Queen and Prince Philip ‘lead separate lives and don’t eat breakfast together’

The Queen and husband Prince Philip are leading such separate lives that they are spending more time apart and rarely eat breakfast together, it is claimed.

The claims come after the Duke of Edinburgh, 97, was involved in a car crash near the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk – an incident that has highlighted his independent streak.

Philip is said to have made a retirement base at the Wood Farm cottage on the estate, where he passes the time with his hobbies and hosting visitors.

The 92-year-old Queen, meanwhile, still plays a very active role as monarch and it is claimed she is seeing less of her husband after 71 years of marriage.

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from official royal duties in August 2017 and is now rarely seen in public.

A report by the Daily Mail claims his retirement has been a "liberating" experience and he is enjoying a newfound freedom he last experienced before his marriage to the Queen in November 1947.

It is claimed the couple have settled into a "new rhythm" of married life and are spending more time apart in their later years.

Philip is said to be spending more time at Wood Farm, where he enjoys reading, painting, writing letters and hosting guests.

There, he has a staff including two pages, a footman, chef, housekeeper, valet and police protectors.

The report claims the Queen eats breakfast alone and she is rarely seen before her daily 11am meeting with her private secretary.

A courtier told the Daily Mail: "The Queen feels the Duke has earned a proper retirement.

"She knows him too well — if he was still at the centre of royal life he’d feel he had to be involved

"Being at Wood Farm means that he’s not too far away, but far enough to be able to relax."

It is said that the Queen’s son Prince Andrew and her daughter-in-law Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, who is married to Prince Edward, have been spending more time with her since Philip retired about 18 months ago.

There is a ‘granny rota’ for her grandchildren, who are also around more, especially at teatime, the report claims.

A spokeswoman for the Queen and Prince Philip declined to comment on the claims.

Philip had a precautionary hospital check-up after Thursday’s crash but suffered "no injuries of concern", said Buckingham Palace.

He was at the wheel of his Land Rover when it collided with another car and flipped onto its side on a road close to the Sandringham estate.

After being examined at the hospital, he returned home to Sandringham.

In the other car, a nine-month-old baby escaped injury.

The driver, a 28-year-old woman, suffered cuts to her knee and a 45-year-old woman passenger suffered a broken wrist.

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Jessica Harrington hoping for rain for former Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Sizing John

The 2017 Cheltenham winner has not been seen since finishing down the field in the Christmas Chase over a year ago.

Harrington is looking at a possible reappearance at the Dublin Racing Festival in either the Ladbrokes Dublin Chase or the Irish Gold Cup.

However, connections would like to take Sizing John to a racecourse to school before being seen under rules – but the ground has been too quick in recent weeks.

Harrington said: "Sizing John remains in great form, but it has been a very frustrating season to date, as I have to yet get a racecourse school into him due to the good ground.

"I am going to see if I can get him away next week to a racecourse somewhere, so that we can get that school over fences into him.

WINNING FEELING Love Island's Chris Hughes cheers home winner for Coral syndicate

"The weather will determine where he'll go and I had hoped to get him to Navan, but it's still good there, so we'll have to give that a miss.

"There is every chance that we might start him off at Leopardstown at the Dublin Racing Festival.

"I am not ruling anything in or out at the minute and we'll know a great deal more about plans for him, if I can get him away next week.

"Robert (Power) rode him work up The Old Vic at The Curragh on Friday morning and he was very happy with him. We just need to get him away now."

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Tunisian union calls new nationwide strike to press wage demands

TUNIS (Reuters) – Tunisia’s powerful UGTT union called on Saturday for another national strike for two days next month to press its demand for higher wages for 670,000 public servants, the UGTT chief said.

Rail, bus and air traffic and all services stopped in Tunisia and street protests drew thousands on Thursday in a one-day nationwide strike to challenge the government’s refusal to raise salaries.

“As negotiations with the government failed and the purchasing power has deteriorated significantly, UGTT decided to approve a nationwide strike on Feb. 20 and 21,” UGTT chief Nourredine Taboubi told reporters.

The decision will raise the pressure on the government which is struggling to revive the faltering economy.

The government is also under pressure from the International Monetary Fund to freeze public sector wages, the bill for which doubled to about 16 billion dinars ($5.5 billion) in 2018 from 7.6 billion in 2010, as part of measures to reduce its budget deficit.

But the UGTT says the monthly average wage of about $250 is one of the lowest in the world, while the state Institute of Strategic Studies says real purchasing power has fallen by 40 percent since 2014.

The government had said it does not have the money to pay for the increases strikers want, worth about $850 million in total.

Government spokesman Iyad Dahmani said that increase would lift annual inflation to 10 percent from 7.4 percent.

An economic crisis has eroded living standards for Tunisians and unemployment is high as political turmoil and lack of reforms have deterred investment needed to create jobs. That has forced the government to launch austerity measures to please donors and lenders including the IMF.

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Around 117 migrants unaccounted for after dinghy sinks off Libyan coast

MILAN (Reuters) – Some 117 migrants who left Libya in a rubber dinghy two days ago are unaccounted for, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said on Saturday, after three people were rescued from the vessel after it sank in the Mediterranean.

“The three survivors told us they were 120 when they left Garabulli, in Libya, on Thursday night. After 10 to 11 hours at sea … (the boat) started sinking and people started drowning,” IOM spokesman Flavio Di Giacomo said on Saturday.

He said the people came mainly from west Africa, adding: “Ten women including a pregnant girl were aboard and two children, one of whom was only two months old.”

An Italian military plane on sea patrol on Friday had first sighted the dinghy sinking in rough waters and had thrown two safety rafts into the water before leaving due to a lack of fuel, Rear Admiral Fabio Agostini told TV channel RaiNews24.

A helicopter dispatched from a naval ship had then rescued the three people, who were suffering from severe hypothermia and were taken to hospital on the island of Lampedusa.

“During this operation at least three bodies were seen in the water who appeared to be dead,” Agostini said.

The Italian navy said it had alerted Libyan authorities who coordinated rescue operations, ordering a merchant ship to go to the site of the sinking, though rescue efforts had ceased after the search for the dinghy had proved fruitless.

According to the IOM, 2,297 migrants died or went missing in the Mediterranean last year, out of a total of 116,959 people who reached Europe by sea.

Arrivals in the first 16 days of 2019 totaled 4,449, almost all by sea, compared with 2,964 in the same period of 2018.

“As long as European ports will remain open … sea-traffickers will continue to do business and kill people,” Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said in a Facebook post late on Friday.

Since Italy’s populist government came to power in June, Salvini, leader of the anti-migrant League, has closed Italian ports to humanitarian vessels.

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Red moon rising: China’s mission to the far side

The Western world will watch a red moon rise on Sunday night.

The super blood moon eclipse neatly coincides with a history-making fortnight of Chinese space exploration.

The red-flagged probe, Chang'e-4, landed on the far side of the moon, deploying its six-wheeled rover to conquer unexplored realms.

Image of the Chang’e-4 lander taken by the panoramic camera on the Jade Rabbit rover.Credit:China National Space Administration

Western space scientists watched on with genuine enthusiasm as the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program achieved the first soft landing on the far side of the moon, and sent back detailed images. This week, the first green leaves sprouted on the moon.

Matthias Maurer, a German astronaut with the European Space Agency who has trained with Chinese astronauts, told the Sydney Morning Herald he is convinced the success of Chang'e-4 will boost space co-operation between Europe and China.

Even NASA, forbidden by Washington from collaborating with the Chinese, got into the act – exchanging data with the Chinese National Space Administration and using the US Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to watch Chang'e-4, Chinese scientists revealed this week.

China said it has agreed to a request from NASA to use Chang'e-4, and the innovative "Magpie Bridge" relay satellite which transmitted the images from the far side of the moon to Earth, in future US moon missions.

Chinese space scientists spoke publicly about the moon mission for the first time this week.

"During the landing, the last 100 metres was thrilling," said Wu Weiren, designer of the lunar program. Chang'e-4 landed on a slope surrounded by four perilous craters. "It was pretty accurate."

Chang'e-4's chief engineer, Sun Zezhou, explained the probe hovered, and then autonomously avoided the craters it detected using lasers.

But Sun, Wu and the team at ground control didn't know of Chang'e-4's success at the time, because of the delayed transmission of data from the moon's far side.

A screen at the Beijing Aerospace Control Centre shows the lander of the Chang’e-4 probe and the rover Yutu-2 (Jade Rabbit-2) taking photos of each other.Credit:Jin Liwang

"Why did we go to the far side of the moon to explore? Two reasons. From a scientific viewpoint, the far side of the moon, especially the landing zone, is the oldest crater. Its geological structure and composition may be more representative of the age of the moon," says Sun.

Second, the far side of the moon offered more favourable conditions for low-frequency radio observations of space, or listening for the earliest sounds of the universe.

The ruling Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, People's Daily, offered a third reason: The party has set the goal of being at the forefront of the world's space powers by 2030.

China started late in the space race, achieving its first astronaut in space, Yang Liwei, in 2003. Chinese astronauts made their first spacewalk in 2008.

NASA named its Apollo moon missions, conducted almost 50 years ago, after a mythical Greek god. The Chinese Lunar Exploration Program has named its lunar probes after the moon goddess of Chinese mythology, Chang'e, and the rovers after her pet rabbit. Chang'e-3 reached the moon with the first Jade Rabbit in 2013.

China was only the third nation, after the United States and Russia, to make a soft landing on the moon.

But China wanted its own "first". The Chang'e-4 mission has racked this up.

First growth on the moon

This week cotton seeds sprouted, and potato and rapeseed plants began to germinate, the first biological growth experiments on the moon. They died, on schedule, as the frozen lunar night descended late this week.

"We successfully realised the first green leaf that has grown on the moon in human history. This will provide the research foundation for human beings to build a lunar base in the future," declared the dean of Chongqing University's Institute of Advanced Technology, Professor Xie Gengxin, at another press conference.

The first green leaf sprouting on the moon.Credit:China National Space Administration

Chang'e-4 carried a bioscience tank measuring 17.3 centimetres by 19.8 centimetres contained six species – cotton, rapeseed, potato, Arabidopsis, yeast and fruit flies.

The tank had a high-pressure seal to withstand the month-long space flight and moon landing, and a camera to record the experiments. China's ground control sent a command for water to be released 30 minutes after landing. For the next nine days, temperature, data and 170 photographs of the growing seeds were sent back to ground control.

The internal temperature of the tank was kept between -60 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius, "a stable temperature suitable for living", according to the Chonqing University scientists who designed the experiment.

Scientists wanted to see how the seeds grew under low gravity and high radiation. Potato is likely to become a staple food for humans to survive in space, the Chinese scientists said. Rapeseed oil is likely to be an important cooking fuel. Fruit flies have short growth cycles. Yeast is food for fruit flies.

The tank contained a micro-ecosystem of producers, consumers and decomposers. The experiment was switched off to save battery power as the lunar night arrived.

Science in action

Chang'e-4 carried four international and six Chinese payloads or experiments.

Astrophysicist and ANU research fellow at the Mount Stromlo Observatory, Brad Tucker, says an experiment from the Netherlands tested how quiet the far side of the moon was for radio telescopes.

"This has long been an idea of astronomers and so it was great to see it tested … So just like NASA missions, there is a huge involvement from international groups."

Australia's Parkes radio telescope famously was involved in providing the televised images of NASA's great leap for mankind in 1969, as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.

The Parkes Observatory in central NSW provided television images of the first moon landing.Credit:CSIRO

Tucker says nowadays, Australian space scientists hold regular meetings with collaborators in China, discussing projects from radio astronomy to optical astronomy and space missions.

"When it comes to astronomy space, China has quickly levelled to the same scale as the US, Europe, and Russia."

The next step in China's moon program is to send Chang'e-5 to the moon by year's end to collect samples and return to Earth with them.

"All the scientists are interested in getting access to these fresh new samples from a site they haven't been at during Apollo missions," says Mauer.

Another two probes will explore and take samples from the moon's south pole, the likely site of a moon research base. Chang'e-8 will test technology that could be used to build a moon base.

Deputy chief commander of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, Wu Yanhua, said that like China, the US, Russia and Europe are all considering a moon research station. China planned to test technologies that could be used to build houses, such as 3D printing, on the moon as part of a multinational base.

"No matter if it is robots or humans to the moon, if there are more frequent explorations and development tasks, there should be infrastructure to support routine exploration," he said.

A long-term base would need to be built to endure temperatures ranging from minus 180 degrees at night to more than 100 degrees during the day.

Tucker says: "People often ask why we never went back to the moon, and that was because we had no reason. Now groups do, that is for more experiments and using it as a gateway to Mars. Everyone has come to the conclusion that being able to get resources and establish a refuelling stop around the moon is the easiest way to Mars."

Technology has come a long way since the first moon landing.

He expects multiple countries to have a large presence on the moon by the end of the next decade.

But international co-operation on the moon base could be hampered by the US political bar on NASA working with China.

The so-called Wolf Amendment, introduced in 2011, links NASA funding to a prohibition on NASA co-operating with China without explicit approval from Congress. Chinese astronauts are prohibited in the International Space Station.

Before the earthly technology trade war between the Trump Administration and China worsened, dialogue between the two nations' space programs appeared to be warming.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine had met with his Chinese counterpart, CNSA administrator Zhang Kejian, at an international conference in Germany last October.

Bridenstine, who this month congratulated China's space program on achieving a "first for humanity", told Zhang last year he would welcome greater sharing of scientific data with China.

Chinese state media reported as front page news this week that former US astronaut and one-time NASA chief Charles Bolden was calling for co-operation with China's space program. "My fear is the US may be left out," Bolden was quoted as saying.

The European Space Agency is training with Chinese astronauts ahead of the expected start date of China's space station, Heavenly Palace, in 2022.

By then, the International Space Station, built through collaboration between the US and Russia, will be retired.

The European Space Agency began developing ties with its Chinese counterpart in 2012.

The International Space Station. Credit:Photo: NASA via Bloomberg

Maurer was one of the first European astronauts to train in the Chinese space program in 2017, doing sea survival training alongside seven "taikonauts".

After a fortnight of exercises, a space capsule was placed in the ocean, and the astronauts had to survive in the water for hours until they were rescued by helicopter. Maurer marvelled at the inflatable rubber boots.

A year earlier, a Chinese taikonaut had spent six days in a cave in Europe in an ESA scientific program. "We learn how to work together as an international team, in a dangerous and difficult environment in a stressful situation. The Chinese taikonaut integrated perfectly," he says.

Li Guoping, secretary general of China's National Space Administration, said China was working with Germany, France, Russia and the European Space Agency on manned space exploration and hoped for international co-operation on developing equipment, astronaut training and space medicine for the Chinese space station.

Maurer says that collaboration with more international partners was needed because space exploration required the best technology – and it is expensive.

China, in its pursuit of space glory, appears to have deep pockets.

Wu Yanhua on Tuesday compared the cost of sending Chang'e-4 to the moon with Beijing's rampant subway construction, per kilometre.

"Lunar exploration and deep space exploration are a national behaviour. It is an act of contributing to the exploration of the mysteries of the universe by human beings," he said.

But China's space officials also say they are open to more opportunities for international collaboration and investment in space exploration and commercial space projects alike.

One lucrative area is likely to be commercial satellite launches using the Long March 6 carrier rocket.

A deal reportedly worth "hundreds of millions of US dollars" was signed on Wednesday with an Argentine company for the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation to place 90 small satellites into orbit.

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Kyle Richards’ Daughter Farrah Robbed One Year After ‘RHOBH’ Star’s Home Is Burglarized

Kyle Richards’ daughter is the victim of a robbery just one year after her famous mom’s home was burglarized. The Real Housewives gossip site AllAbout TRH.com posted screenshots from Richards’ daughter Farrah Aldjufrie’s recent Instagram story in which she revealed her car was broken into and robbed.

Farrah, Kyle’s firstborn daughter with ex-husband Guraish Aldjufrie, posted a photo of the shattered window of her G-Wagon and revealed thieves made off with a bounty off pricey valuables she had stored in the vehicle as well as cash and her credit cards.

My car was broken into tonight,” Richards’ daughter Farrah posted.

“Had my brand new bag stolen along with a brand new laptop, cash, credit cards, checkbook, tax docs, jewelry, sunglasses and some clothes inside. So, yes I’m an idiot. BUT ANYWAY THE POINT IS: NEVER LEAVE YOUR STUFF IN YOUR CAR!!! Not even on a busy street with tons of traffic or if you’re running somewhere for “just a minute” #LessonLearned.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a member of the celebrity family has been robbed. In December 2017, thieves broke into Richards’ and husband Mauricio Umansky’s Encino home was robbed while the family was on a holiday vacation in Aspen, Colorado. The wealthy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was robbed of over $1 million in designer handbags, watches, and jewelry.

View this post on Instagram

My everything ❤️ #throwback

A post shared by Kyle Richards Umansky (@kylerichards18) on

In an interview People, Kyle Richards revealed that she is still feeling guilt over losing the many jewelry items that were left to her by her late mother, Kathleen, who died in 2002. Kyle had planned to give some of the family heirlooms to her four daughters someday.

“The sentimental was the hardest because it was personal,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star told People. “I can’t replace those things. But everything I had was either gifts or sentimental or I worked my a** off for them.”

Richards revealed that the majority of her late mother’s jewelry was left to her and now it is all gone. Kyle has two famous sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton.

“There was guilt attached to it. They got taken from me, from my house, on my watch,” Kyle said of the stolen family heirlooms.

Kyle Richards also revealed that she updated her security system to include a virtual guard with cameras all over the property. Richards also employs a security guard and has five dogs.

“I have every protection imaginable. But nothing left to take!” Richards told People.

The new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premieres Feb. 12 on Bravo.

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For posteriors’ sake: uncovering the Bodleian’s secret hoard of obscene books

London: When I heard that Oxford’s famous Bodleian library had a secret hoard of 3000 obscene books known as the ‘Phi Collection’, naturally I had to check it out.

I was picturing a lantern-lit, dusty corridor in the 400 year-old Bodleian’s gothic depths, a pale librarian with shaking hands pointing to a heavy oak door bound by padlocked chains.

Instead, I crossed the road to the Bodleian’s modern extension, and was nodded in the direction of an exhibition of 20 or so books in a glass cabinet in the lobby.

The University of Oxford’s ‘Phi Collection’ is home to 3000 booked deemed ‘obscene’.Credit:Nick Miller

This isn’t the entire Phi Collection, of course. That rests in the Bodleian’s new, huge and utterly unsexy storage warehouse in Swindon, explains this temporary exhibition’s curator, Professor Jennifer Ingleheart, a Latin scholar from Durham University.

“But they used to be kept [in the original Bodleian] behind a locked grille,” says Ingleheart.

Other books behind that grille were there for their own protection, such as an immensely valuable Shakespeare First Folio. But the ramshackle Phi brand of obscenity, ranging from a signed first edition of Lady Chatterley’s Lover through to Madonna’s 1992 Sex book, from Ovid’s banned Ars Amatoria (Art of Love) to the hysterically 1970s Joy of Sex, were behind bars for – supposedly – the protection of students and staff.

“A lot of them would no longer be considered obscene and a lot don’t have any literary merit,” Ingleheart says. But the Bodleian is a legal ‘deposit library’, entitled to a copy of every book published in the UK, and takes seriously its role as a repository of copyright for posterity.

And, it turns out, posteriors.

“They’re books that were deemed to be improper because they were pornographic,” says Ingleheart.

The Phi Collection is around 140 years old, one of many collections created in a new cataloguing system at the height of Victorian prudishness.

And from then on, when a book came in some cataloguer would decide – based on their own judgement and moral bent – whether they “thought it was too dirty”. Once inside Phi, even many of the library’s own staff were forbidden to open the cabinet.

Some of the pulp erotica books on display at the Bodleian Library.Credit:Nick Miller

And students needed the permission of a tutor to read a Phi book – on display is a 1941 note from Narnia author CS Lewis, testifying that one of his pupils had academic reasons to read A Modest Defence of Public Stews, an English translation of an anonymously-authored Dutch book about Amsterdam’s ‘maisons de joye’.

The system had quirks.

In 1937, a Queen’s College student wrote an irate letter to a university magazine complaining he’d been told he couldn’t read The Psychology of Sex, a serious medical textbook, without his tutor’s letter of permission.

“Something ought to be done about this fantastic antiquarianism that fetters Oxford at the present day,” he wrote. “The man who wants to read filthy literature can find better methods than going to the Bodleian . . . It is this attitude to sex, of which my experience is an example, that leads to all the furtiveness and mystery which surround the ‘dirty little secret’ and make it an object of unholy curiosity."

The choices also betray the prejudices of the time. Phi includes a copy of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the 1894 Oxford undergraduate magazine containing the poem ‘Two Lovers’ ’by Wilde’s lover, Lord Alfred ‘Bosie’ Douglas, which had a heavy homoerotic subtext and the famous line “I am the love that dare not speak its name”.

The Joy of Sex title page, on display at the library.Credit:Nick Miller

“There are quite a lot of works relating to homosexuality and I think the only reason they’re in there is because it’s homosexuality, they’re not obscene,” says Ingleheart. “Unfortunately no one kept a record of why the classification decision was made. Sometimes it’s not obvious. There’s a really funny book called Peek a Boob, which is photo after photo of breasts that have been decorated in various ways, given eyes or a smiley face. Is that obscene? I’d say it’s really silly rather than sexually exciting. But a cataloguer thought ‘ooh, do I want a student in a reading room to be looking at this?’”

Though the catalogue still exists, it’s not being added to. The final book to be marked '𝚽' was La Petite Mort, a collection of photos of women masturbating to orgasm, catalogued in 2011.

It is fascinating, says Ingleheart, that Phi has been closed at a time when the process of sorting the obscene from the acceptable has become a digital industry.

“Phi is absolutely relevant to all those modern questions about, say Tumblr deciding they won’t post content they deem pornographic, or Facebook’s acceptability criteria," she says.

“These decisions are still being made. That’s not a dead thing.”

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The Smiley Face Killers Are Allegedly Still Committing Murders

Smiley Face Killers: The Hunt for Justice is a look at a decade-old theory that young men are being targeted by a serial killer or a serial killer group. This theory is not widely accepted, but the Oxygen miniseries will start by investigating the death of the most recent alleged victim of the smiley face killers. The theory, which has been heralded by retired New York Police Department detectives Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, hypothesizes that young men who often appear to have drowned were actually murdered and their bodies dumped in bodies of water. When Smiley Face Killers premieres on Jan. 19, Gannon, Durante, and other investigators will focus on the mysterious 2017 death of Dakota James to try to prove he could have been a victim. But there have been many alleged victims before him.

The smiley face killer theory begins in 1997 when Gannon was investigating the disappearance of 21-year-old Patrick McNeill. The Fordham University student’s body washed up nearly two months after he disappeared and the New York City Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death as drowning. But McNeill’s parents and Gannon believed there was something else to his death.

When Gannon retired in 2001, he returned to investigating the case and came up with the smiley face killer theory that believes that more than 40 (and quite possibly up to 100) college-aged men in the Northeast and Midwest are being murdered by a serial killer group. Their deaths are usually presumed to be the cause of drowning and Gannon believes the killers leave the mark of a graffiti smiley face when they dump the bodies.

Gannon created his own agency, G.D. Investigations, in 2007 with Duarte, Mike Donovan, and D. Lee Gilbertson. In 2014, Gannon and Gilberston published the book Case Studies in Drowning Forensics, which looked at the deaths of 14 young men. The deaths by drowning investigated in the book occurred between the years 1997 (McNeill’s death) and 2009. The two men who died in 2009 were Jelani Dante Brinson and Gerald Lee Smith.

As the Twin Cities Pioneer Press reported, Brinson’s body was found in a pond in Anoka County, Minnesota. Nine months after his body was found in April 2009, the medical examiner’s office was still unable to determine the cause of death. They had determined it was not drowning, but there were no indications that it was homicide either and the toxicology results came back negative.

Smith’s death in May 2009 was less mysterious. The Tribune-Star reported that the 22-year-old Indiana State University student drowned in the Wabash River. The toxicology report found he reportedly had a blood-alcohol content (BAC) of 0.149% (the legal limit is .08%). When the toxicology results were revealed, the director of public safety at Indiana State University said, "The manner of death is classified as accidental and the cause is consistent with drowning."

Since then, others have theorized that drowning deaths may be the result of the smiley face killers. For example, NJ.com outlined how the 2016 discovery of 24-year-old Matthew Genovese’s body in the Hudson River prompted members of the community to bring up the theory. Three other cases of men’s bodies being found in the Hudson were discussed as potential evidence of the smiley face killers’ involvement. But officials in Hoboken, New Jersey, said, "Every case has been determined to be accidental or voluntary entries into the river." And there’s no indication that Gannon’s team looked into it.

For Smiley Face Killers, the 2009 deaths of Brinson and Smith won’t be examined. But the first episode will look at the 2017 death of James and this is one of the most recent cases that Gannon and his team believe the smiley face killers are involved in. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that the 22-year-old Duquesne University graduate student’s body was found in the Ohio River six weeks after he went missing. The Allegheny County medical examiner’s office ruled his death as an accidental drowning, but James’ parents and Gannon disagree.

All of these young men are alleged victims of the smiley face killers since the theory has not been considered valid by the FBI. But you can see if Gannon and his team will sway your belief when Smiley Face Killers premieres on Oxygen.

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Communities in California, Louisiana bid final farewells to slain police officers

Killed in separate shootings this month were Officer Chatéri Payne, left, of Shreveport, La., and Officer Natalie Corona, of Davis, Calif. (Facebook/Davis Police Department)

The two rookie police officers, both 22 years old, worked in separate cities, nearly 2,000 miles apart. But their shocking deaths by gunfire this month brought their stories together before the entire nation.

On Friday, hundreds of police officers and other mourners paid tribute to Officer Natalie Corona, who was fatally shot Jan. 10 in Davis, Calif. On Saturday, following three memorial services Friday, a funeral will be held for Officer Chateri Payne, a young mother who was killed Jan. 9 in Shreveport, La.

In a packed pavilion on the campus of the University of California at Davis, police officers from around the country stood in salute to honor Corona.


She was slain as she responded to a three-car crash. Her killer, identified as Kevin Douglas Limbaugh, 48, killed himself hours later during a standoff with police. A note found by investigators at his home suggested he had a grudge against the Davis Police Department.

Officers at the funeral service wore black bands over their badges, with Corona’s badge number – 224 – emblazoned in white.

Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus performed at the service, singing "Some Gave All," about a Vietnam veteran, but dedicating the song to a young police officer that he called “a light in this world that won’t be forgotten.”

Davis Police Chief Darren Pytel said he saw a bright future for the ambitious Corona.

“I had already placed a bet that one day she would be the police chief,” he said. “I knew what it takes and she had it.”

The service included a video of Corona speaking last year, when she graduated from the Sacramento police academy, the Sacramento Bee reported.

“I’m ready to hit the streets. It’s very exciting. I’m chasing a career. I’m taking after my father,” she said in the video, referring to her father Merced, who also served in law enforcement.


‘That positive influence’

In November, Officer Payne wrote about her goals in an online post when she embarked on her career.

"My personal mission," she wrote, "is to become that positive influence. To Protect those who can't protect themselves & to at least try to push someone to being a better version of themselves!"

On Saturday, police in Shreveport, La., will lead a funeral procession for Payne, who was fatally shot outside her home. Her funeral will be held at a church followed by the procession and a public viewing of her body, the Shreveport Times reported.

Payne was in uniform, prepared to work that night's overnight shift, when she was shot four times. Three men – including one who was described as her boyfriend and the father of their child – were arrested.


The boyfriend, Treveon Anderson, and the two other suspects – Lawrence Pierre, 21 and Glenn Frierson, 38 – are charged with second-degree murder.

Payne graduated from the police academy in November and was a mother of four.

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Drag Race All Stars Lip Sync For Their Lives


Well that was just about as thrilling as we had hoped it would be. 

Tonight, the four eliminated All Stars returned to RuPaul’s Drag Race to lip sync for their lives against four of the still-competing queens, and it was truly an event to remember, even if there were a couple who did not come to slay as hard as they should have for this second chance. 

Each of the eliminated queens had to choose one of last week’s bottom four queens to go up against, while Manila and Monet remained safe. 

First up was Jasmine, who was last to choose, so she ended up against Trinity with Ru’s song “Peanut Butter.” Jasmine clearly knew very few words other than “peanut butter,” and so she barely held a candle to word-perfect Trinity and her famous butt-shaking. Jasmine was quickly gone once again. 

Up next was Farrah, who naturally chose Valentina, especially after angrily confirming earlier that Valentina eliminated her because she was truly the worst of the night she left. 

They got “Kitty Girl” and had some very different approaches to the song, as Valentina was performing in a Broadway revue and Farrah was doing her very best “Dirrty” era Xtina even while wearing purple feathers and multicolored streamers. Valentina won, though Farrah put up a good fight. 

Gia faced off against Naomi to “Adrenaline,” and at first it seemed like only Naomi was really there to perform until Gia ditched her schoolgirl outfit for a sparkly minidress. Buuut even then, Naomi very clearly won. She did a frickin’ backbend in stilettos! 

Finally, Latrice faced off against Monique to “Sissy That Walk,” and it was quite the showdown—such a showdown that pre-episode screeners cut off right before the reveal of who won. Surprise! They both won, and both got to stay in the competition, which now goes right back to regular All Stars rules. 

Was this all just a ruse to get Latrice back into the competition? Perhaps, but we’re truly not complaining. 

As was also announced tonight, the cast for season 11 will be revealed on VH1’s Youtube channel next Thursday at 12 p.m. ET. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on VH1. 

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