Three missing in abandoned West Virginia coal mine are found alive, officials say

Three people lost in an abandoned West Virginia coal mine have been found alive, officials said.

Three people lost in a nonoperational West Virginia coal mine have been found alive, authorities said Wednesday evening.

The state Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training said in a statement that 25-year-old Kayla Williams, 31-year-old Erica Treadway and 21-year-old Cody Beverly were located inside Elk Run Coal's Rock House Powellton mine near Clear Creek, approximately 50 miles southeast of Charleston.

The statement said crews have been working to bring the three to the surface for transportation to a local hospital. There was no indication of their conditions.

The group had been missing since early Saturday along with a fourth person, 43-year-old Eddie Williams. Investigators previously said an abandoned ATV the four were believed to have been riding was found near the mine entrance.

Eddie Williams walked out of the mine Monday evening. It was not immediately clear whether he was related to Kayla Williams.


The state's mine safety office said the mine had not been operational for two years. Rescuers used fans to move fresh air into the mine while pumps were used to clear standing water inside, but the water levels remained too high and hampered search efforts.

On Sunday evening, Gov. Jim Justice urged would-be mine explorers to "STOP entering the abandoned mines."


"This is extremely irresponsible behavior that puts our first responders and mine safety crews in unsafe situations when they should be focused on ensuring safety at active mines," Justice said. "I cannot stress enough how dangerous these abandoned mines are and how hazardous they are to humans."

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Miracle healer, who appeared on Oprah, faces arrest in Brazil sex probe

Brasilia: Police are investigating accusations by over 200 women that a self-proclaimed Brazilian faith healer, who became a celebrity after appearing on a show hosted by Oprah Winfrey, sexually abused them while they were seeking spiritual guidance and treatment.

Prosecutors have requested the arrest of João Teixeira de Faria, known as "John of God", from a court in Abadiania, a small town in the central Brazilian state of Goias, where he has his spiritual centre, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the matter said on Wednesday.

More than 200 people have accused spiritual healer Joao Teixeira de Faria, better known as John of God, of sexual abuse.Credit:Agencia Brasil/AP

Since the first accusation was aired on television at the weekend, 258 women – some of them foreigners – have come forward accusing Faria of abuses, according to the prosecutors' office for the state of Goias where Abadiania is located.

Faria, who became internationally famous when Winfrey broadcast a report on his psychic healing methods in 2013, maintained on Wednesday that he was innocent.

Joao de Deus, or John of God, operates on a woman’s arm in 2014.Credit:Tim Elliot has since deleted all references to the interview and the healer from its service, Veja magazine reported. It follows a campaign on Facebook requesting Oprah delete the episode and alleging she shared responsibility for the psychic's international fame.

It was after a 2001 book however, The Miracle Man, a biography by Australian writer Robert Pellegrino-Estrich, that Faria's centre began attracting people from around the world, including news crews, documentary makers, and, inevitably, Oprah, the Good Weekend reported in 2014.

The first accusation of sexual misconduct against Faria was made on Brazil's Globo TV on Friday by Dutch choreographer Zahira Maus who said Faria sexually assaulted her. Globo TV spent three months investigating the story and interviewed a dozen other women who said they had been abused by the healer.

Faria's fame has been boosted by supposedly miraculous surgeries he claims to have performed with his hands and without anesthesia.

Winfrey said in a statement that she visited Faria's centre in 2012 to explore his controversial healing methods for an episode of Oprah's Next Chapter that aired the following year, she said.

"I empathise with the women now coming forward and hope justice is served," she said.

John of God, right, in his practice in Brazil in 2014.Credit:Tim Elliott

The scandal has shocked the town of Abadiania, whose economy has become dependent on the tourism brought by Faria's centre, which opened in 1976. Thousands of Brazilians and foreigners flocked there but the industry has now come to a halt.

Some of Faria's followers have rejected the accusations and harassed reporters who descended on the town for his first public appearance since the scandal broke, receiving him with loud cheers and applause.

"Brothers and my dear sisters, I thank God for being here. I want to comply with Brazilian law. I am in the hands of the law," he told them in a brief appearance. "John of God is still alive," he said.

Reuters, The Age

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California wildfire insurance claims top $9 billion, expected to grow

Insurance claims from the recent spate of California wildfires, including one ranked as the most deadly and destructive in state history, have topped $9 billion and are expected to grow, the state insurance commissioner reported on Wednesday.

The Camp Fire, which erupted on Nov. 8 and quickly incinerated most of the Sierra foothills town of Paradise, about 175 miles (280 km) north of San Francisco, has accounted for the bulk of the claims, just over $7 billion of the total.

That fire destroyed more than 18,500 structures, including nearly 14,000 homes, in and around Paradise, and killed 86 people, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

The casualty toll stands as the greatest loss of life from a single wildfire on record in California, and the highest from any U.S. wildfire during the past century.

A pair of smaller blazes that broke out at about the same time in Southern California, the Woolsey and Hill fires, killed three people and destroyed some 1,500 structures and forced the evacuation of thousands.

The insurance commissioner put preliminary insurance claims from those two fires combined at more than $2 billion, bringing the total for all three of last month’s blazes to $9.05 billion.

The tally reflects losses for residential and commercial coverage, as well as for policies covering motor vehicles, agriculture, machinery and other assets, the agency said.

“The devastating wildfires of 2018 were the deadliest and most destructive wildfire catastrophes in California‘s history,” Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement.

Jones said the figures would be updated as insurers report further data. The totals so far are in line with private risk-analysis projections weeks ago estimating that insured losses from the fires would range from $9 billion to $13 billion.

The numbers released on Wednesday stem from almost 40,000 separate claims, more than a fourth of which represent total losses. Most of those, 10,564, were for personal residential property, the commissioner said.

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Javid and Johnson jockey for position at head of pack of challengers

Javid and Johnson begin media charm offensive as they jockey for position at head of the pack of potential challengers if Theresa May succumbs to leadership challenge

  • Former Home Secretary Boris Johnson spoke about weight loss in the Spectator
  • Sajid Javid was interviewed in the magazine and failed to rule out leadership bid
  • Others believed to be vying for top position are Dominic Raab and Jeremy Hunt 
  • e-mail



Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid manoeuvred themselves into the media spotlight last night as they prepared to do battle for the Tory crown.

The two men are among the favourites to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May if she succumbs to a leadership challenge in the coming days over her handling of the Brexit deal.

Former foreign secretary Mr Johnson used a column in the Spectator magazine to open up about his recent weight loss, which is widely seen as laying the ground for a leadership bid. 

And Home Secretary Mr Javid used an interview with the same magazine, which is known as the Tory bible, to make a thinly veiled pitch for the top job.

Mr Javid, left, and Mr Johnson, right, both just pieces in Spectator magazine to pitch to be PM

Mr Johnson, who quit the Cabinet in July over Mrs May’s Chequers Brexit plan, has spent months sniping at her negotiations with the EU.

He used his Spectator article to reveal he has lost 12lb in two weeks after receiving a wake-up call about his health, and outlined how he has replaced ‘bathfuls’ of alcohol with glasses of water and ditched late-night binges on chorizo and cheese. 

He then turned his own experiences into an analogy on how Britain should be preparing for Brexit.

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The admission about his health comes two days after he made a public pitch for the Tory leadership by appearing in a TV interview sporting a more statesmanlike closely cropped hairstyle.

Meanwhile, Mr Javid yesterday appeared to set out his stall for the Conservative leadership. In the interview, he said voters want ‘to see politicians they can relate to; that they think are authentic; that – therefore – can be straight and honest with them’.

The Home Secretary also challenged the immigration target – championed by Mrs May – arguing that the policy should be set solely in terms of what is in the national interest. 

‘Personally, I think that is far more important than someone saying: our immigration policy is about bringing numbers down, and nothing else,’ he said.

Who could replace Theresa May? As Brexiteers move against the Prime Minister because of her deal ‘betrayal’ these are some of the leading contenders to take over

Theresa May looks certain to face a vote of no confidence after her Brexit deal was rejected out of hand by Eurosceptics.

If she loses the Tory Party will launch a leadership contest to replace her – a process that will likely take weeks with just months until Brexit Day.

These are some of the leading contenders to replace her:

Dominic Raab

How did they vote on Brexit?

Leave, with a second tier role campaigning for Vote Leave.

What is their view now?

Mr Raab was installed as Brexit Secretary to deliver the Chequers plan but sensationally resigned today saying the deal is not good enough.

What are their chances?

Being the first to resign from the Cabinet has put a rocket booster under Mr Raab’s chances, fuelling his popularity among the hardline Brexiteers. May struggle to overcome bigger beasts and better known figures. 

Newly installed as Brexit Secretary, Dominic Raab (pictured in Downing Street on Tuesday) is trying to negotiate Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Boris Johnson

How did they vote on Brexit?

Led the Vote Leave campaign alongside Michael Gove.

What is their view now?

Hard line Brexiteer demanding a clean break from Brussels. The former foreign secretary is violently opposed to Theresa May’s Chequers plan and a leading voice demanding a Canada-style trade deal.

What are their chances?

Rated as second favourite by the bookies, Mr Johnson’s biggest challenge will be navigating the Tory leadership rules. He may be confident of winning a run-off among Tory members but must first be selected as one of the top two candidates by Conservative MPs. 

Rated as second favourite by the bookies, Boris Johnson’s (pictured at Tory conference last month) biggest challenge will be navigating the Tory leadership rules

Sajid Javid

How did they vote on Brexit?

Remain but kept a low profile in the referendum.

What is their view now?

Pro delivering Brexit and sceptical of the soft Brexit options.

What are their chances?

Probably the leading candidate from inside the Cabinet after his dramatic promotion to Home Secretary. Mr Javid has set himself apart from Mrs May on a series of policies, notably immigration.

Sajid Javid (pictured in Downing Street) is probably the leading candidate from inside the Cabinet after his dramatic promotion to Home Secretary

Jeremy Hunt

How did they vote on Brexit?


What is their view now?

The Foreign Secretary claims the EU Commission’s ‘arrogance’ has made him a Brexiteer.

What are their chances?

Another top contender inside Cabinet, Mr Hunt’s stock rose during his record-breaking stint at the Department of Health and won a major promotion to the Foreign Office after Mr Johnson’s resignation. Widely seen as a safe pair of hands which could be an advantage if the contest comes suddenly. 

Jeremy Hunt’s stock rose during his record-breaking stint at the Department of Health and won a major promotion to the Foreign Office after Mr Johnson’s resignation

David Davis

How did they vote on Brexit?


What is their view now?

Leave and a supporter of scrapping Mrs May’s plan and pursuing a Canada-style trade deal with the EU.

What are their chances?

The favoured choice of many hard Brexiteers. Seen as a safer pair of hands than Mr Johnson and across the detail of the current negotiation after two years as Brexit Secretary. He could be promoted a caretaker to see through Brexit before standing down.

Unlikely to be the choice of Remain supporters inside the Tory Party – and has been rejected by the Tory membership before, in the 2005 race against David Cameron. 

David Davis (pictured last month at a Brexiteer policy launch) is seen as a safer pair of hands than Mr Johnson and across the detail of the current negotiation after two years as Brexit Secretary

Amber Rudd

How did they vote on Brexit?

Remain. Represented Britain Stronger in Europe in the TV debates.

What is their view now?

Strongly remain and supportive of a second referendum – particularly given a choice between that and no deal.

What are their chances?

Popular among Conservative MPs as the voice of Cameron-style Toryism, Ms Rudd is still seen as a contender despite resigning amid the Windrush scandal – and she was boosted further by her return to Cabinet as Work and Pensions Secretary on Friday night. She is badly hampered by having a tiny majority in her Hastings constituency and would not be able to unite the Tory party in a sudden contest over the Brexit negotiation. 

Popular among Conservative MPs as the voice of Cameron-style Toryism, Amber Rudd (pictured at Tory conference last month) is still seen as a contender despite resigning amid the Windrush scandal

Penny Mordaunt

How did they vote on Brexit?


What is their view now?

Leave and subject of persistent rumour she could be the next to quit Cabinet over Mrs May’s Brexit deal.

What are their chances?

Possible dark horse in the contest, Ms Mordaunt is not well known to the public but is seen as a contender in Westminster. She has been encouraged to join the Cabinet revolt over the Brexit deal and could resign within hours. 

Possible dark horse in the contest, Penny Mordaunt (pictured in Downing Street) is not well known to the public but is seen as a contender in Westminster

Mr Javid said that ‘politicians – or the right politicians – can make a real difference to you in your life.’

Writing in the Spectator, Mr Johnson used the nation’s failure to tackle obesity as an analogy for Brexit. 

He said: ‘We have every possible incentive to change, to go for a different and more rewarding and more fulfilling lifestyle. 

‘But we are sunk in inertia – a moral inertia that exactly corresponds to the political inertia of the British ruling class.

‘We know we have to make changes if we are to leave the EU. We know we have to get ready if we are to take advantage of all the freedoms we will gain: the freedom to innovate, the freedom to regulate in the interests of UK firms, the freedom to open up new markets around the world to British goods and services.

‘We have known for two-and-a-half years that we need to make these modest changes. And what have we done?

‘Nothing. We have been unable to kick our habits, too slothful to leave the customs union and single market, even though it means we are now set to be an effective colony of the EU.’

Who has sent letters of no confidence in May?

Letters of no confidence in Theresa May are confidential – but some of her strongest critics have gone public.

If 48 letters are sent a vote is called.

This is who has definitely sent a letter: 

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Man is filmed smoking from glass pipe on tram in middle of the day

Man is filmed smoking from glass pipe on tram in middle of the day in front of shocked passengers who were left with headaches from the fumes

  • The man is focused on his glass pipe and smokes it despite the other passengers 
  • The person filming said that they were left with a headache from the awful smell 
  • It’s unclear what was in the pipe but passengers think it was an illegal substance 

This is the shocking moment a man started smoking from a glass pipe while on a tram – with the smoke leaving fellow passengers with headaches.  

He was on board a service in Manchester city centre and was filmed at around 3pm on December 4. 

It’s unclear what he was smoking exactly but others on the tram claim it was an illegal substance. 

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The man was intensely focused on his pipe, heating it with a lighter before turning it in the flame and then inhaling the substance. 

The person filming said the ‘awful’ smell from the pipe left them with a headache.  

They told the Manchester Evening News: ‘Nobody said anything to him. I think everyone was too scared. You don’t know how people will react.

Shocked passengers saw the man lighting his gas pipe before inhaling the substance inside it

It’s unclear what the substance is but the smoke smelled ‘awful’ according to one passenger, who also said it gave him a headache

‘The smell from it gave me a headache. I can’t describe it, but it was awful. It’s just not nice.’

The tram service is run by Keolis Amey Metrolink. Its managing director advised passengers to report anybody smoking or doing any other anti-social activity.  

Aline Frantzen said: ‘We know that anti-social behaviour worries our customers and makes their journeys unpleasant, which is why we’re doing more to tackle issues like this on the network. 

‘If our customers do see issues like this, we’d urge them to report it via our call points or direct to GMP.’

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Uncle who used nephew’s computer to download child porn is spared jail

Uncle with ‘perverted obsession’ caught using his nephew’s computer to download child abuse images is spared jail after judge hears there are now more than 1million paedophile sites online

  • Mark Whitehead, 26, had been viewing indecent films and images for three years
  • He was only caught after using his nephew’s computer to download the material
  • The nephew saw the images when the computer was returned and called police 
  • Judge John Kelson sentenced Whitehead to a three-year community order

Mark Whitehead  (pictured at Hull Crown Court) was only caught after using his nephew’s computer to download the material

A man who used his nephew’s computer to download child porn has been spared jailed after a judge heard there are now more than a million paedophile sites online. 

Mark Whitehead, 26, who had been viewing indecent films and images for three years, was only caught after using his nephew’s computer to download the material.

The nephew saw the images when the computer was returned and reported Whitehead to police, Hull Crown Court heard.

Police visited Whitehead’s home on December 14 last year and seized a laptop, hard drive, USB stick and mobile phone.

Across the devices were 14 images and five movies at category A – the most serious – 29 images and three videos at category B; and 87 images and one film at category C.

One of the category A films lasted 15 minutes and 42 seconds and featured a girl aged five or six being sexually abused. Another was of a boy aged four or five.

Mr Welch said a further aggravating feature was that Whitehead had used a search engine which made it easier to disguise what he had been looking for.

In interview with police and with the author of a pre-sentence report, Whitehead admitted viewing the material for his own sexual gratification.

He said he had originally viewed adult pornography, and began watching and seeking child abuse material after seeing a ‘pop-up’ image.

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After hearing the case against Whitehead put by prosecutor Stephen Welch, Judge Peter Kelson QC asked: ‘It just occurred to me that is there no means whereby police can close down the websites that broadcast this material?’

Mr Welch said: ‘Your honour, although I have not directly discussed it with officers, I have had a number of conversations with officers from the relevant unit.

‘Information given to me I found profoundly shocking; indicating there are now one million sites on the internet where indecent images of children may be accessed.

‘In addition, a large number of the sites are hosted on servers not in Western Europe or North America, so therefore they are far more difficult for the authorities to exercise control over and close down.’

The nephew saw the images when the computer was returned and reported Whitehead to police, Hull Crown Court (pictured) heard

The judge said: ‘There would be a much higher impact if the police were given sufficient resources to actually bring to court some of the evil people actually profiting from broadcasting this material, rather than [offenders like] this defendant.’

Judge Kelson said he could not recall a case of anyone behind the broadcasting or hosting of such material being prosecuted during his eight years as a full-time judge.

Mr Welch said he could only recall a single prosecution of someone who had uploaded indecent images in his 11 years as a Crown advocate. 

Judge Kelson (pictured) sentenced Whitehead to a three-year community order

Whitehead, of west Hull, admitted three offences of making indecent images or photographs. He had no previous convictions.

Kylie Peach, mitigating, said Whitehead’s offending was ‘intermittent’, in that he would view indecent material then ‘punish himself’ and stop.

Miss Peach said he was remorseful and embarrassed by what he had done, and ‘accepts this is an abhorrent crime’.

He suffered from depression, had ‘severe social anxiety’, and also had physical health problems, she said.

Judge Kelson sentenced Whitehead to a three-year community order requiring him to attend 31 sessions of the Horizon sex offender programme and have up to 40 days rehabilitation. The judge said if he breached it he would jail him for eight months.

He told Whitehead: ‘The prosecution at my request has spared us the details of the videos that you were watching. They are incredibly repulsive. It is sometimes difficult as a judge to retain one’s complete objectivity in cases of this sort.’

Whitehead must register as a sex offender for five years and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order for the same period.

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‘Sonic attacks’ against diplomats in Cuba remain a mystery

MIAMI — American diplomats affected by mysterious health incidents in Cuba showed damage in the inner ear shortly after they complained of weird noises and sensations, according to their earliest medical exams, publicized Wednesday.

The detailed findings were published in a medical journal nearly two years after what the US calls “health attacks” began — and they shed no new light on a possible culprit.

“What caused it, who did it, why it was done — we don’t know any of those things,” said Dr. Michael Hoffer of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, who led the exams.

The US says since late 2016, 26 people associated with the embassy in Havana suffered problems that include dizziness, ear pain and ringing, and cognitive problems such as difficulty thinking — a health mystery that has damaged US-Cuba relations.

The Miami researchers examined 25 of those people, who reported hearing a piercing noise or experiencing a sensation of pressure before their symptoms began. The patients failed a variety of tests that detect inner-ear problems associated with balance, what’s called the vestibular system.

Testing of 10 people who were in the same building at the time of the incidents found they were fine, Hoffer reported in the journal Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology. Hoffer also traveled to Cuba to check 100 other Americans stationed there, who also turned out to be healthy.

Those inner-ear balance problems have been central to the government’s ongoing health investigation. And earlier this year, a team of doctors at the University of Pennsylvania who also examined many of these patients, but months later, reported they suffered concussion-like brain damage, despite no blow to the head.

For doctors, Wednesday’s paper adds specifics about the pattern of damage, abnormalities in structures involved with sensing gravity and acceleration, said Dr. Maura Cosetti of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai. She isn’t involved with any research related to the Cuba incidents.

“This provides an important step in creating a picture of the injury that people sustained,” she said. She added that often people with long-term balance problems also report a “brain fog.”

Cuba has adamantly denied any involvement, and even questions whether there were attacks.

“There’s no evidence that can prove that something occurred in Cuba that could have damaged the health situation of a few US diplomats,” Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, Cuba’s director-general of US affairs, said Wednesday.

The US has not said what caused the incidents, although initial speculation centered on some type of sonic attack. The Associated Press has reported that an interim FBI report last January found no evidence that sound waves could have caused the damage.

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Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin attend $100M, weeklong wedding

A $100 million, weeklong wedding joining two billionaire Indian families has drawn big-name guests from across the globe — ranging from Hillary Clinton to Beyoncé to Bollywood’s brightest stars.

Isha Ambani, daughter of India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani, who is valued at $43 billion, according to Forbes, tied the knot Wednesday night in Mumbai with Anand Piramal, son of industrialist Ajay Piramal — worth a relatively paltry $10 billion — capping a week of revelry attended by a megawatt guest list.

As Beyoncé belted out hits including “Crazy in Love,” former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — whose husband’s Clinton Foundation has been on the receiving end of sizable donations from Ambani’s family — danced up a storm in a weekend pre-wedding bash, reported Fox News.

The pre-party, held in a 16th-century palace in Udaipur, also drew fellow former White House hopeful John Kerry, Clinton aide Huma Abedin and some of Bollywood’s most famous faces.

Clinton didn’t stick around for the wedding itself, but the stars were just beginning to arrive.

Guests including Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra and musician hubby Nick Jonas — who had their own opulent Indian wedding earlier this month — descended on the fete in private planes and luxury sedans.

The uber-lavish nuptials, held at the Ambanis’ 27-story Mumbai home, are estimated to cost about $100 million, reported Bloomberg.

With Post wires

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Hillary Clinton arrives in India for private visit

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Hillary Clinton boogies with John Kerry and King of Bollywood

No sign of that back brace! Hillary Clinton boogies with John Kerry and King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan at the star-studded $100million wedding of India’s richest heiress

  • Billionaire heiress Isha Ambani, 27, will marry Anand Piramal, 33, Wednesday 
  • Her father Mukesh Ambani – India’s richest man – will host the wedding at home
  • Guests have already enjoyed pre-wedding events including a Beyoncé concert 
  • Hillary Clinton tried her hand at Bollywood dancing at the pre-celebrations
  • Dressed in Indian attire, the 71-year-old swung hips and threw arms in the air

Hillary Clinton tried her hand at Bollywood dancing last night at the wedding of India’s richest heiress.

The former first lady, who was seen wearing a back brace this summer, looked fit as  a fiddle as she boogied with the king of Bollywood himself, Shah Rukh Khan. 

Dressed in Indian attire, the 71-year-old swung her hips and threw her arms in the air with a beaming smile. 

Mrs Clinton was joined by former Secretary of State John Kerry and a host of jubilant guests at the $100million bash in Mumbai.  

The dancing was part of the lavish pre-celebrations for today’s wedding of 27-year-old Isha Ambani, the daughter of $42billion business mogul Mukesh Ambani, 61.

Party like it’s 2015: Dressed in Indian attire, the 71-year-old swung her hips and threw her arms in the air with a beaming smile

May 2018: Mrs Clinton wore what was believed to be a back brace with a strange protrusion coming from under her jacket which she wore in 80C New York heat

Anything for his little girl! Mukesh Ambani, 61, who has an estimated fortune of $41.5 billion (£33.1 billion), is decorating his towering 27-storey Mumbai home as he prepares to host the marriage of his daughter Isha Ambani, 27, tomorrow. Pictured, the father and daughter at Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding on November 30

Yale graduate Miss Ambani is tying the knot with 33-year-old real estate mogul Anand Piramal, a childhood friend and the son of an $10billion businessman. 

The two days of pre-wedding events were held in the northwestern city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, where VIPs including Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas gathered at a historic palace and five-star resorts for brunches, concerts and discos. 

Some social media users questioned who Mr Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has hired to perform on the wedding day itself, with one joking only a ‘resurrected John Lennon’ would be able to top Beyoncé. 

The first hint of the nuptials’ lavishness was the elaborate embroidered and gold plated Dolce & Gabbana box guests received as invitations. 

Indian actress Vidya Balan shared this snap of Clinton at one of the pre-wedding events

A street is lit-up outside the house of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani on Tuesday ahead of the wedding of his daughter Isha in Mumbai

A woman walks past an illuminated street outside the house of Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani ahead of his daughter Isha’s wedding in Mumbai, India, Tuesday

Hillary Clinton at the pre-wedding celebrations with Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles

Superstar entertainment: Guests were treated to a performance by Beyonce as part of the traditional musical night kicking off the days of celebration. The singer, who flew in especially for the event, was reportedly paid $6million (£4.8million) for a previous private concert. She shared the above snap to Instagram

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This was the second A-list wedding in India in a week: Mukesh Ambani, one of the world's richest men, saw his daughter Isha Ambani marry Anand Piramal and no expense was spared for the event. As we've been reporting all week, Priyanka Chopra wed Nick Jonas in India earlier last week.

Beyonce attended the bash to perform and Hillary Clinton was there as well. For the occasion, Beyonce chose a red-and-gold embellished gown by Abujani Sandeep Khosla, a designer also worn by Priyanka and Sophie Turner for last week's extravaganza. If you're dying to emulate Beyonce, browse the designer's Instagram page by clicking right. They also design jewelry!

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As per Indian tradition, the party kicked off with the Sangeet, which typically sees the bride, groom and their families come together to sing and dance in stage performances celebrating their unions 

Each exquisite rose printed package contained a series of luxury cards which folded out to reveal details of the events that would be held across the five-day affair. 

As per Indian tradition, the party kicked off with the Sangeet, which typically sees the bride, groom and their families come together to sing and dance in stage performances celebrating their unions. 

But Mr Ambani, whose business interests cover oil, telecoms, chemicals, textiles, technology and food, did not hold back when it came to the entertainment for his little girl. 

Beyoncé was flown in especially for the a 45-minute private concert, which saw her make several costume changes and sing hit songs Perfect and Crazy In Love. 

Wedding venue: The Ambani family’s extraordinary 27-storey tower in Mumbai. The mogul has a staff of 600 to maintain the residence 24 hours a day

Decorations outside the home are pictured above on Tuesday ahead of Wednesday’s nuptials 

Bigger than Beyoncé? Some social media users questioned who Mr Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, has hired to perform on the wedding day itself, with one joking only a ‘resurrected John Lennon’ would be able to top Beyoncé

The first hint of the nuptials’ lavishness was the elaborate embroidered and gold plated Dolce & Gabbana box guests received as invitations. Bollywood stars Karishma Kapoor, Varun Dhawan and Kiara Aliaadvani are among the guests pictured above

Famous friends: Hillary Clinton, center, with bride Isha Ambani, left, and mother of the bride Nita on Sunday. Mrs Clinton reportedly stayed with the Ambani’s during a previous visit to Mumbai

Week-long party: Guests have already enjoyed a string of lavish events in the northwestern city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Pictured, one garden party that took place in a five-star resort

No expense spared: Photos taken of the property today reveal how the entrance has been dressed in hundreds of fresh red roses and strings of twinkling fairy lights, pictured above

A worker decorates a tree outside Antilia, the house of the Chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani

Impressive venue: Another evening soiree was held in the 18th century City Palace in Udaipur. Pictured, chefs man several buffets laid out for guests in the stunning open-air venue

All-day entertainment: A hot pink themed brunch was held at a separate hotel in the city

This snap of the festivities at the pre-wedding bash was shared to Instagram 

Exquisite decoration: A huge vase made of blue and white flowers was put on display behind a beautifully decorated table at an afternoon tea to celebrate the high-end marriage

The pop star pocketed $6million for her last private gig back in 2014. 

It is unlikely another musical act will perform on the day itself as this is usually reserved for the opening night’s festivities.  

Bollywood superstars including Aishwarya Rai partied the night away as laser lights criss-crossed the sky. Among them were newlyweds Deepika Padukone, 32, and Ranveer Singh, 33, who married in Lake Como last month. 

Sari, not sorry: R&B diva Beyoncé Knowles-Carter flaunted considerable cleavage in an opulent red dress designed by Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla during her visit to India this weekend

Beyonce shared this photo to her Instagram account from her performance

Other reported VIP wedding guests included The Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, BP Group CEO Bob Dudley, and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. 

Mr Piramal and Yale graduate Miss Ambani selected the finest locations in Udaipur, known as the ‘city of lakes’, for the weekend, taking over the five-star Oberoi Udaivilas hotel and the 18th century City Palace for two night-time events.   

The couple also hosted a poolside brunch at a second luxury hotel.  

VIP guests: The bride’s father is India’s wealthiest man, the billionaire chairman of Reliance Industries Mukesh Ambani, right, with his wife Nita, left, and Hillary Clinton 

Rich and powerful: Other reported VIP wedding guests included Arianna Huffington (pictured left and right on Saturday), James Murdoch, Bob Dudley, and Sachin Tendulkar

The wedding will be held at Antilla, the Mumbai apartment building which Mr Ambani built to serve as his family home. 

The mogul has a staff of 600 to maintain the residence 24 hours a day.

Photos taken of the property on Tuesday reveal its already grand entrance has been dressed with hundreds of fresh red roses and strings of twinkling fairy lights – just a small hint of the extravagance that is sure to greet guests inside. 

In April 2016, the bride-to-be Isha launched AJIO, an online fashion retailer, which is a subsidiary of her father’s company Reliance Retail.

In love with ‘us’: Newlywed Priyanka Chopra Jonas was also there with her husband Nick Jonas, and she Insta-storied their place setting cards on Saturday

Priyanka and Nick are seen above during their own lavish celebrations. Their cake was part of the reception following a Christian marriage service officiated by Nick’s pastor dad. That was followed the next day by a traditional Hindu wedding

Bollywood royalty: Among them were newlyweds Deepika Padukone, 32, and Ranveer Singh, 33, left, who married in Lake Como last month

Her soon-to-be husband Arnand is listed as an executive director of Piramal Group, a conglomerate with interests in pharmaceutical, financial services, real estate, healthcare analytics and glass packaging.

He is also the founder of Piramal Realty, which he set up in 2012, the real estate development arm of Piramal Group.

The businessman majored in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, and Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Arnand’s father Ajay Piramal is an Indian billionaire industrialist, and the chairman of the Piramal Group

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Bones found in LI basement identified as missing dad

The skeletal remains found buried in the basement of a Long Island home by a man searching for his long-lost father were positively identified Wednesday as dear old Dad, officials said.

The bones discovered by Mike Carroll and his two adult sons inside their Lake Grove home on Halloween belong to family patriarch George Carroll, authorities have determined.

“It’s unusually not shocking,” Mike told The Post. “Of course, it’s emotional, but we can handle it.”

Mike grew up wondering what happened to his Korean War vet dad, who vanished without a trace in 1961 when Mike was just 8 months old.

Mike bought the Suffolk County home from his mom before her death in 1998, and spent years digging around for Dad’s remains, spurred on by a hunch and a psychic who purportedly got a hit in the basement, he said.

And the body’s location wasn’t the only thing the clairvoyant got right, Mike revealed Wednesday.

“I was told by the psychic it was blunt force trauma,” he said. “She actually said to me that it was a pipe, that he got hit in the head by a pipe and he was buried alive.”

Investigators ruled last month that the then-unidentified body’s skull had been cracked open by “blunt force trauma.”

Now, the vet’s death is being probed as a homicide, but Mike said that finding his dad’s body is closure enough for him.

“There will be no justice,” he said. “The justice happened when we dug him up because we just interrupted the perfect crime — they almost got away with this.”

The family is working to arrange a proper military burial of the remains.

“I tell my sons … we hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth, two outs,” said Mike. “We found our dad, so we win.”

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