Nail a perfect messy bun every single time with this ‘guaranteed good bun’ trick

Written by Morgan Fargo

Let’s take the guesswork out of a brilliant bun. 

Chances are, most of your favourite hairstyles have been a result of haphazard technique and less than ideal time. Whether you’ve accidentally created the messy bun of your dreams just before you step on the gym floor or climb into your pyjamas, the frustration of perfecting a hairstyle without an audience or destination is palpable. What is it that made this one the one? A lack of focus and/or mirror? And, how do you recreate the low-key look when you do have somewhere to be?

Tom Smith, Stylist’s resident trend forecaster, hair stylist and presenter has the key – a handful of pins and intentional hair hooking. Meet the guaranteed good bun, your failsafe hairstyle for day, night, office or play. 

“Start with a really high ponytail and you’re going to twist it three times. But, on the last time, you’re not going to take the loop all the way through – leave it like this,” Smith says, showing a looped ‘bunny ear’ bun with left-out ends. 

“Then, you’re going to get the ends and cross them over at the front and then we’re going to secure them at the back with a couple of pins. If you need more than two pins, that’s also fine. Next, we’re going to use U-pins to hook parts at the top under the base of the ponytail. Two or three is usually enough and it just distorts that overall look. 

“Finally, using a curling iron with a vertical angle, just twist those front pieces away from the face to finish things off. I love using the end of the tail comb to smooth any lumps and bumps from the base.”

If you do choose to wave your front pieces, apply some form of heat protector to save them from becoming frazzled. Besides that, it’s the perfect easy hairstyle for mid- to long-hair that works every time. 

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