The ‘no-haircut haircut’ has officially gone viral on TikTok – here’s how to replicate it

Written by Morgan Fargo

Stylist Seán Paul Nother from The Hair Bros breaks down the no-haircut haircut that has gone certifiably viral on TikTok.

Hot on the heels of the midi bob comes another haircut that works from day one – meaning that, as soon as you leave styling chair, your hair immediately looks its best without needing any settling in time. 

Unlike other cuts that work better when your hair has had a little time to relax, these haircuts are designed to sit softly, without harsh or blunt lines, creating a smooth movement that comes with natural hair growth. 

Unsurprisingly, TikTok has leant into these effortless cuts in a big way. One such style, the no-haircut haircut by @thehairbros, currently has over 4 million views. 

What is the no-haircut haircut?

“The no-haircut haircut looks exactly as it sounds: like you haven’t had a haircut. It sounds out there and like it could be a waste of money, but let me explain,” says Seán Paul Nother, one-half of The Hair Bros duo. “Have you ever found yourself sitting at the hairdressers before they start cutting, and thinking, ‘I actually quite like my hair at the moment, it’s sitting really nicely’? Just like a pair of new jeans that need a few washes to soften into shape, a haircut tends to look and sit its best a couple of weeks after it’s been done.”

“Many people think they always have to lose some of their hard-earned length when they go to the hairdresser when it could actually be a case of cutting in some softer pieces to frame the face or adding subtle movement throughout the hair without making it feel thin. It gives you that ‘I haven’t been to the hairdressers for a little while but my hair is currently sitting and looking its very best’ vibe,” he adds.

“The no-haircut haircut is tied into that early 90s grunge-skate era. The New Romantics had started to move on and the understated beauty aesthetic was starting to emerge – think of a young Kate Moss,” says Nother. “The idea of this cut is that it has cool, barely-done energy which still looks annoyingly good because of its effortless movement without obvious, blunt, visible layers that need to be blow-dried for hours to look good.” 

How to ask your hair stylist for a no-haircut haircut

“Because you’re not cutting the length, the entire haircut depends on your hairdresser pushing your hair around and touching it. We’ve never understood why so many haircuts need to be combed and dried perfectly flat the whole time. That’s not how you’re going to comb your hair every day and the wind certainly won’t [keep it that way] either,” says Nother. 

“At The Hair Bros, we tend to use a razor on straight to wavy hair for this cut. If a haircut is a piece of art, scissors are like a pencil; they create sharp, visible lines with a strong outline that works well on curlier hair. A razor is then like charcoal; the outline looks amazing, but close-up, the shape is delicately smudged, with no harsh lines – only soft, blended movement – much like a haircut after eight weeks. Ask the stylist to keep the shape around the front of the hair slightly longer – starting from the middle of the lips – gently working your way back, getting longer with each section.”

Sounds like the perfect cut if you ask us.

Main image: @thehairbros

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