12 Protective Hairstyles For Wedding Season, Whether You're the Bride or a Guest

12 Protective Hairstyles For Wedding Season, Whether You’re the Bride or a Guest

  • Protective hairstyles can be great for wedding season since they’re low-maintenance.
  • Protective styles can last anywhere from four to eight weeks.
  • Read on for examples of protective styles for weddings, from locs to braids to knots.

With wedding season in full swing, you may be preparing for some upcoming parties this summer and into fall. Or, it may be your own wedding you’re prepping for, and you need some inspo on wedding hairstyles.

After you’ve checked yes on those RSVP cards or booked your wedding venue, it’s time to think about looks. While you wouldn’t wear the same outfit to each event (hello, rehearsal dinner, wedding reception, and day-after brunch), rocking the same hairstyle may be a viable option, especially if it’s a protective style.

Not only do protective styles keep your natural hair tucked away and shielded from damaging heat styling and everyday wear and tear, they also allow you to play with different looks and lengths that last. Read: you can skip that blowout and hustle to stave off humidity and instead enjoy the wedding.

Keep reading for our tips on how to manage a protective hairstyle for a wedding as well as tons of inspiration for wedding protective hairstyle looks.

What Is a Protective Hairstyle?

As the name implies, a protective hairstyle is meant to protect your natural hair, especially the fragile ends. Because of this, protective styles are popular with those transitioning from chemical relaxers to natural hair. Basically, you’re giving your strands a break.

Protective looks include everything from wigs to locs to braids to twists to weaves. Now, wearing a protective style doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for it. You’ll still have to wash your hair regularly, keep it moisturized, and sleep on a satin pillowcase or with a bonnet to keep your look and your natural hair in good shape. You also want to make sure your style isn’t put in too tight to ward off breakage from tension.

Why Is a Protective Style Good For Wedding Season?

The big benefit is that you can keep some protective styles in from around four to eight weeks. That’s a nice stretch of time for enjoying the freedom a low-maintenance look allows. Plus, if you have a bunch of weddings to go to, you’ll keep your natural hair healthy and be able to create some standout styles. For brides, a protective style might be a fun way to play with a different look and be extra striking on the big day.

And if those weddings are destination celebrations, you won’t have to pack a bunch of tools and products or monitor the weather. Also, who wants to spend two hours prepping their hair when beach time is involved?

Sold? Here’s some inspo to help you pick a protective style for wedding season.

Best Wedding Protective Hairstyles

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