Two-year-old child found injured outside block of flats in Liverpool

Two-year-old child is found injured outside high-rise block of flats in Liverpool

  • A two-year-old child has been rushed to hospital with head injuries 
  • The toddler was found outside a block of high-rise flats in Bootle, Liverpool
  • They were found by a man who put the child in the recovery position

A two-year-old child has been rushed to hospital after being found with head injuries outside a block of flats, with police surrounding the building.

A police cordon has been put in place after the toddler was found by a man outside  Whimbrel House, in Bootle, this morning.

He put the child into the recovery position, staying with them while paramedics rushed to the scene in Liverpool.

The child has now been taken to hospital, with a spokesperson for Merseyside Police stating that the injuries are ‘not believed to be life threatening’, the Liverpool Echo reported.

Emergency services were called out to the high-rise building at around 11.30pm today, after the child was found outside.

‘We were called at 11:38 to an incident involving a young child aged two,’ spokesperson for North West Ambulance Service told The Mirror.

‘Two resources were sent, including an emergency ambulance. We took the child to hospital with a head injury.’

Merseyside Police confirmed that an investigation is underway to establish the circumstances around the toddler’s injury.

A police cordon is in place, with officers and vehicles including a mobile police station at the scene.  

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