Taylor Swift's Chrome Nails Deserve Their Own Award

Image Source: Getty/Ethan Miller/TAS23 / Contributor Taylor Swift is in her chrome era. On March 27, the singer attended the iHeart Radio Music Awards where she was honored with the iHeartRadio Innovator accolade. Aside from the iconic behavior she displayed in her speech, there was another thing that caught our attention: her chrome nails. It’s […]

"Foundation Facials" Are Trending — Here's What They Are

Image Source: Getty / VichienPetchmai “Foundation facials” are trending on TikTok. The treatment involves microneedling semipermanent makeup into the skin. An aesthetician breaks down the facial as well as the cost and risks associated with the treatment. At this point, we will assume you spend as much time on TikTok as we do. If so, […]

I Found the Secret to DIY Nail Art — and It's Easier Than Ever

Nails.Inc just launched its Mani Marker Easy Nail Art Pens. The quick-drying paint pens make DIYing nail art super easy. They come in six shades, ranging from black and white to bright colors. I’m no stranger when it comes to paint pens — craft store paint pens, that is. I’m from a really artistic family […]

Coffee-inspired 'barista blonde' shades to try this summer

Blondes should be looking to their cup of coffee for inspiration this summer, a stylist recommends. As hair colour trends for the year are predicted to be soft and natural – such as ‘your hair but better’ – blonde is getting the same treatment. Now, it’s all about opting for milky shades, through to subtle […]

No, Relaxers and Texture Releases Are Not the Same Thing

Image Source: Getty/wsfurlan There’s a debate on TikTok about the differences between relaxers and texture releases. Relaxers and texture releases are two treatments that straighten hair. A professional hairstylist breaks down what each treatment is, how long they last, and their cost and results. If your TikTok page is also hyper-curated to feature all things […]

I Tried the First-Ever Pimple Patch For Ingrown Hairs

Listen, we’ve all experienced a pesky ingrown hair at some point, especially if you shave or wax. At least I know I have, and let me tell you, it is not pleasant. Thankfully, it doesn’t happen too often, but every now and then I’ll catch a red bump on my underarms or bikini line. I’m […]

Yara Shahidi Shines in a Mini "Jellyfish" Haircut

Image Source: Getty/Robin L Marshall / Stringer Yara Shahidi is back with more hair inspiration but this time, with an avant-garde flair. While posing for Byrdie’s spring cover, Shahidi wore a mini “jellyfish” haircut, making her the newest member of a very exclusive club. The look was a shorter version of the trending sea animal-inspired […]