Influencer slammed for blow-drying her own hair at the salon

A woman has sent commenters into a frenzy after she posted a video of herself blow-drying her own hair at the hairdressers. Brigette, from New York City, uploaded a video to Instagram showing how she achieves the perfect bouncy blow-dry. But, in the clip, the blonde content creator is far from the comfort of her […]

I struggled to look in the mirror until I completed my make up

Choosing my favourite eyeshadow palettes, I started with a deep orange on each of my eyelids, and then moved onto a striking yellow. Next, I painted a vibrant green, a bold blue and a smoky purple. After I effectively turned my eyes into a Pride flag, concealer, foundation, highlighter and brows completed the look. I […]

Everyone on TikTok Uses Self-Tanner as Brow Tint, So I Tried It

Ever since an unfortunate waxing situation at a nail salon in the eighth grade, my eyebrows have had problems. They’ve been over-plucked and over-waxed ever since, and it wasn’t until I started using a brow serum consistently a few years ago that I began seeing any regrowth. Even still, I found that they’re sparse in […]

How to do syrup nails, the translucent trend we're loving

SHOPPING – Contains affiliated content. Products featured in this Metro article are selected by our shopping writers. If you make a purchase using links on this page, will earn an affiliate commission. Click here for more information. From Hayley Biebs’ glazed donut nails to the recent Sofia Richie-inspired blueberry milk manicure, it’s clear that […]

First rat, then tomato, now ‘strawberry girl’ summer is trending

Hailey Bieber’s influence on the world of beauty is undeniable. The donut-glazed mani was perhaps the most popular nail choice of last year – not to mention the various glossy offshoots of it – but now the model has declared a new beauty trend in her latest Instagram post: ‘strawberry girl’ summer. So, naturally, the […]

This is why you should never sleep with Olaplex in your hair

Our obsession with Olaplex and strengthening masks in general is definitely a net positive for our hair. While the ‘clean beauty’ trend may veer into toxicity at times, it got people prioritising moisture, nourishment and protection for locks and skin alike. That said, there are specific way to do these things safely and effectively – […]

Is 12 too young for acrylic nails? Mums weigh in

I remember when I started secondary school, most of my year group had large untrendy backpacks, clean faces and skirts down to the knee. As I went up the years, like my peers, I noticed the year 7s each September would arrive with shorter skirts, more caked on foundation, and whatever the latest ‘it’ bag […]