Amanda Owen sparks concern with photo of her kids near icy river

Amanda Owen, 48, is known for regular updates from Ravenseat Farm, including her children in many of her daily activities in the Yorkshire Dales. However, the Channel 5 star got attention for the wrong reasons and was criticised by some of her fans for allowing her children to be so close to an icy river, potentially posing a serious safety hazard.

Amanda took to Instagram to share a glimpse into the “wintery scenes” in Yorkshire, in view of her 536,000 followers.

She shared a series of pictures with two of her young children playing in the show, with the two girls being exceptionally close to the icy river.

Amanda shares nine children: Raven, Reuben, Clemmy, Annas, Edith, Miles, Sidey, Nancy and Violet with her estranged husband Clive Owen.

Amanda captioned the post: “Wintery scenes in Yorkshire. A soothing stillness and very quiet. #yorkshire #swaledale #snow #ice #outdoors #frozen.”

However, despite meaning well with the post, her comments were met with criticism as many fans hit out at the farmer for letting her children so near a dangerous safety hazard.

Elizabethlouisatrish said: “Don’t go on the ice kids…. safety first. X.”

Rachelcarosmith added: “Put a warning on this DO NOT WALK ON ICE.”

While rimmer.kerrie said: “Please stay away from the ice and water girls.”

Katrinakarolchyk commented: “Love seeing the children out and about but also being careful near the frozen water. Take care and have fun xx.”

However, Amanda’s comments were still full of compliments towards the “lovely family” and sweet updates.

Judith.collins.5030 said: “I love the way your children embrace the outdoors, no matter what the weather. They are an inspiration to others.”

Vivienheywood added: “I hope all your animals are ok. Such hard work in that weather. The children love it though.”

Rougviesandra commented: “Looks like the children are having the time of their lives great to see children outside instead of sitting in front of a TV or Computers xxx.”

The post comes after Amanda recently left her fans shocked after posting bloody pictures from a “stressful” day on the farm.

The Channel 5 star confessed she’d had to call out a vet to oversee the birth of a calf, after things didn’t quite go according to plans.

She wrote in the Instagram post: “Yesterday had its stressful moments, that’s for sure. Pictures of calving but as always nothing too graphic.

“Holly the vet from Pendragon was on hand for a leggy calf, a fat greedy cow & a malpresentation. She was ace.”

One of the photos, featuring a bloodied birth-aid utensil, left fans a little squeamish, as Amanda also got involved with her bare hands.

However, the birth was successful, leaving Amanda with yet another baby on her hands, in addition to her vast menagerie of animals and nine human children.

Fans praised the “best possible outcome” and cooed: “Welcome to the world, little calf!”

Other comments came from those devastated after Our Yorkshire Farm was axed by Channel 5, and anxious to know when there’d be another opportunity to see it on TV.

Fortunately, she subsequently won a role in a six-part series for More4, titled Extraordinary Farming Lives.

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