Dermatologist: The one ingredient that’s missing from your skincare routine

You’ve heard from your dermatologist, aesthetician, makeup artist and probably your mother time and time again just how important exfoliation is for your skin. But it’s important to note that merely splashing your face with cleanser and water twice a day doesn’t guarantee you’re doing it right. There’s a crucial ingredient your skincare routine is probably missing — and you can […]

What I Learned Training With a Big Stick.

The trainer really wants me to stick it to the stick. My entire body is straining and stretching as I fight to push it together, lats flexing and shoulders loosening with each attempt. “Now, imagine you’re trying to pull the stick apart using 80 percent of your max grip strength,” says Equinox creative manager of […]

This $20 Makeup Sponge Gave Me A Photo-Filter Finish

My vibe, and therefore my makeup routine, are generally low maintenance. Most mornings, I throw on some BB cream, concealer, and a swipe of mascara (OK, maybe some blush and highlighter if I’m feeling fancy) and call it a day. So I never really got makeup sponges. Why add another product (and another step) if […]

Feel Best After a Blowout? Behold, 5 New Hair Products You Need, STAT

Feel Best After a Blowout? Behold, 5 New Hair Products You Need, STAT Scientifically speaking, a “good hair day” yields the same neurochemical mood boost as spending 60 minutes with a really cute, fluffy dog — not that we needed to tell you that. You’ve long known the power of a good blowout, whether that […]

Here’s What To Know Before Getting Botox To Treat Excessive Sweating

By now, most of the internet has witnessed Chrissy Teigen getting Botox injections for her armpits on Instagram, which according to the Lip Sync Battle host was "truly the best move I have ever made." And for those who have hyperhidrosis — which is, "abnormally excessive sweating that’s not necessarily related to heat or exercise," […]

People Think Jordyn Woods’ New Arm Tattoo Is All About Kylie

Months have passed since the Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods scandal, but somehow, the drama lives on. Now, Jordyn Woods’ new tattoo has people thinking that she’s shading not just Kardashian and Thompson but former best friend Kylie Jenner as well. Obviously, Woods has made no comment about the tattoo’s meaning, but the […]