Alabama Escape 911 Audio from Vicky White, Blames Casey White for Capture

Vicky White urged prison escapee Casey White to flee as cops caught up to the couple … blaming their inevitable capture on his decision to stay in a local motel.

In new 911 audio from the police pursuit that ended in a car crash and the jailhouse lovebirds getting caught, you hear Vicky initially tell Casey to “get out and run.”

When it’s clear not even running will help, Vicky gets angry and turns on Casey, blaming him for getting them discovered by cops and saying … “You had to stay in some f****** motel!!!”

The bumbling Bonnie and Clyde were tracked down to a Motel 42 in Evansville, Indiana … cops said they planned to shack up there for 12 nights but only lasted 6 days before police caught on and gave chase.

The 911 call came from the crashed car Vicky and Casey were riding in with U.S. Marshals hot on their tail … and audio shows officers arriving at the scene noting she still had her finger on the trigger of the gun she used to shoot herself.

Casey escaped the crash unscathed, but he couldn’t run as Vicky suggested … and now he’s being extradited back to Alabama to face more criminal charges.

Vicky was pulled from the wreckage, with a gun in her hand, and taken to a hospital … where she died from her self-inflicted gunshot injuries.

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