Custard Cream in nation's food parcels is hot topic for debate

Oh crumbs! Your Custard Cream could be calamitous: It’s one of the nation’s guiltiest pleasures…but the dangers that may lurk beneath take the biscuit Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick selects Custard Cream for food parcels Mindlab Intl – with risk rating of 5.63, Custard Cream is Britain’s deadliest ­biscuit  Each year we Brits chomp 420,000 tonnes, or […]

Swimmer, 23, killed in a shark attack off the Great Barrier Reef

Pictured: Wildlife ranger, 23, who was killed in a shark attack while swimming with friends off the Great Barrier Reef Zachary Robba, 23, died on Monday after being horrifically mauled by a shark His former school said being a wildlife ranger on the reef was his ‘dream job’ He had been working with other rangers […]

Donald Trump ramps up his support for unproven anti-malaria drug

‘You’re not going to DIE from this pill!’ Donald Trump ramps up his support for unproven anti-malaria drug and praises Fox host Laura Ingraham who lobbied him about it in the Oval Office  President Trump doubled down on his defense of the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus ‘You not going to die from this […]

Supermoon shines on lockdown Britain

‘Pink Supermoon’ shines on lockdown Britain: People across the country look to the skies as moon puts on giant rose-tinted display Despite its name, there will not be any clear colour difference to the full moon, due to reach peak at 3.55am  The pink supermoon name is actually a northern Native American reference to an […]

Dylan Howard leaves National Enquirer’s owner after slew of scandals

Dylan Howard, the National Enquirer editor who was caught in a hush-money scheme to silence women who claimed they had affairs with President Trump, has reportedly left the supermarket tabloid’s parent company, American Media Inc. Howard — an 11-year veteran at American Media who in 2014 was promoted to chief content officer, the top editorial […]

Donald Trump vows to starve WHO of cash for being too cosy with China

Donald Trump has announced plans to put a hold on World Health Organization funding after hitting out at the body’s ‘China-centric’ approach to tackling coronavirus. Speaking at the White House Tuesday, the President of the United States said the WHO – which received around $58million from the US this year – could have ‘called it […]

NYC, state vow to release coronavirus data along racial lines

New York City and the state promised Tuesday they will finally release data this week breaking down the coronavirus’ toll along racial lines, responding to days of questions and criticism. The vow comes as US Surgeon General Jerome Adams warned Tuesday that black Americans are at greater risk amid the outbreak, and leaders including city […]

Mother-of-two, 38, died after drink-driving the wrong way down the M4

Mother-of-two, 38, died after storming out of a party drunk and high on cocaine before driving two miles in the wrong direction down the M4 and leaving a motorist with life changing injuries in a head-on crash Georgina Coombs, 38, crashed into motorist after storming out of party   Mrs Coombs drove down the M4 in […]

Boris Johnson could be out of action for TWO MONTHS

Boris Johnson could be out of action for TWO MONTHS say other coronavirus patients who have endured intensive care treatment for the illness Survivors braced the PM for a long recovery from the energy-sapping disease  Downing Street today reassured the 55-year-old PM’s condition was stable  Dominic Raab, who is deputising, was confident the ‘fighter’ PM […]