NY’s Sexual Harassment Working Group urges Gov. Andrew Cuomo to resign

More On: andrew cuomo Cuomo’s ex Sandra Lee wishes ‘peace, healing’ after second sexual harassment claim Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s history with women: Wives, girlfriends, accusers ‘You’re a monster’: NY pols speak out against Cuomo as second accuser emerges For Andrew Cuomo, third time’s the harm: Goodwin An anti-sexual-harassment group made up of former state legislative […]

No visiting sick relatives in hospital until NEXT YEAR

No visiting sick relatives in hospital until NEXT YEAR: Doctors warn precautions to stem the spread of Covid will stay despite cases falling Banning visits from friends and family will likely continue ‘well into next year  Outpatient clinics are also expected to be phased back only very gradually  Prof Andrew Goddard said the precautions would […]

Only half of young people are attracted exclusively to opposite sex

Only half of young people are attracted exclusively to the opposite sex, new poll shows Survey of 18-24 year-olds found 50% are ‘only attracted to those of opposite sex’ Proportion of people who only attracted to opposite sex got higher as got older   76% of 41- 54 year olds solely attracted to opposite sex. 81% […]

Rishi's rises: Chancellor to raise taxes and bring in new online levy

Rishi’s tax rises: Chancellor to raise income tax, corporation tax, place levy on online deliveries and could target the self-employed in attempt to plug budget black-hole caused by the Covid pandemic Chancellor wants to ‘level up playing field’ between online and high street firms He is also looking to freeze the UK’s minimum incoming tax […]

Labour rift over Budget tax plans

Sir Keir Starmer would be guilty of ‘shameful betrayal of Labour principles’ if he forces his MPs to vote against Tory tax rises in Budget, claims Left-wing MP Jon Trickett Left-wing MP Jon Trickett launched scathing attack after party leader declared this was not the time to increase burden on families and businesses The Yorkshire […]