BBC presenter apologises for ‘slagging off’ Radio One after lift drama

Greg James mocks Ben Brown after getting stuck in BBC lift

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Ben Brown, 62, sparked a mixture of hilarity and concern yesterday after announcing that he had gotten stuck in a BBC lift. The BBC presenter was eventually rescued after several hours of amusing tweets. 

Ben took to Twitter yesterday evening to share that, just moments after announcing the new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, live on-air to the nation, he soon ended up being stuck in the work lift for several hours. 

Sharing a picture of himself inside the lift, the BBC newsreader told his 11,000 Twitter followers: “Strange day – anchored live coverage of the announcement of new Prime Minister – and am currently stuck in a BBC lift trying to get home. Help!” (sic)

Twitter user Rowan penned: “This seems to be a regular occurrence!”

“I know! At least I’m not due back on air until the morning,” Ben replied.

However, it soon became apparent that help was taking longer than anticipated, with Ben revealing that he was still in the lift three hours later.

He shared: “One hour and counting stuck in this BBC lift – I’ve been promised rescue teams are on the way but no sign of them yet.”

Not long after his initial tweet, Ben wrote: “Good news: a lift engineer is on the way. Bad news: he’s stuck in traffic and will be another hour.” (sic)

“Have you got snacks?” asked Danielle, to which Ben replied: “No!”


As more and more of Ben’s followers started chiming in with suggestions on how to cope, journalist Anne Ashworth then quizzed: “What music is playing?”

The broadcaster then replied: “Radio One – starting to drive me mad.”

This then prompted BBC One presenter Greg James to write: “I’ll give you a shoutout if you’re still there at 7am.”

“As promised,” Greg tweeted at around 9.30am, including a clip from his early morning BBC Radio One show, where he laughed about the high-energy techno music Ben would have been listening to at that time.

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“Ben, we love you really and we’re pleased that you’re free now!” he added during the clip.

After worrying that he “may not make” his next on-air appearance at 8am this morning, Ben shared the happy news that he had been freed on Monday night.

At 9pm, he confirmed: “BREAKING NEWS: I’m free!! Almost three hours of incarceration but thanks to all for your concern (and bad jokes).”

At 10.30am, he also issued an apology to Greg for his comments about Radio One.

“Sorry Greg, didn’t mean to slag off Radio One, but three hours of forced listening to any radio station is hard to take!” he wrote. 

“Obviously if it had been your show, my incarceration would have been more pleasurable.”

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James airs weekdays at 7am.

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