Jamie Vardy denies former England captain had 'awkward' chat with him

Wayne Rooney is talking nonsense! Jamie Vardy denies former England captain had ‘awkward’ chat with him about Rebekah before dramatically leaving Wagatha Christie libel trial early Rebekah Vardy had left day six of Wagatha Christie libel trial early on Tuesday  Her husband Jamie accused Wayne Rooney of ‘talking nonsense’ about them  The Rooneys had appeared […]

So THAT'S why the Bank of England is helpless! Staff mainly WFH

So THAT’S why the Bank of England is helpless! Staff only have to go to office one day a week amid backlash over governor’s claim he’s unable to stem inflation Bank of England has decided to let staff stay at home for four days of the week The revelation caused outrage amid soaring inflation and […]

'What a lovely couple!' Trump weighs into the Heard-Depp trial

‘What a lovely couple!’ Trump weighs into the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial by calling the Washington Post a ‘tiny outlet’, saying the ‘nicest charge’ is her taking off his finger with a bottle and ask if they will get back TOGETHER Donald Trump used his Truth Social platform on Tuesday to weigh in […]

Voice is not enough: What happened to Indigenous issues in the campaign?

Key points Pat Turner, the co-chair of the Joint Council on Closing the Gap, says the silence from all parties on most issues for Aboriginal people is “a national shame”. About 20 per cent of Australia’s homeless people are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, according to the most-recent data. More than 500 Aboriginal deaths in […]

Melbourne lab joins race for better COVID-19 vaccine

Key points A partnership between vaccine developer Moderna and the Burnet Institute could deliver new vaccines against three dangerous diseases. An improved COVID-19 vaccine is on the agenda, with hopes a second generation of vaccines can better prevent the disease spreading. Work is also underway to develop a world-first hepatitis C vaccine and an improved […]

Chinese plane crash 'was caused intentionally by someone in cockpit'

Chinese plane crash that killed 132 people in March ‘was caused intentionally by someone in the cockpit’, data from the black boxes suggests Boeing 737-800 from Kunming to Guangzhou crashed in Guangxi mountains A blackbox was found after the China Eastern jet crashed killing 132 people Data from it claims to show someone in the cockpit […]