Amanda Holden’s ‘outrage’ as Piers fumes Bounty ‘killed Christmas’

Amanda Holden dazzles in Halloween costume

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Amanda Holden, 51, has reacted with frustration at the news that Bounty chocolate mini bars have been removed from the Celebration box as of this year. Piers Morgan and Lorraine Kelly were just a few of the famous faces who took to Twitter this morning and slammed the decision.

Amanda took to her Instagram to write: “This is an outrage”, with her 1.8 million followers.

Piers Morgan penned: “WHAT?! This is a diabolical decision. Bounty bars are the best chocolate in the world.

“Shame on you @MarsUK – you just killed Christmas.”

A number of celebrities took to the social media site in furious “indignation” at the news.

Lorraine posted a clip from her show where she announced the disappointing news with her 177,900 followers.

In the caption, the host wrote: “We’ve woken up to the news that Bounty bars will be REMOVED from Celebrations tubs and @reallorraine is not happy. Are you with Lorraine? Or anti-bounty? #Lorraine”

Ranvir Singh wrote in response to Lorraine’s tweet: “I felt the same indignation! Bounty has been my lifetime favourite and my mum’s!

“Send them all to me and @reallorraine pls!!”

Dan Walker put out a poll as he posed the question to his followers.

He wrote: “Slightly pointless / deeply important Bounty poll (blame @richardosman)

“What do you think of the decision to bin the Bounty from Celebrations?”

The results confirmed 60 per cent out of 8,500 people voted it was a disappointing decision while 40 per cent said it was “great news”.

It comes after Mars Wrigley has today announced that Bounty’s will be removed from an exclusive run of Celebrations tubs this festive season.

New research released revealed the smooth coconut filled chocolates are a national cause of division, with 39 perc ent of Brits wanting to banish them from Celebrations tubs altogether. 

As a result the company have come to the decision to launch a trial period where the coconut flavoured treat won’t be featured as part of the chocolate selection.

A limited run of “No Bounty” tubs will go on sale at 40 Tesco stores in the run-up to Christmas.

It comes after the brand let shoppers return unwanted Bounty’s last year.

However, the food maker said it was yet to decide whether the treats would be banished for good.

Because while a survey for the firm found many people leave the coconut creation languishing at the bottom of the tub, for 18 per cent it is still their treat of choice.

Big tubs of Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Heroes start appearing on supermarket shelves in the run-up to Christmas, with sales usually soaring during the festive season.

But cost-of-living concerns could see customers striking some treats off their shopping lists. 

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