Everyone can see the snowflakes look similar – but only those with a high IQ can spot the IDENTICAL pair in 10 seconds | The Sun

ARE you in the mood for a festive challenge?

This mind-boggling picture puzzle has even the most professional puzzlers scratching their heads in pursuit of the answer – so curl up by the fire and give it a go!

While everyone can see the snowflakes, the task is to spot the two identical ones in less than ten seconds.

If you can see them then you might have a high IQ.

The clock is ticking, can you do it?

The image shows some beautiful snowflakes each with a different shape.

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However, there are two that are the same, and it's your job to find them.

Any luck? If not, here's a hint.

One of the snowflakes with a matching pair is in the centre of the screen.

Don't worry if you still can't find the troublesome two as the answer is below.

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And don't stop practising these tricky tasks as, according to vanishing ink magic, they have positive affects on your brain health.

It says: "Brain teasers will stimulate your cognitive ability and also help focus by making you concentrate on one task as a time."

Below you will find the answer to the snowflake puzzle as well as some more challenging brainteasers to try.

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If you succeed, it means you may have a high IQ and superior reasoning skills.

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