Mulled wine and even your CHRISTMAS TREE could trigger deadly asthma attacks, charity warns

Charity Asthma UK warns the festive season is a major hazard for the 5.4million people living with the life-threatening condition.

Asthmatics have sensitive airways, which become inflamed and tighten when triggered by stress or other common irritants.

This causes coughing and wheezing and leaves victims short of breath. It can also lead to an asthma attack, which kills three people a day.

One in five asthmatics is sensitive to some food or drink, particularly sulphites in processed meats, such as pigs in blankets.

Sulphites are also found in alcohol, with higher levels in red wine, which is heated and mixed with spices to make mulled wine at Christmas.

Stress is a trigger for almost half of people with asthma (43%), with the cost of Christmas presents and demands of family leaving many anxious.

And 42% are affected by moulds and fungi, including the mould spores releases into the air by real Christmas trees.

Even artificial trees can be dangerous if they have gathered mould and dust while they are in the garage, loft or spare room.

Dust triggers symptoms in 64% of people with asthma.

Putting on the central heating in the cold winter months causes dust mites to multiply, which can make symptoms worse.

Other key triggers during the festive season include smoke from fags and log fires (53%) and the scent from fragranced candles (48%).

Almost 1 in 14 asthmatics have had an attack at their work Christmas party, on Christmas Day or on New Year’s Eve, a poll of 1,000 patients reveals.

Dr Andy Whittamore, from Asthma UK, said: “Don’t let Christmas party essentials like mulled wine and Christmas trees trigger an asthma attack and ruin your festive fun.

“Following simple tips could be life-saving, like taking your preventer medicine every day and always having your reliever inhaler with you.

“It will help you stay well so you can concentrate on enjoying yourself.”


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Meghan Markle Paid a Sweet Tribute to Prince Harry's Father With Her Stunning Jewelry

Meghan Markle Paid a Sweet Tribute to Prince Harry’s Father With Her Stunning Jewelry

Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance at the 2018 British Fashion Awards, and boy, did she dress to impress. The Duchess of Sussex presented her wedding dress designer, Givenchy’s Clare Waight Keller, with the British designer of the year award.

For the occasion, she chose a gorgeous one-shoulder velvet Givenchy gown and gold Tamara Mellon heels. What many people didn’t realize is that her jewelry actually had a very special story behind it. She wore three bangles and a pair of earrings by the London-based brand Pippa Small.

The pieces were handmade by Kabul artisans who were trained by the nonprofit NGO Turquoise Mountain Foundation, which was founded by her father-in-law, Prince Charles, and former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai. The NGO helps “preserve and regenerate historic areas and communities with a rich cultural heritage and to revive traditional crafts, to create jobs, skills and a renewed sense of pride.”

Read on to get a closer look at her jewels and shop the exact pieces too.

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16 Curvy Girl Party Dresses So Gorgeous, Your Wardrobe Is Begging For Them

16 Curvy Girl Party Dresses So Gorgeous, Your Wardrobe Is Begging For Them

It’s that time of year when there’s a party to go to every weekend until New Year’s Eve. If you’re in the market for a new dress, we curated a collection of the best options for curvy girls. Whether you want something fun and flashy or simple and understated, we’ve got you covered. Shop through these dazzling designs, and treat yourself to something new — you deserve it.

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Meghan Markle wows in £895 black and white sequinned Safiyaa top as she arrives at Royal Variety Performance along with Prince Harry

The 37-year-old actress looked incredible in a monochrome ensemble by designer Safiyaa as she arrived at the London Palladium theatre with Prince Harry – for the event which airs tonight.

Meghan wore a black and white sequinned halter top by London-based designer Safiyaa as she cradled her baby bump at the star-studded event – which was filmed on November 19.

The £895 asymmetric peplum style features a sparkly leaf design and Meghan has teamed the look with a skirt by Safiyaa, too.

The Duchess paired the floor-length look with a black box bag and one of her favourite pieces of jewellery – her Birks snowflake earrings.

The breathtaking diamonds are worth approximately £7,000.

Meghan even crouched down to chat to little Darcie-Rae Moyse, who had donned her very own tiara to meet the duchess.

The seven-year-old presented Meghan with a bouquet of flowers.

The Variety Show featured an array of performances from music to comedy and raises funds for the Royal Variety Charity.

Last night's event will feature performances from the likes of Andrea Boccelli, Clean Bandit, Take That and the West End cast of Hamilton.

Meghan wore a design by Safiyaa last month, at a reception and dinner hosted by the president of Fiji.

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped out for Prince Charles' 70th birthday party.

Meghan wore a dazzling pair of chandelier earrings – which she was also spotted wearing during her and Harry's royal tour.

Meghan dazzled as she made a surprise appearance at The Fashion Awards last night.

But trolls slammed the duchess for constantly cradling her baby bump – saying ‘it won’t fall off’.

And here's how ‘controversial’ Kate Middleton upset the Queen’s staff when she moved in with Prince William.

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24 Sexiest Bikini Selfies Of 2018: Sarah Hyland, Kendall Jenner & More

What better way to celebrate the end of 2018 than by gathering THE sexiest bikini selfies of the year? See hotter than hot pics of Kendall Jenner and more celebs who like to flaunt it!

As 2018 comes to an end, we’re wrapping up the ultimate style moments of the year! And the end of the year recap wouldn’t be complete without sifting through the best bikini selfies celebrities took. Whether they were at the beach, by the pool, or just hanging out in their bathrooms, stars like Kendall Jenner and her sisters loved to show off their incredible bikini bodies in 2018. Kendall, 22, has spent the better part of the year in a two-piece, and she always makes sure to document the event for her fans. Maybe our favorite pic is the one she posted around Thanksgiving, when she poked fun at herself for doing so while her siblings proudly showed off their kids. So funny!

Kourtney Kardashian, 39, is all about the bikini selfie. The mother of three’s body has never looked better and she knows it. In September, she took advantage of a double-mirror situation in a bathroom at her hotel while on vacation to show off the front and back of her sultry bikini. That way, all of her fans could see her perfect butt in the thong bottoms! She looked so beautiful, and it was made even better by the fact that she pissed off ex-boyfriend Younes Bendjima with it! Back in summer, she posted a similar bikini pic of herself in a thong bikini and hat, and Younes shadily commented, “That’s what you need to show to get likes?” The audacity of that dude!

For more bikini selfies from celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Emily Ratajkowski, and more, scroll through our gallery above. We can’t wait to see the pics they take in 2019!

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Why is Chris Hughes’ This Morning testicular exam OK to be shared on Facebook but breast cancer awareness posts not?

Jay Walker blasted the site’s “double standards” after allowing clips of the Love Island star’s recent examination while vetoing her patient advice group's attempts to boost ads.

Unbelievably, Jay claims her campaign group was told their logo “contained nudity” because it uses punctuation to symbolise post-surgery breasts as (-) (*).

The Mastectomy Network logo is designed to represent a scarred breast after a mastectomy – the brackets representing the shape of breasts, the hyphen depicting a breast without a nipple, and the asterisk portraying a nipple.

After repeatedly quizzing moderators on the bans, the 39-year-old receives generic responses claiming Facebook doesn’t allow ads that “depict nudity, even if it isn’t sexual in nature”.

Even a post-op picture of Jay’s chest featuring stitches, bandages and her nipples, shared to highlight how minimal the scarring was, was removed by Facebook.

Jay, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, said: “Facebook have decided that due to our logo containing ‘nudity’ we are unable to promote the page or the private support group.

“The issue seems to be all of the logo – two brackets, a hyphen and an asterisk. It was designed to be quite subtle but obviously to represent a scarred breast.

“I can’t believe anyone would think the logo is sexualised.

“When I’ve replied asking Facebook to clarify what the problem is with the logo, which part of it, they haven’t come back to me."

The campaigner set up Mastectomy Network on Facebook in 2016 to give others going through mastectomies advice and support just seven weeks after having an elective double mastectomy.

Jay underwent a preventative mastectomy at the age of 36 having watched her mum battle breast cancer twice and knowing two paternal great aunts died from the disease.

Although not diagnosed with the BRCA mutation, the genetics team explained Jay may be at risk of an undiagnosed genetic mutation, which cemented her decision to undergo surgery.


The BRCA1 mutation is the more serious of the two – increasing a woman's risk of ovarian cancer from two per cent to 40-60 per cent.

While the risk of breast cancer rises from 11 per cent to 60-85 per cent.

Meanwhile the BRCA2 mutation raises a woman's risk of ovarian cancer to 10-20 per cent, and the risk of breast cancer to 45-60 per cent.

The BRCA mutations can also increase the risk of prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer in men.

Angelina Jolie, whose mum Marcheline Bertrand died from ovarian cancer at the age of 56, underwent a preventative breast removal in 2013 after she tested positive for the gene.

There are around 18,000 preventative mastectomies performed in England each year, according to the NHS.

The procedure is carried out on healthy breast tissue to reduce the risk of cancer developing.

Prophylactic mastectomies can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 90 per cent in people at a high risk of developing the condition.

Here in Britain, only one in 400, or one in 800, people carry a BRCA1/2 gene mutation.

But the stats are higher in people with Ashkenazi Jewish, Polish, Pakistani, Dutch, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish heritages.

Jay said: “It was a no-brainer, having watched my mum go through breast cancer the first time, have a couple of scares before being diagnosed again in 2001.

“I knew then I didn’t want to go through what she did before knowing about the gene and went down to surgery like a kid on Christmas Eve, I was so excited to get it done.

“I had an overwhelming feeling of relief when I woke up.”

Mastectomy Network’s public page offers advice and acts as a signpost to a private support group where users can air any concerns and share post-op pictures for reassurance.

However even Jay's post-op pic was removed by Facebook.

Jay said: “Since sharing that picture I’ve had to be careful to blur my nipples out. It’s particularly annoying as the surgery was around the nipple.

“I just wanted to show others how I looked after surgery and reassure other women.”

Jay was outraged after Facebook deemed it ok to show Love Island’s Chris Hughes getting his testicles checked on This Morning, but banned her own breast shots.

She explained: “I’m 100 per cent behind the This Morning testicle exam, it’s brilliant, and anything to help end the stigma around checking yourself can only be a good thing but it does feel very sexist.

“The main public page is for sharing information and support group is completely closed and private.

“It’s a private space for people to be able to discuss upcoming operations and share images afterwards, for example checking if something looks ‘normal’ or whether they need further medical attention or the cosmetic appearance before and after the operation.

“It’s not sexualised or for titillation. We see Facebook regularly banning women just for sharing their own post-op images with each other and would urge them to reconsider what they deem offensive.”

Jay said that by deleting photos, Facebook is furthering the “misconception that breasts are sexual”.

She added: “Yes they can be, but that’s not what they are all about. They could do so much to destigmatise this issue but are just strengthening them and endorsing this ridiculous old-fashioned idea that breasts can’t be seen.

“You see men walk down the street with no tops on with their nipples out no problem, there’s obviously a time and a place, but by deleting this photos and banning women they are helping these double standards.

“The only dangerous nipple is a cancerous one and it doesn’t care what gender you are.

“We’re only targeting women in the UK aged between 25 and 65, so no under 18s.


Breast cancer is the name given to any cancers that have first developed in the breast tissue – there are many different types.

Nearly 1,000 people die from breast cancer every month in the UK, with the disease killing around 11,500 women and 80 men each year.

However, thanks to advances in medical research and early prevention, more people are surviving breast cancer than ever before.

While it is more common in older women, it does affect the younger generation and men too – with around 20 per cent of cases occurring in females under 50 and 350 male cases diagnosed in the UK annually.

For most women, the first sign or symptom of breast cancer is a lump or area of thickened tissue in their breast.

While 90 per cent of such lumps are not cancerous, it is vital to get them checked by your GP at the earliest opportunity – detecting the disease early can mean treatment is more effective.

“All we want to do is help other women make better informed decisions about their bodies.”

Campaigner Jay highlighted the importance of Facebook as a tool for easily sharing information to a vast audience cheaply.

Jay said: “Facebook is so useful and important. So many people already have it and can easily find support groups on there.

“People might be dubious of going to a website they’ve never heard and I can’t afford to have brochures and fancy leaflets.”

Discussing how to help women prepare for a mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis, Carolyn Rogers, Clinical Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care, said: “Women with breast cancer regularly call our Helpline to find out about preparing for a mastectomy or reconstructive surgery and they tell us that knowing what to expect makes all the difference.

“It is absolutely crucial that everyone with a life-changing breast cancer diagnosis has access to all the information and support they need, both from experts and others who’ve been there.”

A Facebook spokesperson said: “Whilst adult nudity isn’t allowed on Facebook, we do make exceptions including for posts which are clearly intended as medical or educational.

"This can include images of post-mastectomy scarring.

“The judgements we make when we apply our policies are incredibly nuanced, and our teams review millions of pieces of content every day. We’re currently investigating the posts and ads shared with us.”

These 10 healthy women have one thing in common – they’ve all CHOSEN to have their breasts removed to prevent cancer.

Brave mum poses topless to show mastectomy scars after beating breast cancer three times.

Cancer patient sued hospital bosses after waking from surgery to find she had breast implants without her consent.


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Four-year-olds who befriended lonely OAPs for TV show reunite for joyful Christmas special

The 87-year-old widower, who features on Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds, found his world come crashing down when his beloved “Barbie” passed away.

The festive period is particularly hard for Ken, as Barbara did all the present shopping, Christmas Day preparations and creating of fun on the special day.

Now all that’s left of those treasured days are little videos on a tape called MEMORIES that Ken regularly watches.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Ken admits there is a particular loneliness at Christmas for those in bereavement.

He says: “You just feel so terribly sad because you remember all the wonderful family Christmases you had.”

As his wife – who he met when he was 13 – comes alive on screen, Ken says he could watch Barbara all day.

Clips on the 1964 reel show his two young daughters dancing around in fairy costumes and opening their presents with the family.

The bliss ended just after the last Christmas Ken and his beloved wife spent together.

He said: “'Barbie had just been told she was terminal. We didn't believe it, of course, and she was so good on that day, we thought maybe they had got it wrong and a miracle was happening. But it wasn't. She died soon afterwards.

“I never wanted to celebrate Christmas after that. I became a bit of a hermit, I suppose."

Thankfully he still had his daughters and grandchildren, but Ken said it wasn’t the same and he didn’t want to bring everyone down.

He said: “It became a time when I just wanted to be on my own. I didn't want to spoil it for anyone.”

Thankfully, this year Ken’s Christmas has been turned upside down thanks to a new little lady in his life, four-year-old Lily.

The pair are starring on the poignant Channel 4 TV show, which sees a class of excitable tots mix with the elderly residents of Lark Hill retirement village in Nottingham.

The widower may have resigned himself to a solitary Christmas but adorable little madam Lily (who prefers the nickname Lily Bobtail) has other ideas, and the pair strike up a heartwarming bond.

In the Christmas special, the hermit widower heads to the toyshop to pick out the perfect present for the playful youngster.

After admitting at the start “I don’t like shopping”, Ken finds he rather enjoys the shopping experience – particularly a game called Pie Face, where his nose gets a coating of whipped cream.

Ken and his retirement home friend try on large bear and panda heads, and have the time of their lives.

He admits it was the most fun he'd had in ages, "even if they forced me into it."

The aim of the TV social experiment is to build on studies that show mixing four-year-olds with older people has huge benefits for both age groups.

The Christmas special sees all ages join together to host a special carol service, make decorations and enjoy a snowball fight.

Many of the old people admitted the experience had given them a “new lease of life”.

But the big question on many fans lips has been did the new old and young best friends keep in touch after filming?

Ken cracked a large grin when he was asked this and said they are in regular contact.

He said that last Saturday the kids and their parents came over for lunch and there was about 40 of them in total.

He added: "When we see them it makes the whole week brighter.”

One of the young girls on the show, Scarlett, lost her mum Sally to cancer just before filming, and became best friends with her 84-year-old pal Beryl.

Scarlett’s dad Tim said Beryl has since become “family”, and the old residents have become unofficial grief counsellors for his young daughter.

Tim said: “Because we had just lost Sal, I was worried about her. But to see her not only making friends but friends she could open up to about what she was feeling was incredible.

“They have all experienced loss, so I think it has normalised it for Scarlett. She knows there are other people who have lost mummies and daddies, and husbands and wives.”

Ken said Barbie would be overjoyed that he’s made new friends and found joy again.

He said: “Oh, she would be thrilled. She loved children. I used to call her the Pied Piper because they always flocked to her. She'd love this, I think. I know she'd want me to be happy. And I am.”

Old People's Home For 4 Year Olds at Christmas is on Channel 4 tomorrow at 9pm.

We recently shared the heartbreaking moment Lily, four, asks ‘best friend’ Ken why weak chick won’t hatch from its egg.

Another sad moment came when it was revealed 97-year-old Victor is undergoing tests for cancer.

We recently told you about Rich Kids Go Skint star, 21, shocked single mum-of-three’s weekly food budget is SEVEN TIMES less than she spends on petrol – and that she doesn’t have a spare room for her to sleep in.

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Stop Searching — These Are the 26 Sexiest Holiday Dresses of 2018

Stop Searching — These Are the 26 Sexiest Holiday Dresses of 2018

If you’re looking to drop some jaws at your holiday party this year, you’ve come to the right place. We shopped the internet and uncovered 26 seriously sultry dresses that will have everyone looking your way. From sexy minis to formfitting midis, no doubt you’ll find your match here. Keep scrolling to shop our favorites.

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River Island Boxing Day 2018 sale: the offers to look our for on December 26

We recommend checking out River Island, sparkly party dresses and black glitter heels here we come!

  • Black Diamante Shoulder Trim T-Shirt, £25 – buy here
  • Purple High Neck Tiered Frill Playsuit, £25 – buy here
  • Light Brown Zip Pocket Blazer, £70 – buy here
  • Light Pink Slash Neck Bodycon Midi Dress, £32 – buy here

River Island excels in eveningwear: look out for bold jumpsuits, sparkly swing dresses and heel knee high boots.

That's your New Year's Eve party wear sorted.

You can avoid the hustle and bustle by shopping from the comfort of your own bed; scrolling skills can finally pay off.

Looking for a bargain now? Shop the current sale here.

  • Blue Floral Print Waisted Midi Dress, £50 – buy here
  • Black Slim Fit Roll Neck Jumper, £22 – buy here
  • Cream Faux Fur Trim Swing Coat, £78 – buy here
  • Light Blue Wasp Embroidered Long Sleeve Shirt, £28 – buy here

  • Orange Matte Lipstick Act Natural, £10 – buy here
  • Beige Snake Print Panel Cross Body Bag, £22 – buy here
  • Black Diamante Teardrop Necklace, £18 – buy here
  • Black Pom Pom Bobble Top Knit Beanie Hat, £8 – buy here
  • Blue Tartan Check Print Scarf, £16 – buy here
  • Rose Gold Diamante Mesh Strap Round Watch, £35 – buy here

What was on sale last year?

Last year River Island gave shoppers up to 50 per cent off across different departments in store and online.

That included a wide range of women's and men's footwear and accessories.

Recently, during the Black Friday sale, shoppers enjoyed up to 30 per cent off deal from the retailer.

Our tips for finding the best deals on Boxing Day

PREPARE Research the items you want to buy and find out the cheapest price. Websites like PriceSpy, PriceHistory and CamelCamelCamel will give you historical data on prices so you can see how much you should pay.

GET FOLLOWING Follow your favourite shops on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and sign up to its deals newsletter to get the latest on any offers. We post the best deals in our Sun Money FB group too.

EARN CASHBACK Check websites like Quidco and TopCashback BEFORE you place your order. Cashback websites PAY you to shop. All you have to do is click through their links and the money is added to your online account, usually within 14 days.

CHECK FOR CODES Take a look at The Sun Vouchers, and see if you can get extra savings with discount codes.

New year, new you? December 26th is the best time to update your look – get a heads up on upcoming fashion and footwear sales here, and shop the best Boxing Day 2018 beauty deals here.

Or, new decor…hit refresh come January when furniture and homewares are often half price – these are the best sales to bookmark.

For tech fans, we've rounded up the best tech and gaming deals you can find on Boxing Day.

How much will my River Island delivery cost?

Standard delivery comes in at £3.99 and your purchases will take three to four working days to arrive.

This article and any featured products have been independently chosen by The Sun journalists. All recommendations within the article are informed by expert editorial opinion. If you click a link and buy a product we may earn revenue: this helps to support The Sun, and in no way affects our recommendations.


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Iskra Lawrence Hit the Beach in a Tiny Pink Bikini This Weekend, and I'm Beside Myself

Iskra Lawrence Hit the Beach in a Tiny Pink Bikini This Weekend, and I’m Beside Myself

There may be a chill in the air now, but that certainly didn’t stop Iskra Lawrence from hitting the beach this weekend to show off a sexy new bikini. After speaking on a panel for the Create & Cultivate conference held in Miami this weekend, the Aerie model spent some much-needed time on the beach in a light pink bikini that showed off her famous curves.

The bikini in question is, of course, a new style from Aerie, and it’s definitely going on my wish list of pieces to buy when bikini season is officially on the horizon again. Keep reading to get a closer look at Iskra’s bikini and to shop similar styles.

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