Bill de Blasio ups the ante in his war on low-income, minority students

Mayor de Blasio’s war on charter schools — read: on children, and mostly children of color — rages on. Now it’s not just sports fields, but the SATs. We wrote last week about the city Department of Education’s bid to bill the Success Academy network $500,000 so the public-school kids could use seven taxpayer-funded athletic […]

Foreign election interference: Is the United States prepared?

What’s happening After the 2016 presidential election, major investigations were launched to understand the extent of Russia’s efforts to affect the outcome. The question of how much of an impact, if any, Russian meddling had on the result is a matter of debate. But intelligence officials have linked Russian actors to a sprawling influence campaign that included […]

New leaked SAGE scenario predicts 85,000 deaths from second wave

New leaked SAGE ‘worst case scenario’ predicts 85,000 deaths from second wave of coronavirus – as scientists push for new lockdown and say infections are doubling every nine days Boris Johnson is under pressure from scientists for a national ‘circuit breaker’ Ministers were told the second wave could be much deadlier than the first At […]