunch of McDonald’s, KFC, a meal deal from Tesco or a sandwich from Subway.

Her dinner would consist of large portions of pre-prepared meals such as sausages, chips and bread or pizza. In between meals, Jessica would snack on anything sweet like biscuits, cakes or chocolate.

Now Jessica always makes time for breakfast which is rice cakes and fruit when she is on the go or poached eggs on brown toast if she’s at home. For lunch she has chicken, rice and steamed vegetables or a homemade hotpot or salad.

For dinner she has something similar or an oven baked salmon fillet.

Since her transformation, Jessica likes to keep herself busy whereas before she was happy to sit in front of the telly in the evening. She has also shared her weight loss journey to her Instagram profile.

"Losing weight has made me much more aware of my health and how important it is to look after your body. Health is wealth," she said.

"I have a lot more energy I find myself wanting to keep active and busy whereas before I was content with a pizza, bottle of coke and the TV.

"I feel much more confident, it has allowed me to think hard work does pay off and you can really achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

"I want to inspire others with my story. I never thought it was possible to achieve weight loss without signing up to a slimming club, buying meal replacements or a personal trainer."

People don’t always recognise Jessica when she’s out and about because she looks so different from how she did before, but she says her friends and family have supported her throughout her lifestyle change.

"A lot of people don’t recognise me, I have had to give people my full name before they realise who it is.

"My close friends and family are proud, they have supported and embraced my new-found love for fitness and even my step-dad has lost just over two stone recently," she said.

"Surround yourself with those who inspire you.

"If you never try, you’ll never know and it all starts from within and taking that first step to make a change, like I did with parking my car further and going to a spin class."   

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Proposed ‘Pokémon Go’ Lawsuit Settlement May Remove Poké Stops, Gyms

A proposed settlement in the class action lawsuit against “Pokémon Go” developer Niantic could remove or change a number of Poké Stops and Gyms in the popular augmented reality game.

The proposed settlement was filed in a California court on Thursday and applies to anyone in the U.S. who owns or leases property within 100 meters of a designated Poké Stop or Gym. If it’s approved, Niantic will have to take measures to prevent placing Poké Stops or virtual game items on private property in the future. It will have to maintain a form on its website where people can ask for the removal of Poké Stops or Gyms if they are within 40 meters of their residential properties. During a three-year period, Niantic must use “commercially reasonable efforts” to resolve these complaints and communicate a resolution within 15 days for 95% of cases each year.

The developer must also maintain a database for these requests and keep them for a minimum of one year, and work to avoid placing new Poké Stops or Gyms on single-family residential properties going forward.

The proposed settlement will also affect “Pokémon Go” Raids. If a Raid involves more than 10 participants, Niantic must send a warning message to players’ screens reminding them to be courteous to others and respectful of real world surroundings.

“Pokémon Go” gameplay in public parks could change as well. Under the proposed settlement, county or city governments can request that Niantic use their hours of operation on Poké Stops and Gyms located within the parks. The developer must also add a new warning to the game’s launch screen that states, “Be courteous to members of real-world communities as you play ‘Pokémon Go’” or something similar.

A New Jersey resident named Jeffrey Marder first filed the lawsuit in 2016. He claimed “Pokémon Go” encouraged players to trespass on other people’s properties while in pursuit of Pokémon and Poké Stops, real-world locations where players can pick up in-game items.

“During the week of ‘Pokémon Go’s’ release, strangers began lingering outside of his home with their phones in hand,” the lawsuit stated. “At least five individuals knocked on Plaintiff’s door and asked for access to Plaintiff’s backyard in order to ‘catch’ Pokémon that the game had placed at Plaintiff’s residence.”

Plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit are seeking up to $1,000 each “for their service to the class and in assisting to bring about the substantial benefits of the settlement.”

Variety reached out to Niantic for a statement, but it did not immediately respond.

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Ja Rule Just Threatened to Have Another Fyre Festival, Because We Haven't Suffered Enough

When a movie receives terrible reviews, typically it doesn’t get green-lighted for a sequel. That’s why we were never tortured by Gigli 2, or a follow-up to The Book of Henry. But apparently Ja Rule either doesn’t believe in this logical process, or is out of his damn mind (or both), because he recently teased a second installment of the worst “luxury” music festival that never was: Fyre Fest.

As a reminder, festival-goers — some of whom had paid thousands for their tickets — arrived at the festival site in the Bahamas and discovered a barren, unorganized, trash-covered space strewn with FEMA tents that were leftover from the devastation of Hurricane Michael. The doomed event was so bad that it not only inspired two documentaries about the whole disaster but also destroyed the livelihoods of innocent bystanders and landed the festival’s chief fraudster, Billy McFarland, in prison.

Ja Rule, who collaborated on Fyre Fest with McFarland, clearly hasn’t learned his lesson. While speaking to TMZ, the rapper said that he’s going to plan a second, rebranded iteration of the event, which he claims will be “iconic.” Sure, Jan!

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From backscrubber sword to scooter toilet, China's 'Useless Edison' goes viral

YANGCUN, China (Reuters) – A meat cleaver that doubles as a mobile telephone case, a sword you can use to scrub your back, and a toilet built into a scooter that flushes when you pull a lever on the handlebar.

These are just a few of the wacky inventions Chinese village craftsman Geng Shuai has dreamed up and demonstrated in videos livestreamed to thousands.

“Most days I don’t go to sleep until after midnight, I’m so busy thinking, OK, what should I make next?” said Geng, 31, who sports a ponytail and trademark blue dungarees.

Dubbed China’s Useless Edison, his fame has grown because his inventions are seen as odd, and often unnecessary.

The former plumber, who lives in the northern province of Hebei, became an internet sensation with videos of his creations posted online in 2017.

He has since racked up more than 2.7 million followers on the Chinese short video app Kuaishou and nearly a million on its Twitter-like Weibo.

“The jobs I used to have were extremely boring and uninspiring. It was more or less a case of doing the same thing every day,” said Geng, who spent more than a dozen years in jobs he didn’t enjoy after dropping out of school at 16.

Crafting items from metal comes naturally to Geng, who cherishes childhood memories of sneaking into the factory where his welder father worked, to observe him and occasionally help.

Now Geng earns about three times what he used to, he said, despite poor sales and prices seen as high, because each specialized item takes a long time to make by hand.

His earnings come mainly from online tokens bought by followers and advertisements embedded in his videos.

Geng says he puts a lot of effort into preparing for the livestreaming, as public speaking does not come naturally to him.

“Sometimes during a livestream, I run out of things to say. That feels very awkward.”

Comments, questions and likes from fans cascaded in at a recent livestream session where he demonstrated several inventions, such as a handbag built into a hammer resembling that wielded by Thor, the god of Norse mythology.

Geng’s creative mind is a joy to watch, said Zhou Bingke, who teaches welding and metalwork at Tsinghua University.

“Seeing Geng’s videos will lead to more people making things. Whether it’s works of art or other things for fun, the process of manufacturing is enjoyable.”

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Are Engaged: See Her Ring

David Fisher/Shutterstock

Light the fireworks! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged. 

 The actor popped the question with a romantic proposal on Valentine’s Day. The singer confirmed the news by sharing a picture of the shiny new sparkler on Instagram.

“Full bloom,” she wrote on Friday alongside a snapshot of the couple. The picture also gave fans a close-up of Perry’s ring—which appeared to have a colorful center stone, as well as several surrounding diamonds. 

Her hubby-to-be also confirmed the news by sharing the same photo on his social media platform.

“Lifetimes,” he wrote.

It looks like Bloom pulled off quite the romantic proposal, too. Fans could spot red, heart-shaped balloons in the background of the photo. Perry’s mother, Mary Hudson, also published pictures of the big event on Facebook. The photos showed the bride-to-be cuddling with her fiancé underneath a giant heart-shaped floral arrangement.

“Look who got engaged last night,” the proud mom wrote on Facebook.

Perry was certainly dressed for the occasion, too. She wore a stunning, pink gown by Alessandra Rich for the evening and accessorized her look with heart-shaped earrings.

Of course, several of their fans congratulated the duo on social media.

The two certainly had a lot to celebrate. Not only did Perry get engaged on Thursday, but she also released her new song with Zedd “365.” 

The happy news came shortly after Perry spoke to Paper Magazine about the idea of tying the knot again.

 “I’m very pragmatic and logistical and I am less fantastical about things,” she told the magazine. “I mean, I was married when I was 25. I’m 34. It was almost 10 years ago. I was like, ‘One person for the rest of my life,’ and I’m not so sure that that idea is for me. I’m just such a different person than I was.”

The A-listers’ romance was born behind the scenes. Fans first got an inkling of something brewing between the two when they were captured in photos canoodling at a Golden Globe Awards after-party in early January. 

By late February, they were jetting off to Hawaii together for “a last minute kind of trip,” marking one of their first as an official couple.

“Katy likes how down to earth Orlando is,” a source told E! News at the time. “They seem to be getting serious and are an official couple. She calls him her boyfriend.”

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A post shared by Orlando Bloom (@orlandobloom) on

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No Split in Sight! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Spend Thanksgiving Together Amid Reports of Breakup

In the following months, the two headed off to Bloom’s native England and later got hot and heavy on a grassy knoll at the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara, Perry’s hometown. They were each other’s date to stylist Jamie Schneider’s wedding in Aspen in April and finished off the summer on a yacht in the land of amore—southern Italy. 

By that time, Bloom already had marriage on the brain. “They are in love and happier than ever,” a source told E! News in August 2016. “[Orlando] would like to get engaged to [Katy] before the year is up.

However, the two ended up calling it quits in 2017. Still, true love prevailed and they rekindled their romance later that year. Since then, the pair have kept their romance fairly private; although, fans have spotted them enjoying a few romantic getaways and red carpets.

This marks the second engagement for both of the stars. The star was previously married to comedian Russell Brand for 14 months while Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr for three years and is the father of son Flynn. Brand has since welcomed a daughter with fiancée Laura Gallacher while Kerr is married to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. Spiegel and Kerr also share a son. 

Congratulations to the couple on their engagement!

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It Looks Like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Got Engaged

After more than three on-and-off years together, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are maybe, probably, most likely engaged. Early Friday morning, they both shared the same photo on Instagram: a close-up selfie of just their left eyes, a plethora of red heart-shaped balloons on the ceiling behind them, and what appears to be an engagement ring on Perry's left hand.

"Lifetimes," Bloom captioned his (slightly more heavily filtered) version of the photo. Perry, meanwhile, went with, "full bloom," which could either be a reference to her maybe-fiancé's last name or to her flower-shaped engagement ring. The stunning non-traditional ring features a large oval-shaped magenta jewel surrounded by eight smaller round diamonds, all set on a thin gold band.

Though neither Bloom nor Perry has outright confirmed that Bloom popped the question on Valentine's Day, or that the ring is indeed of the engagement variety, People reports that earlier on Thursday, Perry's mother, Mary Hudson, had shared several photos from her daughter's engagement party on Facebook. "Look who got engaged on Valentines Day!!" Hudson reportedly captioned the photo set, though the post has since been removed or hidden.

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full bloom

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

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Bloom, 42, and Perry, 34, were first rumored to be dating in early 2016, when they were spotted having a flirty dance-off at a Golden Globes after-party, though it wasn't until several months later, in May 2016, that they went Instagram official. That debut was soon followed, of course, by the nude paddleboarding pics seen round the world. Though they briefly broke up in early 2017, they were back together by the fall, and spent 2018 walking red carpets and traveling around the world together, looking very much back in love.

Earlier this month, Perry discussed the prospect of getting remarried, and how she's grown since her 14-month marriage to Russell Brand in 2010. "It's easy to be single and not to be called out on your stuff, living your awesome single life thinking you're the greatest, and the best, and doing anything you want. But then when you get in a partnership you guys are there to teach each other lessons," she told Paper magazine. "I'm very pragmatic and logistical and I am less fantastical about things. I mean, I was married when I was 25. I'm 34. It was almost 10 years ago. I was like, 'One person for the rest of my life,' and I'm not so sure that that idea is for me. I'm just such a different person than I was."

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Boy, 2, crushed to death when marble fireplace fell on him as he watched TV

A ‘happy’ two-year-old boy was crushed to death by a ‘substandard and dangerous’ marble fireplace described as an ‘accident waiting to happen’, an inquest heard.

Bram Radcliffe died in his home when the large 60kg fireplace, which was ‘hanging by a thread’, became dislodged from the wall and a piece crashed down on to his head.

Bradford Coroners’ Court today heard how the appliance’s surround was only held in place with glue and ‘inadequate’ screws, going against general practice instructing fitters to attach it to a solid substructure.

It had been fitted into the home before Bram and his mum, Amy Johnson, had moved into the property two-and-a-half months before the tragedy.

The accident occurred at Bram’s home in Huddersfield, West Yorks, on November 8, 2017 at around 7.30am.

His mother, Miss Johnson had left the toddler watching television in the living room while she went upstairs to go to the toilet, the court heard.

She had only been gone a minute when she heard a ‘loud crash’ and ran downstairs to find Bram on his back unconscious with pieces of the fireplace on the floor around him.

Detective Sergeant Peter Usher of West Yorkshire Police told the inquest evidence suggested the boy tried to reach for the television, which was above the fireplace, and leaned on the fireplace.

The pressure, described as ‘minimal’, likely caused the marble to come crashing down and one piece struck Bram in the head causing a skull fracture and sending him into cardiac arrest.

He was given CPR and put on a defibrillator then rushed to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary but he never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at 8.20am.

Building materials expert, David Richardson told the coroners’ court the fireplace was glued to four brackets, which were screwed on to plasterboard.

He said the way the fireplace had been installed was ‘totally inadequate’ and represented a ‘significant issue’.

He added: "This would have been a very dangerous situation and an accident waiting to happen unfortunately.

"If you could have a case history of how not to do it this is a perfect example. The whole installation must be done by a professional, not by a DIY enthusiast.

"The brackets were attached to the plasterboard using relatively short screws.

"They have been glued to the marble, which is not in accordance with best practice.

"The mantle had no form of restraint. The pieces of stone must be attached to a solid substructure.

"It’s important that everybody understands the potential consequences."

Mr Richardson added the installation of fireplace surrounds, like the one that fell on Bram, aren’t currently subject to regulation.

Recording a narrative conclusion, coroner Martin Fleming said he would be making a recommendation to the health and safety authorities in an attempt to prevent an incident like this ever happening again.

He said: "This is a heartbreaking case.

"Without any question, I have heard that Bram was a very much-loved little boy who’s very badly grieved.

Mr Fleming added: "Its installation was substandard and dangerous.

"I can only suggest that it was installed by a cowboy, a cowboy firm or a DIY enthusiast.

"This is a lesson in how not to install a fireplace."

A statement from Miss Johnson, who didn’t attend the inquest, read out by a court official described the morning of the incident.

It said: "I went upstairs, I left Bram watching cartoons. I had only been upstairs a few seconds when I heard a crash.

"I ran down to see what had happened and turned the corner and saw Bram lying on the floor on his back.

"The surround was on the ground positioned around Bram. Bram was not breathing. I called 999. I was panicking and confused."

She added: "He was a happy and healthy boy."

A post-mortem found Bram died as a result of a head injury.

Miss Johnson and her son had only moved in to the house, which was owned by her partner Ryan Kaye, in August that year.

In a statement read out in the court, Mr Kaye said he had noticed that the fireplace was ‘wobbly’ a few days before Bram died.

He had planned to have his dad, who is a joiner, come round and take a look in the days after Bram died.

A West Yorkshire Police investigation was carried out following the incident to try and trace the company or individual who installed the fireplace.

However, DS Usher said records didn’t go back far enough to find out who was responsible.

After Bram’s death Little Explorers Nursery raised more than £3,500 to fund an inspirational outdoor play space on Just Giving .

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Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


You may be sleeping in this weekend, Aries—the Cancer moon on Friday night is a snooze-fest and you’re feeling like a homebody. Use the quiet Cancerian vibe to stay up late snuggling with your boo and rolling around in bed. When the moon enters Leo on Sunday morning, you’re back to your feisty self! Dreamy Neptune connecting with amorous Venus that same day puts you in a lovey-dovey–even intensely passionate–mood, but if any sign is capable of handing the heat of this transit, it’s you!

Pisces season starts Monday, so don’t expect too much crazy action to take place over the next month. It’s the month before your zodiacal season; this means you’re spending more time alone—it might get lonely though. Don’t let this make you feel isolated—the Libra moon at the end of the week is just perfect for hooking up!


This weekend starts off pretty busy for you, Taurus. The moon is in Cancer, casting a more emotional vibe to things, but you’re still upbeat and making moves all weekend meeting new people, exchanging DMs, and having a good time in general! The moon enters steamy Leo on Sunday morning, perfect for relaxing after a crazy weekend or getting cozy with your partner.

On Monday, the Sun dips into the waters of Pisces, and your social life starts to pick up! The focus of the past month under Aquarius season has been very career-focused and had you in somewhat of an all-work-no-play mindset, but not anymore! Life is busy and you’re meeting tons of new people now—perhaps your next S.O. will be one of your new connections? With Tuesday’s Virgo moon stimulating your romantic side, it’s a perfect time to put yourself out there and try to get with someone new!


Your weekend is easygoing and slow, Gemini—not how you normally do things, but you’re still feeling good, thanks to the pleasantly calm Cancer moon. If you decide to head out, Jupiter, the luckiest planet, is working some magic on Saturday. This can bring significant new connections into your life that have you instantly catching feels. The frisky Leo moon on Sunday ensures that whoever you bump into keeps in touch, and you’re glued to the phone talking to them.

As fun as your weekend is looking, come Monday, things turn around. The Sun flies out of fellow air sign, Aquarius, and dives deep into the watery sign of Pisces, turning your gaze towards your future. Pisces season puts your concentration on your future—usually career-related matters, but also what you want out of life in general. Where do you see yourself down the line? Who do you see yourself with? Pisces is a very romantic sign, and the dreamy vibes of this time of year give you heart-eyes and urge you to connect with someone on a more intimate level.


The moon’s in your sign this weekend, Cancer, meaning that everyone else is operating on the same wavelength as you. If you fall for someone you meet this weekend, get out of your shell and approach them—it may be uncharacteristic for your typically introverted sign, but it could be so worth it! The atmosphere heats up on Sunday, when the moon enters Leo. Under the hot glow of the Leo moon, you’re more sensual and romantic and defs in the mood for some fun! Venus is still in Capricorn, attracting good energy to your relationships and encouraging action in your love/sex life, so if you’re single, this could be the weekend where you relationship status changes!

Pisces season starts on Monday, and the like-minded water sign vibes of the next month help you feel more optimistic and bold! If there’s ever been a time to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, Pisces season is it! Go on a trip or take that class you’ve been thinking about signing up for and you’re bound to have a memorable time and meet exciting new people!


Friday’s Cancer moon has you in a cranky mood, Leo. Take five and take it easy this weekend. When the moon flies into your sign on Sunday morning, you’re all better and ready for action! Dreamy Neptune blends energies with Venus, the planet of love, at the same time, concocting the perfect atmosphere for romance or an intimate night with your lover! This vibe only grows stronger and stronger until Monday, when Pisces season begins! For the next month, emotions are running high and so is your need for closeness and intimacyexpect to have deep interactions and some amazing sex!

Tuesday brings an earthy Virgo moon, increasing your desire for pleasure and generating a more quiet mood that makes for an intimate and calm couple of days. At the end of the week, you feel flirtatious as the moon enters playful Libra. Jupiter, planet of good luck, connects with the Sun and Venus at the same time, spelling out big improvements and fun developments in the love/sex department!


Going out this weekend, Virgo? The astro-weather is perfect for a night out with the girls, thanks to the social Cancer moon on Friday night. Venus is creating action and excitement for your love/sex life for the next couple weeks, so finding a hookup or your next crush is basically guaranteed! If you head home empty-handed on Friday, Saturday’s astrology makes for a perfect second chance! You’re typically hands-off and wait for the other person to approach you, but the key right now is shooting your shot!

The moon enters Leo on Sunday morning, which usually hints at a weird vibe or a bad attitude for your sign, but not this weekend! Love is in the air, thanks to Venus’ and dreamy Neptune’s romantic, flirtatious connection! For those interested, this is a good weekend to start a LTR, because serious Saturn is also involved in the astro-weather, helping you take relationships and commitment more seriously.


You’re feeling upbeat and positive under this Friday’s Cancer moon, Libra! It’s an easy weekend with no real speed bumps happening in your love life, so things between you and your S.O. are calm and pleasant. If you’re partnered up, the nurturing and emotional Cancer moon’s energy is perfect for an intimate date night with your boo! On Sunday, the moon enters bright Leo, putting you in a more vibrant mood, and your social life picks up! Aquarius season is almost over though, so make sure you party hard this weekend, because on Monday, Pisces season starts. Pisces doesn’t have anything in common with your sign, so the vibe isn’t terribly exciting—as a matter of fact, life’s turning your focus mainly to your workplace.

The first half of the week takes its sweet time going by, thanks to the moody Virgo moon starting on Tuesday, but come Thursday, the moon enters your sign! It’s a much-needed breath of fresh air after being plunged into hectic Pisces season, and helps you end your week on a much better note!


Friday night’s Cancer moon harmonizes perfectly with you, Scorpio, ensuring that you have a great time no matter what you do! You’re starting to come out of your shell now that Aquarius season is reaching its end, and on Saturday night, you’re itching to head out. Hope you’re ready for action, because with Mercury in like-minded water sign, Pisces, you’re more charming and charismatic than ever, and it’s all eyes on you on Sunday, when the moon enters radiant Leo. Venus and Neptune, the planets of pleasure and compassion, join forces at the same time, producing a vividly emotional and dreamy vibe, perfect for romance.

On Monday, Pisces season begins! With so much energy focused in your fellow water sign, you can’t help but feel like you’re thriving! It’s the one month out of the year where your energy levels are constantly lifted, creativity is at an all-time high, and your love life is overflowing with action! All of the action is with strings attached, however—there’s a lot of watery astrology now, which means that emotions are running strong and catching feels is a given!


The moon is in Cancer on Friday, Sagittarius, meaning that you’re starting your weekend off in the mood for intimacy! It’s still Aquarius season, so your social life is buzzing with activity—perhaps even a hookup or two. The moon enters the most flirtatious sign, Leo, on Sunday, meaning that you’re ready to play! This makes for the perfect last “hurrah” before Aquarius season ends on Monday and the Sun enters watery Pisces. It’s a big change in energy, and you go from being busy and outgoing to introverted and relaxed.

The mood continues to slow down once the moon enters Virgo on Tuesday, angling your life away from fun and games and towards work—what a drag. Don’t feel too down in the dumps, though, because the moon enters Libra on Thursday, just in time to end your week on a happy note! There could be a chance to start your weekend early, and the Libran energy has you feeling flirtatious and excited to connect with others!


The moon is in Cancer on Friday, Capricorn! When the moon is in your opposite sign, it always bodes well for your relationships. It’s easier to connect with others and you’re eager for romance and fun! Your weekend looks especially exciting for your love life, too, if you’re willing to exit your comfort zone and put yourself out there. You’re usually reserved and quiet,cautious to make the first move, but this weekend is all about taking chances in your love life! Shooting your shot is almost a guaranteed win this weekend, and Sunday’s warm and sensual Leo moon suggests that you’re ending your weekend with some hot action (or just pride for making the first move).

Pisces season starts Monday, and you’re feeling more sensitive and emotional, but not in a bad way—it’s easier for you to let your walls down now, and it’s a good time to make new connections in your love life. You’re absolutely irresistible, too, thanks to Venus still in your sign!


The Cancer moon on Friday is making it hard for you to catch a break, Aquarius! It may still be your birth month, but it’s hard to find time to celebrate this weekend since your job is hogging all your attention! Don’t worry—the moon enters your sister sign, Leo, on Sunday morning. This flirty, social moon phase is great for any of your relationships—you’re able to have a spectacular time with friends, an especially romantic date with your lover, or enjoy some particularly A+ sex with your FWB!

Pisces season starts on Monday, and your sign’s fave time of the year draws to an end. The party isn’t over yet, though! Your pace is slowing down, sure, but this time of year is a good chance to get in touch with your feelings and get closer with that special someone!


The Cancer moon on Friday is just what you need, Pisces! Aquarius season has been such a drag and with the moon placed in another water sign, your mood is right where it needs to be for an early birthday party weekend! Go ahead and head out this weekend; your famous charm is brighter than ever and you’re in a playful, flirtatious mood that makes you irresistible to others! It’s back to your rise-and-grind on Sunday, when the moon enters Leo, so make sure you enjoy your weekend!

On Monday, the Sun enters your sign! The first day of Pisces season has you über busy at the office, but on the next day, Tuesday, the moon enters Virgo. This astrology is great for one-on-one connections (inside or outside of the bedroom) and you get more of a thrill being with your crush. It’s easygoing and fun energy, perfect to start off your fave time of year. Happy birthday!

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Candid photos of Marilyn Monroe go on display at London gallery

Marilyn as you’ve never seen her before: Rare candid images of the actress reading a newspaper, napping and enjoying a glass of wine go on display at London gallery

  • Candid black & white photos of Marilyn Monroe have gone on display in London 
  • Some of the relaxed and intimate images have never been published before 
  • They were taken over a week by photographer Ed Feingersh in March 1955 

Stunning rare photographs of Marilyn Monroe relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine have gone on display at a London gallery. 

The selection of candid photographs of Marilyn, some which have never been seen before, were taken by young assignment photographer Ed Feingersh in 1955.

Feingersh was commissioned to document a week in the life of the actress at a pivotal moment in her career – when she was attempting to move away from the airhead actress image. 

Stunning rare photographs of Marilyn Monroe relaxing at her hotel room in New York, reading a newspaper and enjoying a glass of wine have gone on display at a London gallery

Marilyn takes a nap in a white fur coat -some of the images have never been seen before

They were taken as she went about her daily routine during a week in March 1955 in New York City.   

Marilyn was preparing for two public appearances that week – the opening night of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at the Morosco Theatre and a charity event that she was part of in Madison Square Gardens, at which she appeared on a pink elephant.

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Marilyn’s short but stellar life – she died in 1962 at the age of 36 – saw her make 29 films, pose for countless photographers and even sing on stage for the U.S. President.

But in these surprisingly intimate black and white shots, a far cry from her usual glamorous shots, Marilyn appears to be totally relaxed and at ease. 

In this one Marilyn enjoys a glass of wine at her home in New York, March 1955

Marilyn wears an embroidered robe that reads ‘The Ambassador’ on March 24, 1955

Marilyn takes the subway – no one seems to have noticed the Hollywood starlet in the car

Marilyn looks over the parapet of the Ambassador Hotel in New York while enjoying a cigarette 

In one, she enjoys a glass of wine, in another she reads the newspaper, and in another she mischievously peeps at the camera as she attempts to blend in at New York’s subway.

The photos go on display today at Gallerie Prints in Wimbledon  in a unique collaboration with the prestigious Getty Images Archive & Gallery London. 

A Week With Marilyn opens at Wimbledon’s Galerie Prints, in collaboration with the Getty Images Archive and Gallery London.

A preview is being held today, on February 15, and runs until March 30 2019. 

Actress Marilyn rides in the back of a car with Dick Shepherd on March 30, 1955 in New York

Marilyn takes the subway in Grand Central Station on March 24, 1955 in New York City

Marilyn’s short but stellar life – she died in 1962 at the age of 36 – saw her make 29 films, pose for countless photographers and even sing on stage for the U.S. President

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