Bam Margera Granted Monitored Visitation With Son Phoenix For Christmas!

Bam Margera is finally going to be able to see his son — after well over six months apart from him!

The Jackass alum has been given the go-ahead for a monitored visitation with son Phoenix ahead of the upcoming Christmas holiday. And while the details of where and when are still being worked out, this is a huge development!

The attorney for Bam’s estranged wife Nikki Boyd confirmed as much to TMZ in a report published early Wednesday morning. Lawyer David Glass says Bam is allowed to see Phoenix with a professional supervisor on hand whenever he is next in southern California, where Nikki and the kid live.

As of right this second, Bam — who is from Pennsylvania and appears to live there currently — doesn’t have a specific date that he’ll be in SoCal yet. So, the schedule is still up in the air. But the monitored visitation has been granted, and that’s a BIG step for the MTV alum!

Per Bam himself, who also spoke to the news outlet, it’s been well over 200 days since he’s seen Phoenix. Because of that, he told the media org that he’s determined to see him on or around Christmas. That day, BTW, also happens to be the boy’s birthday, according to the Viva La Bam alum. A lot going on in December!

Apparently, Bam has an event in El Lay later this month, and that’s when he’s going to make time to see Phoenix. The news outlet reports that Margera has supposedly bought more than $5,000 worth of gifts for Phoenix, too. He’s been waiting to give them to the boy, and now he’s got the opportunity. So, he’s going to be riding in like Santa Claus soon! Ha!!

As we’ve been reporting, Bam has been working hard on his sobriety journey. And now, with Phoenix, it sounds like things are starting to come together! So happy for him with this good news… it’s been a very long, arduous journey, and hopefully it’s about to get a bit better.

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