Colombia and Brazil tighten Venezuela border control

Countries announce stricter measures as they deal with a big influx of migrants from Venezuela. Colombia and Brazil have tightened border controls with Venezuela as both nations deal with a big influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants from their neighbour. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said on Thursday his government would implement stricter migratory […]

Rohingya refugees sell aid to fund basic diet

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh say they are selling aid and other belongings so they can buy fish and vegetables. Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh – Just after midday on a Saturday afternoon Hakim Ali stands calmly by a police checkpoint on the fringes of Bangladesh’s main Rohingya refugee settlement area. He tells a policeman on duty that […]

Arctic warming causes concern among scientists

While Europe freezes, the polar region continues to see unprecedented warm weather. Most of the coverage of Europe’s weather over the last week or so has been, rightly, focused on the so-called, ‘Beast from the East’ and the Sudden Stratospheric Warming’ (SSW). Both SSW and the intense anticyclone that caused frigid Siberian air to sweep […]

First female-led TV station launched in Gaza

The new Taif TV is focused on content for women, from issues of empowerment to lighter matters. A female-led television station has officially launched in Gaza. Some have already criticised the new undertaking, objecting to the appearance of the volunteer female presenters and to the topics they will discuss. Taif TV’s debut came just days […]

Iran officials find wreckage of deadly plane crash

Iranian officials say they have located the site of a plane crash that killed all 65 people on board last week. Iran has located the wreckage of a passenger plane that went down in a mountainous part of the country earlier this week, killing all 65 people on board. A military drone was used to […]

New Israeli bill seen as move for annexation of Palestinian land

Observers are saying a number of recent developments indicate that Israel is attempting to extend its jurisdiction over more occupied Palestinian land. Israeli government ministers have advanced a bill that would allow land disputes in the occupied West Bank to be settled by a district court, rather than being considered by the High Court. The […]

Lukov March: Far-right supporters rally in Bulgaria

More than 1,000 people rally in central Sofia to pay tribute to ultra-nationalist leader Hristo Lukov, who died in 1943. Sofia, Bulgaria – More than 1,000 far-right supporters have rallied in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, to pay tribute to a fascist general with close ties to Nazi Germany. “Lukov March” is organised every year by the […]

Concerns over Pyeongchang's Olympic legacy

All sorts of concerns have been raised about what will happen after the last Olympians go home at the end of this month. Millions of people across the world are gripped by the Winter Olympic Games, but this has not eliminated the rising concern about what the legacy will be for these Olympic venues. Pyeongchang’s […]

Nepal: Former revolutionary sworn in as prime minister

Communist party member who spent 14 years in jail becomes Nepal’s 41st prime minister with many challenges ahead. Kathmandu, Nepal – A year and a half after his first stint as prime minister abruptly ended, Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli returned on Thursday to the seat of government in the capital. Oli, 65, was sworn in at […]