Schools to defy unions and open full-time from next month

Thousands of schools to defy union ‘scaremongering’ and welcome children back full-time from next month Town halls across England have worked with schools to draw up detailed plans They have pledged a return to a form of normality by the end of September The confidence is in stark contrast to pessimistic tones of education unions […]

10 countries you can emigrate to if you’re over 50

Emigration Options America’s turbulent past few years has seen more residents giving up their citizenship and hightailing it for other countries. More than 5,800 Americans gave up their citizenship in the first six months of 2020, a steep jump from the 2,072 who renounced their citizenship in all of the previous year, says Bambridge Accountants, […]

PC Andrew Harper's widow Lissie reveals her torment

‘I sat by his closed coffin and told him I love him’: PC Andrew Harper’s widow Lissie reveals her torment as she shares heartbreaking last picture together with her husband one year after he was dragged to his death A police officer at your door at 3am is rarely good news. When your husband is […]

New £6.85m foreign aid scheme to help workers supplying UK chains

New £6.85million foreign aid scheme to help workers supplying UK chains like M&S and Primark is accused of ‘funnelling aid into the pockets of wealthy firms’ Scheme promises to help workers in poorer countries during the pandemic But critics say it uses taxpayer money to ‘pick up the bill’ for rich corporations Others who will […]

France declares Paris, Marseille at-risk zones for coronavirus

EU considers coronavirus travel ban from US as Europe reopens borders U.S. could be placed on list of origin countries that might be barred from travel to Europe amid COVID-19 crisis; reaction and analysis from Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel. The French government on Friday declared Paris and Marseille, as well as surrounding […]