20 Funny ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Memes To Help You Smile Through The Tears

If there’s one thing that Grey’s Anatomy is known for, it’s known for getting the tears flowing. For 16 seasons, the show has had no shortage of heartbreaking moments, so it’s definitely earned its reputation for delivering on sad moments. But, the show doesn’t get enough credit for giving fans plenty of relatable and funny moments. There are plenty of funny Grey’s Anatomy memes that help capture all the humor and heart the show brings to fans.

Since Grey’s Anatomy has been on the air for 16 years, longtime fans of the show have developed a pretty intense relationship with the show and its characters. At this point, they feel like friends that fans can joke around with… and make ridiculous memes about. There’s a whole lot to joke about when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy. The show is filled with quotable lines that were made be memed. Then, from McDreamy to McSteamy to McWidow, there are a whole love interests that the characters cycle through, and that makes for excellent meme fodder. And, of course, there’s the fact that tragedy always seems to follow the characters of the show, and the immense emotional roller coaster fans go through as they witness that tragedy. At least the many Grey’s Anatomy memes out there can bring fans together through all their feelings.

1. For When You Have To Catch Up On The Latest Tragedy

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The unfortunate truth is that a whole lot of characters have died on Grey’s Anatomy.

2. For When You Feel Like You’ve Gone Through Med School With Them

With all that medical jargon in the dialogue, it’s basically the same thing as medical school.

3. For When You Have A Lot Of Feelings

Tears a pretty common occurrence on a show as sad as Grey’s.

4. For When You’re Pretty Excited

After all these years, Grey’s Anatomy still makes fans pretty happy.

5. For When You’re Feeling The Loss Of A Lot of Characters

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is the only remaining member of the original five interns to still be on the show, which gets sadder the more you think about it.

6. For When You Want To Honor ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s Legacy

The original cast members hold a special place in all fans’ hearts.

6. For When You’re Enjoying The Eye Candy

Grey’s Anatomy is full of attractive people, and Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is no exception.

7. For When All The Doctors Have You Worried About Your Health

Most Grey’s Anatomy fans would probably feel a lot safer if Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) were their doctor.

8. For When You Miss Everyone’s Favorite Couple

Grey’s Anatomy fans will forever be mourning Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) and Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh).

9. For When Your Love Life Can’t Compare to ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

There are a whole of grand romantic gestures on Grey’s Anatomy, which is a lot for real people to have to live up to.

10. For When You Want to Appreciate Character Growth

After all these years of the show, it’s heartwarming to see how the characters have grown and changed.

11. For When The Music Of The Show Brings On The Feels

Grey’s Anatomy is known for its perfect music choices. They’re so perfect that even years later, fans still get emotional just hearing the songs from the show.

12. For When You’re Feeling Heartbroken

Most couples on Grey’s Anatomy end up in a terrible break-up or in death. At this point, it’s hard to even keep track of them all.

13. For When All the Medical Diagnoses Get To Be A Lot

Once you start looking up all the medical conditions on Grey’s Anatomy, it’s slippery slope to some pretty scary discoveries.

14. For When You’re Sick Of Losing Doctors

At this point, it’s hard to even keep track of all the doctors who have died on Grey’s Anatomy.

15. For When You’re Still Falling For The Writers’ Tricks

The writers just love to toy with audiences’ emotions as they take characters away.

16. For When You Have The Most Iconic Lines Memorized

I mean, which self-respecting Grey’s Anatomy fan doesn’t remember Bailey’s first day speech?

17. For When You Love The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Friendships

True Grey’s Anatomy fans know that the friendships are the best part of the show.

18. For When You Need A Little Inspiration

Even through all the tragedies on the show, Meredith has managed to survive, and that’s something to believe in.

19. For When Fans Of Other Shows Think Their Shows Can Compare

Truly, no other show can compare to Grey’s Anatomy when it comes to sad moments.

20. For When You Love All The Ups and Downs

No matter how many times Grey’s Anatomy breaks fans hearts, they just keep coming back for more.

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